Joe's Proxy Tool 2010
Safe Anonymous Surfing for IE and Firefox

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Our Proxy Tool is updated daily in the morning so that you can start your day with a fresh list of anonymous proxy servers from around the world!



FAQ for Proxy Tool 2010

Here you can get some of the answers to the most common questions that we get on the program.


Wil this program run a Macintosh:

Not at this time.


Will this run on Windows 2000?



Will this run on Windows XP



Will this work with Google Chrome?

Not at this time.


How will I know that I am anonymous?

The best way is you can go to: Make sure you go there first and find out what your regular IP is. Then run Joe's Proxy Tool and go back to and you can see it is a new one!


I am running the program, and I went to Google and it says "Page can not be displayed"

This is due to the fact that either Google has blocked that proxy, or the proxy does not allow surfers to go to Google. I suggest that you click the icon again in the system tray to change proxies and see if you can get to Google then.


How do I update the proxy list?

The proxy list is updated with the current daily list from around the world every morning. Each time you start the program, it will retrieve the current list, download it and install it, automatically.


Who can I email for questions:




The program is only $30!!! And it is a one time fee, we do not charge a yearly "maintenace" fee. You buy from us, you get the software and any updates that are created!!


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