Hands Free Cell Phone Voice Changer
And Hands Free Cell Phone Mic

Available for the first time - telephone voice changer for mobile/cordless and cellular phones! Normal plus four different voices. Now you can answer your cell phone or call someone on your cell phone without anyone recognizing your voice. Just switch a button and completely change your voice. Universal to fit all mobile/cordless and cellular phones. When you are not using the item as a voice changer, it will also make a great hands-free head set for your cell phone. Just switch the unit to normal voice and speak hands-free.

• Hands-Free Productivity. Do other tasks and talk on the phone.
• Hands-Free Safety.
• Four different voice changing settings.
• Drive more safely with both hands on the wheel.
• Easy Installation
• For Cordless phones: Plug the DC jack into the mating DC Power
• Plug on cordless phone handset. Thats it, your Done.

For Cell Phones: Most new cell phones have a mating DC Power plug for hands free head-sets. This is the same Power plug for the voice changer DC Jack. You simply plug the voice changer DC jack into the mating DC power plug on your cell phone and your done. If you have an older cell phone model please choose the appropriate adaptor for your cell phone.
Great for use with most cell phones. (Does not work with Nokia phones)Four pitch levels and hands free operation. Pitch option include 2 high, 2 low and normal. Includes "robot voice" and "duck voice". Standard size watch battery powers unit for 30 hours use.

Hands Free Cell Phone Voice Changer $49.95


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