Banners have created a new way to do business in a kind of a multilevel marketing way. I know that many people are turned off by the term Multilevel, and I am one of those who happen to be sick of all the Mutli-level marketing plans like Amway. However, when you think about it, the manufacturer, wholesaler and dealer chain of distribution is a mutli-level marketing system. I'm not taking about pyramid stuff-just pure dealer type associates programs. Through banner advertising, a number of association programs have developed in which all you do is put a banner on your web site. If a sales is made on a click-through, you are paid a commission. There are hundreds of these types of association programs you can get involved in. Even if you have no interest at all, check these sties out. You might find that you yourself could set up an associate program in which you got other people to sell your services and products for you through web page marketing. Think about it! If you got a couple hundred people who could just sell one or two products or services for you per month, that could ad up to a huge amount of revenue.
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Association Programs