Updated on October 11, 2006

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How to Join the PI Mall

To have your Association listed, please fill out the form at the above link and write at the top PI ASSOCIATION. You must have this signed by the legal representative of the PI Association.

National Associations


National Association of Investigative Specialists

Association Of Christian Investigators

National Association Of Legal Investigators

World Association of Detectives

Council Of International Investigators

National Council Of Investigative And Security

National Association Of Process Servers

Association of British Investigators

Institute of Professional Investigators

Association of Professional Investigators & Security Providers

New England Council of State Investigator Associations


State Associations

Arizona Association Of Licensed Private Investigators

California Association Of Licensed Investigators

California Institute for Professional Investigators - C.I.P.I.

Professional Private Investigators Association Of Colorado

Connecticut Association Of Licensed Private Investigators

Florida Association Of Licensed Investigators

Georgia Association Of Professional Private Investigators Inc.

Associated Detectives of Illinois

Iowa Association Of Private Investigators

Kansas Association Of Licensed Investigators

Kentucky Professional Investigators Association

Louisiana Private Investigators Association, Inc.

Professional Investigator's Alliance Of Maryland, Inc.

Licensed Private Detectives Association Of Massachusetts, Inc.

Michigan Council Of Private Investigators

Minnesota Association Of Private Investigators

Missouri Association Of Private Investigators

New Hampshire League Of Investigators, Inc.

Ohio Association Of Security & Investigation Services

Oklahoma Private Investigators Association

New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association, Inc.

Associated Licensed Detectives Of New York

Pennsylvania Association Of Licensed Investigators

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

North Texas Private Investigator Association

South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators

Private Investigators Association Of Utah, Inc.

Vermont Association Of Licensed Detectives

Private Investigators Association Of Virginia

Pacific Northwest Assoc


Non-Profit Associations get FREE Web space!! Contact our office for more information. Click on the above link, fill out the application, write at the top PI Association and FAX to (706) 654-5862.

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