SpyTek Hand Bag Covert Video Camera
Unisex! Can Be Used By Both Male And Female Investigators Without Suspicion
Camera Hole Is So Small, You Can Be Six Inches from It And Not Notice It!
Completely Self Contained With Or Without PI Black DVR That Powers Camera

Anyone can carry this small hand bag camera in black and no one will notice that what you are doing is covert video surveillance. In fact, you can walk right up to someone and they are not going to know the difference. The bag is small enough to prop as a small purse or man's zipper compartment. The bag camera contains a high quality super fine CCD full color covert video camera with an amazing 450 lines of resolution that shoots through a very small pin hole. You'll get clear and crisp covert video even in lower light conditions with it's 0.2 lux rating. You can obtain this new generation high quality CCD covert video camera with or without the PI Black high resolution DVR. It can be used with any portable DVR you have which also fits inside the bag. However, if you pick the high resolution PI Black DVR especially designed for this covert video system, the DVR powers the camera without need for any other batteries

Specifications Camera
• Super Fine CCD Sensor
• 450 Lines Of Resolution
• S/N Ratio 48db (Min)/60db(Typ)

• Minimum Illumination: 0.2 Lux of F 1.2
• Electronic Shutter: 1/60 (1/50)-1/120,000
• Video Output: 1.0Vp-p Composite at 75 ohm
• Lens 4.3 mm
• Angle Of View 80 Degrees
• Power Supply DC 9-12 Volt Or Powered By PI Black DVR
• Consumption Current 120 mA

Specifications Bag
• High Quality Black
• Pull-Out Strap
• Top zipper
• Side Compartment zipper
• Inside lining
• Bag Size: 9.5 inches long X 6 inches wide X 2 inches deep

• Small bag-can be used by male or female operatives
• Black color goes with everything!
• High Resolution!
• Completely Self Contained
• Close-Up Covert Video Without Detection
• With Optional PI Black DVR, no Camera Battery Needed!

You'll get the covert video you need every time in clear and crisp detail and you will not have to worry about getting close up! Get this new generation high quality new generation system that's the solution to your covert video operations problems at a special reduced price now!

SpyTek Hand Bag Covert Video Camera
With PI Black DVR That Powers Camera
MSRP: $990.00 Your Cost Only $629.95

SpyTek Hand Bag Covert Video Camera (Without PI Black DVR)
MSRP: $395.00 Your Cost Only $279.95

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