Joe's Proxy Tool 2010
Safe Anonymous Surfing for IE and Firefox

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Our Proxy Tool is updated daily in the morning so that you can start your day with a fresh list of anonymous proxy servers from around the world!



Proxy Tool 2010

There are times that you need to surf the web and know that people can not monitor what you are doing, well YOUR TIME HAS COME!! With the development of Joe's Proxy Tool we have taken surfing the web to a new level.


This tool provides you the best in anonymous surfing for both Internet Explorer browser and Firefox browser. When you start up Joe's Proxy Tool 2010, the program will automatically download the daily list of Anonymous Proxy Servers from around the world and load them into the program. This way you are always using the best proxy servers around the world.


And the best part of this program is that while you are connected and surfting the web, all you have to do is click the Proxy Tool Icon in your system task bar, and you automatically change to the next proxy server! Just imagine, one page you are looking at and you appear to be coming from Russia, the next page, CLICK, and now you are in China, the next page, CLICK, now you are in France!.


That is the kind of web surfing you need in order to keep your activity or your investigations safe and secure. And it is all done with the simple click on your mouse!


Now how much is this??? Only $30!!!! And that includes the daily server updates!!!




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