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      Pinnacle Peak Investigations
      29834 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite 118-147
      Phoenix, AZ 85331
      Contact: Brent LaJeunesse
      (602) 549-3555
      (480) 659-1529 FAX
      Email: mail@pinnacle-p-i.com

      Investigative Services: Criminal Defense, Insurance Fraud, Background Checks, Domestic Inquiries, and Surveillance.


      Tyler Hartford Investigations
      P.O. Box 10152
      Glendale, AZ 85318-0152
      Contact: Tyler Hartford
      (602) 581-6772
      (602) 581-6772 FAX
      Email: ryou2@concentric.net

      Investigative Services: Background checks, Surveillance, On-line searching, Information Broker, Vehicle Accident Investigations, Legal Investigations, Interviewing, Domestic, Workers Compensation Fraud.  


      R.J. Slepski Investigations, Inc.
      4410 W. Union Hills Dr., Suite #7-232
      Glendale, AZ 85308-1616
      Contact: Richard J. Slepski
      (602) 516-9411
      (602)547-8789 FAX
      Email: u136@concentric.net

      Investigative Services: Skip tracing, Arson, Fire Origin, employment background, Surveillance, Missing persons, Fraud.


      Out of the Dark Investigative Services
      2658 E. Brown St.
      Phoenix, AZ 85028
      Contact: Jose Sobrino
      (602) 795-0725
      (602) 788-7503 FAX
      Email: foundya@cox.net

      Investigative Services: We are a full service Private Investigations Company.


      Nathe & Nathe Investigations, Inc.
      P.O. Box 14351
      Tucson, AZ 85732
      Contact: Michael Nathe
      (520) 321-9744
      (520) 321-9058 FAX
      Email: info@nathepi.com

      Investigative Services: Statewide investigations in Arizona and Nevada; discreet video surveillance of workman's compensation fraud; personal injury claims and domestic issues; seasoned investigators in Phoenix and Tucson utilizing the latest in photographic and communications equipment available.


      G.E. Investigations,LLC
      715 E. Sierra Vista Drive, Suite #2
      Phoenix, AZ 85014
      Contact: George Eleftheriou
      (866) 347-7948
      (602) 266-4779
      Email: thesquad@geinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Full service Private Investigation Agency and Computer Information Center. Pre-Trial, Civil and Criminal Investigations, Telephone and Terror Threats, Insurance Cases, Discrete Surveillance, Property Management Issues, National Computer Checks, Missing Children, Skip Tracing and Fugitive Apprehension Investigative Services.


      Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc.
      5151 E. Broadway Blvd., #1600
      Tucson, AZ 85711
      Contact: Bob Wilson
      (520) 240-7970
      (270) 294-3352
      Email: bob@arizonaundercover.com

      Investigative Services: Discreet Undercover Surveillance & Investigations.


      International Counterintelligence Investigative Services
      4410 N. Scottsdale Road, Suit #310
      Scottsdale, AZ 85251
      Contact: Michael Rabern
      (800) 828-9198
      (480) 675-8800
      Email: paul.horner@icsworld.com



      Thomas P. Oates: 2310 Silverthorne Drive, Bullhead City, AZ 86442. Phone: 928-704-6969. Toll Free: 888-552-8822. Cell: 928-234-3637. Fax: 928-763-2504 Email: streetfuz@npgcable.com License Number: AZ 0410009

      Investigative Services: Outlaw motorcycle gangs, firearm related cases, white collar cases, tel-a-marketing cases, drugs, and homicides in both state and federal courts.

      SEARCH ASSIST: Sandra L. Sells: P.O. Box 12463, Chandler, AZ 85248 Phone 480-883-3550 License 1003883 Email: searchassist@aol.com Web site: https://www.search-assist.com

      Investigative Services: Full service investigative firm specializing in difficult locates, adoptions, missing witnesses, heirs, loved ones, deep background searches, drive by's, research of all types, dna collection.

      ASSET INVESTIGATIONS: Sonny Glassman: P.O. Box 866, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 Email: fug8tive@aol.com Phone 310-281-6164 License AZ1543492 CA 16459 FL 2500680 UT 101691

      Investigative Services: Asset/financial research & investigations in the US, offshore & foreign countries.

      RCS INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Robert (Bob) C. Scarpetti, PI, 14623 N. Glenpoint Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-3124 License: 1002852-Arizona, PI-01549173. Phone: 480-296-6056. Fax: 480-836-1967. EMAIL: RCSPI4U@aol.com

      Investigative Services: General Investigations, Video-Photo Surveillance, Background Checks, Workmen's Comp., Discreet Investigations.

      SWEEN INVESTIGATIONS (License AZ1003179): Pamela Sween, 4534 W. Claremont St., Glendale, AZ 85301. Phone: 623-937-8052 Email: psween222@aol.com Website:https://www.sween-investigations.com

      Investigative Services: skip tracing, locating people and assets nationwide, background checks, property ownership, process service in the Metro Phoenix Area in Maricopa County.

      INTEGRITY SECURITY SOLUTIONS, INC: Edward J. Dobbertin Jr. P.O. Box 879 Hereford,AZ 85615 Phone 520-260-5887 Email: ejdiss01@gmail.com Website: https://www.investigationswithintegrity.com License: 162279

      Investigative Services: Criminal and Civil Investigations, Fraud, Public Corruption, Use of Force, Pre Employment, Witness Background, Skip Tracing.

      JS CARTER INVESTIGATION: John S Carter 105 E. Spring St. Kingman AZ 86401. Phone 928-230-9738 Email jsc1115@aol.com

      Investigative Services:Criminal Defense, Surveillance, Locating Assets, Background Checks and Audio-Video Specialist.

      LIEN & BOND INVESTIGATIVE Investigative Services: Julia Townsend: 9221 E. Baseline Rd. Suite A109/222 Mesa, AZ Phone: 480-652-5352 Email: jdt1258@collections2000.com Web Site: https://www.arizonapls.com License: 1002269

      Investigative Services: Fugitive Recovery, Missing Persons, Child Retrieval, Skip Tracing, Asset Protection, Defense Investigations, Sucurity and Personal Protection.

      MATE CHECK PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Sandra J. Hope: 24654 N. Lake Pleasant PKWY, Ste 103-248, Peoria, AZ 85383 Phone 866-640-1010 License 1003408 Email: matecheck@matecheckpi.com Web site: https://www.matecheckpi.com

      Investigative Services: Background checks, recovering deleted cell phone text messages, GPS trackers, surveillance, covert decoy, skip trace, spyware recovery, asset search, high profile cases, computer monitoring.

      CONTEL INVESTIGATIONS: Allen Gills: 2301 West Dunlap Ste 100, Phoenix, AZ 85021 Phone 480-226-8092 License 1002772 Email: allen@gnwnetwork.com Web site: https://www.gnwnetwork.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, background checks.

      WAXMAN ASSOCIATES, LLC: Keli C. Waxman: P.O. Box 41012, Phoenix, AZ 85080 Phone 888-745-6612 License 1621089 Email ceo@waxman-associates.com Web site: https://www.waxman-associates.com

      Investigative Services: Criminal background checks, internet research, public records & licensure verifications, domestic investigations, expert forensics/cell forensics, HR investigations, protection investigations.

      MB ASSOCIATES INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Marribeth Bernier: 810 E. Colter St. #13, Phoenix, AZ 85014 Phone 602-682-7838 License 1600896 Email: mbassociates@cox.net

      Investigative Services: Background investigations, locates, domestic relations, asset location, fraud, surveillance.

      ALAMSHAW CONSULTING, LLC: John D. Alamshaw: 9811 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste 2 PMB 688, Las Vegas, NV 89117 Phone 480-442-1621 License NV#1380 AZ#1606962 Email: john@alamshawconsulting.com Web site: https://www.alamshawconsulting.com

      Investigative Services: Criminal, civil, undercover, fidelity verification, surveillance/counter surveillance.

      CHAMELEON INVESTIGATIONS, #1003432: William C. Moseley: P.O. Box 30252, Phoenix, AZ 85046 Phone 602-399-3572 Email: caspy4u@q.com License PI 1535871

      Investigative Services: Full service includes SOP, find lost souls, wrongful death/injury, skip trace, asset search & recover.

      PMI SOLUTIONS, LLC.: Paul E. McLaughlin: 3742 E. Sweetwater Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85032 Phone 602-237-5731 Email: pmisolutionsllc@yahoo.com Web site: https://www.pmiinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Child sex abuse, undercover operations, locates, surveillance

      ANY ONE ANY WHERE: Wade F Wasson 15449 N. 25th Ave. Apt. 1005 Phx. AZ 85023 Phone 602-942-0540 Email fred500@cox.net Web site fred500@cox.net

      Investigative Services Skip-Tracing

      GUMSHOE INVESTIGATIONS: Billy A. Gumm: P.O. Box 36402 Phoenix, AZ 85015 Email: gummshoe@cox.net Phone 602-230-0716 License AZ 1003517

      Investigative Services: Investigations, criminal defense, wrongful death, PCR's, adoptions, locates.

      KMC INVESTIGATIONS: Kevin McCarthy: P.O. Box 2089, Prescott, AZ 86302 Email: kmcishadow@msn.com Phone 928-443-9135 License 1545411

      Investigative Services: Felony defense investigation.

      GRAYHAWK INVESTIGATIONS : Herb Spohr; OFFICE: 8989 E. Via Linda, Ste 214A, Scottsdale, AZ; MAIL: 8776 E. Shea Blvd, B3A-150, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6629. Phones: Cells: 480-226-8558 & 847-341-0100; Office: 480-629-4499; Fax: 480-588-6499. Email: MarinePI@cox.net Website: https://www.grayhawkinvestigations.com or https://www.MarinePI.com (currently being updated). AZ License Numbers: 1564874, 1564875, 1577152, 1576857.

      Investigative Services: Family Law, Surveillance, Background Checks, Missing Persons, Asset Search, Child Custody, Pre-Marital & Pre-Divorce Discovery, Client Executive Protection, Special Insurance Investigations, Video & Still Photography, Process Service, Skip Tracing, Death Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Electronic De-Bugging ...20+ Years of Experience, Former Law Enforcement, Former USMC Military Intelligence, Founding Member of Department of Homeland Security * FREE CONSULTATION

      SCOTTSDALE INVESTIGATIONS, INC: Susan Hoglund, 7688 E. Coolidge St. Scottsdale AZ, 85251 Phone 480-993-6114 Email siihoglund@gmail.com

      Investigative Services: Private Investigations and Process Service.

      INTELLIQUEST INVESTIGATIONS: James P. Williams: 610 W. Broadway Rd, Ste 201, Tempe, AZ 85282 Phone 602-708-0494 License AZ 1002068 Email: iquest93@aol.com Web site: https://www.desertmecca.com

      Investigative Services: Criminal defense, surveillance, background checks, asset checks, locates/missing persons, security consulting f/businesses.

      BROOKS CONSULTING & INVESTIGATIONS: Matt Brooks: P.O. Box 582, Welton, AZ 85356 Phone 928-581-6296 License 1561963 Email: matt@broksinvestigations.net Web site: https://www.brooksinvestigations.net

      Investigative Services: Criminal defense, general legal support, corporate & individual background, domestic relations, post conviction relief, internal loss, workplace issues, surveillance, threat assessment.

      PUBLIC TRUST INVESTIGATIONS: Roger G. Hefner: 2855 S. 4th Ave #109, Yuma, AZ 85346 Phone 928-919-6008 Email: publictrustinvestigations@gmail.com License 1610127

      Investigative Services: General investigations, surveillance, employee backgrounds, skip tracing.

    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559