Secret Advantage Self Defense Lipstick Pepper Spray
Concealed Pepper Spray With UV Marker In Quality Lipstick Case!

We have seen a lot of self defense sprays come and go over thirty years but NOTHING like this! It looks exactly like a lipstick. This stunningly attractive lipstick case is sure to deceive. Just pull the cap off and spray away. If your attacker is male he's at a big disadvantage if you've got one of these on you. Just pretend you need to touch up to look your best and POW! Let him have it in the eyes. The 10% concentration of 1MM SHU pepper spray will have him forget about attacking you and trying to find some relief for his pain. Contains about 20 (half-second)sprays with a range of 10 feet.

Features Of Your Secret Advantage

  • Covert, Standard Grade pepper spray
  • Shoots 8-10 feet, contains about 10 one second bursts
  • Spray contains UV marking dye used to identify attacker
  • Effective on intoxicated individuals, vicious dogs (ie. pit bulls)
  • Slams eyes shut, causes coughing, gagging, makes breathing painful and difficult
  • Designed to immobilize an attacker without being lethal
  • Easy fire trigger
  • Keeps up to 120 degrees
  • Shoots a fog, cone shaped pattern

Your Secret Advantage is effective in: slamming eyes shut—causing temporary blindness, causing inflammation of the respiratory tissues—making breathing extremely difficult (but not prohibiting it). Bottom line, it immobilizes attackers, fast.

OC, the active ingredient in pepper spray that is derived from the hottest part of the habanero pepper, is a fast acting inflammatory agent (not merely an irritant), that works even on intoxicated individuals who feel no pain—unlike tear gas (commonly referred to as mace). It is a non-lethal substance, with intense effects that wear off in about 30-45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to escape a predator—and escape, not retaliation, should always be your goal. Also, since the effects are temporary, you do not have the same fear of making a mistake as has happened with guns—so there is added peace of mind storing it in the house. The only long lasting effect is the invisible UV dye that marks your target and could help identify your attacker. Get Your Secret Advantage today! It's your very own personal bodyguard in your purse no one know about but you!

Secret Advantage Self Defense Lipstick Pepper Spray $29.95



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