Now YOU Can Be Instantly Set-Up In One Of The World's Most Highly
Profitable & Exciting Spy Gear Businesses...

Here is the incredible combination of a powerful "brand name" and proven, highly-saleable products and your very own website, yet still a "ground floor" opportunity with this turn-key, ready-to-go covert gear business handed to you a silver platter.

Without the need to invest thousands of dollars for inventory..

SpyTek Wholesale is highly excited to offer you an opportunity for a very select few to become an authorized SpyTek dealer! If you are interested in offering fast selling investigative gear on your very own web site as an extension of your existing investigative practice , this is THE way to go. You could do like others and waste literally thousands and thousands of dollars as well as weeks and months of man hours finding sources and buying equipment that does not sell.

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Cameras You Can Sell And Rent!

Featuring StealthCams! Top Quality Covert Video Cameras With Built In Digital Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping

We have been importing and selling investigative gear and equipment for over 20 years. We have been developing ad copy and graphics for over 20 years and we have tested these products in the market place and know that they sell. You avoid all the mistakes, man hours and funds buying equipment that might or might not sell (a huge amount of it does not!) or you could become a SpyTek Authorized dealer and obtain this ready-made web site you can quickly add to your existing web site or place it as a web site by itself in a matter of just a few hours! (We'll even introduce you to the man who has already set most of the dealers up and can get your site up and running in no time flat.) You could spend thousands of dollars and/or hundreds of man hours trying to develop a web site. Well, we have done all that work for you and it's a proven track record. Taking the photos for this web site and creating the pages could easily cost you thousands of dollars if you had to go it alone. Finding just the right products that sell could take months, years and yes even decades and cost you tens of thousands of dollars. We have been doing this for over 20 years and we have all this for you at direct import wholesale pricing at a very, very attractive price.

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Video Camera Systems You Will Be Buying Wholesale And Selling!
These Are Law Enforcement Grade Products You Can Be Selling
To Your Local Law Enforcement Agencies Easily!

Covert Video Cameras And Systems You Wear And Carry

The above is just the start of the benefits and opportunity that you obtain by becoming an authorized SpyTek dealer. First of all, by using the SpyTek Authorized dealer logo on your web site, you gain national name recognition as we are developing a trusted name and network. We do not put up with dealers who take orders but do not deliver and quickly shut them off. That way, the end user knows they are purchasing from a well known and reliable source. Secondly, SpyTek dealers will be the first in the industry to be in a position to have new merchandise as it comes into the market place! There's always something new, and as a SpyTek authorized dealer, you get these updates which you can quickly place on your web site (or have it done for you automatically using the host source we recommend).

Spy Cameras And Cool Spy Gadgets!
You Will Love This Low Cost Selection Of Super Spy Supplies!

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Web Site For
SpyTek Orlando

The New SpyTek Dealer Web Site
Selling Over 100 Products

A new SpyTek Authorized Dealer web site is now offered with over 100 fast selling investigative and spy products including (click on each link to go to the menu pages) top quality covert stationary video cameras with motion activation and built in digital video recorders (you can both sell and rent them!) covert portable bodywear cameras and pocket DVRs, micro pinhole cameras, Extensive line of DVRs, GPS car trackers, top quality long play digital audio recorders, countermeasures and privacy gear, digital cameras and high tech gadgets, sound gear including sound amplification and voice changers, and very high tech personal protection and self defense products.

How do we do this? It's a full time job of several people searching the world for the latest gear as it relates to investigation and security. We even test market the products before they are offered in our network so you know it sells. As a SpyTek authorized dealer, you have the choice of purchasing wholesale at three lot pricing or use our drop ship program and we will do all the shipping for you. Nothing could be easier and simpler. You can set this up in a few hours and start taking orders tomorrow so now is the time to act.

We are now accepting dealerships of just ONE SpyTek Authorized dealership in each major city.

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Video Recorders You Will Be Selling

You will love these new generation power models that take care of all
your covert video needs!

(NOTE: As time moves forward, SpyTek reserves the right to appoint additional SpyTek dealers in major cities with large populations but the fact is, we are only looking for a very limited number of professionals to work with and this is a VERY limited time offer that can be withdrawn at ANY time as dealerships are going very fast and we only want a limited number at this time. ) This program has been very explosive and we usually quickly sign up dozens of new dealers every time it's offered. We can only grow so fast so there is a very limited number of dealers right now we are willing to set up and then this offer will be withdrawn.

Sound Amplification And Super Hearing For Your Web Site!
Top Flight Professional Gear To Hear!

The SpyTek wholesale web site package is just $295.00 for non NAIS members and only $195.00 for NAIS members per location right now to get started for a very limited time. You will make good retail profits and buy at low wholesale direct import pricing on almost every product listed. If you wish to use a shopping cart, that can easily be set up with third party services but you don't need to start out that way. If you wish a secure order form, if you use our recommended host they set that up for you at no cost. If you wish to just have your name and address with contact information and a phone number along with an order form that can be printed out, that can be done in a matter of just a few minutes.

Micro Pinhole Cameras You Can Sell And By Wholesale
The Very Best In Subminiature Video Cameras Wired, Wireless, Ultra Small And Zoom

Authorized SpyTek dealers will have a huge advantage simply because it's so easy and inexpensive to get set up. They always have the opportunity to add new products which are offered all the time. Not only that, a separate book dealership is planned so you can also start offering fast selling books and manuals on investigative topics.

Miscellaneous Spy Gear, Self Defense And Personal
Protection Gear You Can Sell

High Grade Self Defense Products And Unique Spy Gear

We are only looking to work with a few people in the investigative and security business so hurry! This offer will soon be withdrawn once we assign a certain number of dealerships.

What The SpyTek Authorized Dealership includes:

• A ready-made web site with sharp graphics to use with the SpyTek authorized dealership branding on it.

• Access to the dealer's only web page with all kinds tools.

• Access to the authorized SpyTek dealership network via email.

• Authorized dealer certificate good for one full year.

• New products updates with web pages you can grab and place on your web site (or have them automatically updated using our recommended hosting service making this a truly :hounds off" business that produces cash while you sleep).

• Wholesale pricing! The right to purchase most products at at least 40% off retail so you make good money!

• Drop ship Service! We will drop ship your orders for you if you wish which means you don't even have to stock products.

• Special deals and pricing! As a SpyTeK dealer you will be offered special deals and pricing with deep wholesale discounts.

High Tech GPS Tracking And Car Tracking You Will Be Selling
The Very Best In GPS Tracking In Small Portable Packages!

This program has been in the making for years! The normal cost of this program is $895.00 but for a very limited time, all this opportunity is yours for the low low price of just $295.00 for non NAIS members and only $195.00 for NAIS members. . If you are interested in selling Spy and Investigative Equipment on your web site, this is the fast track to top-flight products you can access and sell at low wholesale prices without really stocking any product if you choose to do it that way. As time moves forward there will be increases in the pricing of this dealer program as they are going very fast. This offer was given to members of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists first and within just a couple of days, over 60 locations were taken.

High Grade Digital Long Play Audio Recorders You Sell From
Your Ready-Made Web Site

Law Enforcement Grade Voice Activated And Automatic Telephone Tape Recorders!

Order an Authorized SpyTek dealership today and you can have this web site (without all the info on the SpyTek Dealership) up and running in no time. But hurry! As more and more cities are filled, the price will be going up.

Countermeasures! Bug And Wiretap Detection Gear
The Very Best In Low Cost Privacy Gear To Detect Bugs, Wiretaps And Video Cameras

We are now accepting only a limited number of dealerships.

(NOTE: As time moves forward, SpyTek reserves the right to appoint additional SpyTek dealers in major cities with populations over one million people but the fact is, we are only looking for a very limited number of professionals to work with and this is a VERY limited time offer that can be withdrawn at ANY time as dealerships are going very fast and we only want a limited number at this time.)

How To Order your Authorized SpyTek Dealership

Click Here To Order Online Right Now

Simply place Authorized SpyTek Dealer Package on the order form for $195.00 for NAIS members
or $295.00 for non-NAIS members and you will be up and rolling in no time! You could easily double your investigative agency business selling and renting this type of equipment.

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