Design Shops
Sponsored by Adobe, this site is likely one of the top resources on the web for people who do web pages themselves. You will find a huge assortment of resources, tools, aids, articles and links.

Web Review
Top flight site dediced to helps and tools for web site design and web site business.

Web Developer
This is a huge and well done resource center that seems ton contain just about everything under the sun. You will want to spend some time here and come back often.

Webmaster Resources
A huge and useful place with all kinds of aids for people who have web sites.'s Web Developer Channel
The web developer channel is like a daily newspaper for web developers. You'll want to check in here often.

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79 Ways To Build A Better Web Site

Other Submitting Resources

Web Master's Search Engine Submit Tips

FAQ: How To Submit Your Web Site

Glossary Of Search Engine Terms

Internet Marketing Center
This site has a huge selection on web page marketing resources and techniques.

Submitting Your Site To Search Engines Tactics

Search Engine Tactics

More Hits Marketing

Creating Your Own Newsgroup

Advertising In Newsgroups

The Direct Email Resource

Bulk Email Ads

Electronic Direct Marketing

Direct Email Marketing Association


Internet Magazine
The magazine of and about the internet

The Web Developer's Journal
A journal you will want to watch to keep up to date of web page and site developments.