Javascripts are little programs that run right inside your HTML code. That is, they are included in your code. There are useful and powerful for several reasons. First, they are easy to use. You don't have to develop them yourself, they are all over the place. You just cut and paste the javascript into your HTML code and then modify either the text or the graphics to make the javascript run on your site the way you want to. Secondly, javascripts had amazing visual effects to your web site that is extremely powerful.



NOTE: Some older web browsers will not support some javascripts.

Changing Color Background Flash
If you started this product from the "start.html" file, you have already seen the effects of the Changing Color background Flash javascript. The background changes color several times. Since some of the type is the same color as the background colors that fade in and out, you get the effect that the text is fading in and out. Quite useful and very sharp, don't you think?

Scrolling Text
This javascript you have certainly seen since you got to this page. Notice the text scrolling in the centered box. With this script, you can put whatever text you wish to in the HTML code.

Text Zoom
This javascript makes text zoom in and then back out and then fade. It's quite effective. Again, you can change the text in the script so it says whatever you want. Makes a great start page!

Typewriter Attention Grabber
This javascript lets a user type whatever he or she wants to in the box and then hit the button and the type appears above the box. A real attention grabber.

Dropping Text
The javascript makes text drop from the top of the page. Once again, you can modify the text in the script to have it say whatever you want.

Pulldown Navigation Menu
Here's something quite useful! This javacript lets you have a pulldown naviatrion window on your web site. All you have to do is modify the selection titles and change the links in the HTML code. If you want less links, just cut some of the code off. If you need more, just copy, paste and modify. This sample has links to the major menus on our investigative web site.

Scrolling Text In Bottom Status Bar
This little script makes text scroll in the bottom status bar of the web browser. You simply change the text to have it scroll whatever you wish.

Javascript Sources
Want to get hundreds more? You Do! These places will have tons and tons of them!

Perhaps one of the most popular and extensive javascript sources!

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