New Generation StealthTek 2010
Audio Recorder Renders Other Recorders Obsolete! Smarter, Lighter, Cheaper, Better And With More Memory! Up To 365 Hours Of Recording Time! Starting At An Amazing Price Of Only $119.99

Very Stealth! Up To 365 Hours Of Recording Time! Automatic Telephone Recording, Cell Phone Recording,1 GB External Memory, Micro SC Card Slot Takes Up To 4 GB Micro SD Card For Exapandable Memory. Recorder specifically designed for investigative use and investigative evidence gathering. Top quality high end recording results The Only Recorder You Will Ever Need. Renders like recorders in it's class a thing of the past. Starting at only $119.99

Invisible Secrets PV900 With Built In High Resolution Camera!
This is high end covert bodywear innovation at it's best! The PV900 Invisible Secrets DVR is a law enforcement grade DVR built into a cell phone that has motion activation and time and data stamping. The high grade, high resolution low light hidden CCD camera is built into the top of the cell phone. Press a secret function key once you turn the covert video system on for recording and the screen of the cell phone looks like a normal cell phone. No one but you knows that it is recording video. Once the covert video operation footage is obtained, simply walk away with your cell phone. Press another secret function key and the high resolution video with time and date stamping can then be reviewed with the high resolution cell phone screen. The PV900 Invisible Secrets DVR can also be used as a standard pocket DVR to plug external cameras into it and record high resolution video powering the cameras of your selection.

Micro Eyes DVR BallCam!
Home & Office Security Camera - High Res, Color Low Light, Motion Activated
For Covert, Hide In Plain Site And Overt Use!

MicroEyes DVR BallCam is the world’s first DVR in a shape of a ball. It has real time recording speed. Unlike digital cameras or camcorders with limited recording time for the battery and memory, Play-Guard will go for up to 12-2 days and the unit gets activated on motion detection. This supplements demerits of those electronic devices and this Low-Cost DVR has many other useful features for the General Consumers. It can also be used for fun and leisure with various forms of accessories. It also has wireless feature via Bluetooth so that users can send both video and audio files to your laptop and PDA within a 100 meters range and monitor live files and store files for a playback.


New Generation Tiny COVERTteK Covert Video Stick-It!
Motion Activated Camera/DVR Built Into Tiny Air Freshener
You Can Stick-It Anywhere In 15 Seconds Or Less!
Time And Date Stamping, Records To 8 GB SD Card!

The tiny new generation CovertTeK covert video camera with DVR is ingeniously built into a small air freshener you can stick in any electrical wall outlet. Because it is so easy and quick to use and set up, we simply call it the Tiny Video Stick-It because you can stick-it anywhere! This new generation covert video system features a low Lux hidden cameras one could not see even if they are less that a foot away, high resolution and and records to a built-in tiny DVR with an SD card that supports up to an 8 GB card! With time and date stamping and motion activation, you can now have a complete covert video recording studio built into a tiny air freshener no one knows about but you!

New Generation Law Enforcement Grade
Ultra Advanced Laser Camera Power Finder

The New generation law enforcement grade Ultra Advanced Laser Camera Power Finder hands you hidden camera scanning power with six LED scanning lights that can flash or stay in on mode that lets you instantly find any camera that is wired, wireless, on, off, dead or alive! You simply look through the view finder and you can spot any hidden camera in an instant!This new generation camera power finder has on and off switch as well as a hold and flash button to make finding cameras quick and easy. Set the unit on flash mode and scan any room. Any hidden camera will flash like a sore thumb. Turn the mode to non flash on mode and you can pinpoint the location of the camera. You can find any hidden cameras up to 900 feet away with this power scanner/hidden camera finder. The Ultra Advanced Laser Camera Power Finder is the most powerful camera finder on the market today! It comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charger power plug and is housed is a high end brushed metal housing.


Tiny 71 Hour Covert Keychain/Micro Recorder!
One Button Audio Recording And Always An Audio Recorder When You Need It!

First there were Covert Pen Recorders. Now there is a digital audio recorder built into a USB thumb drive for your keychain that features one button audio recording. This unit is very simple and easy to use. Just clip your keys to the Keychain USB recorder and you instantly have audio recording ability anytime you want it. Think about it! You have to pull a pen out to record and that is fine when you are going to take notes. But everyone has a set of keys in their hand! Hit the button, set the key downs or place them in your shirt pocket and you are in audio recording mode! The USB recorder can also be used as a digital storage devise to transfer or capture digital files when you need to by simply inputting the unit into a USB port on any computer.

SS-30 High Resolution Bullet Camera
Built To Be Powered By The PV500, PV700, PV800 And PV900!

This very fine and small bullet camera is built from the ground up as a camera powered by the PV500, PV700, PV800 and PV900 the world's best and most popular pocket high resolution DVR for investigators and law enforcement. With 460 full color lines of resolution, you will never miss another important covert video footage shot again!

JUST UPDATED! PI-Camcorder TinyTek Stick
World's Smallest High Quality Camcorder!
Ideal For Covert Use! The World's Smallest Covert Video Recorder And/Or Camcorder! New Model Takes 2 GB Micro SD Card Wth Up To 66 Hours Of Recording Time!

Introducing the PI-Camcorder TinyTek Stick, the high quality camcorder that actually can fit inside a standard pack of gum. Delivering unbelievable quality video/audio at the touch of one button. Evidence recording has never been made easier! The PI-CamStick is the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced. Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly. For the most discrete applications, the PI-CamStick can even fit into a standard pack of chewing gum! High quality instant videos have never been easier!

Video PenTek In Black!
Working Pen With Built In Digital Camera And Camcorder!

Now With 4 GB/30 Hours
Recording Time!
Take Covert Video
With This Amazing Pen!
1GB of memory and 1mega pixel
resolution built right into a working
Fast downloading and battery charging
through USB port!

New Generation SweepTek!

Detects Both All Types Of Hidden Video Cameras Dead Or Alive And Sweeps A Room for RF Bugs! Can Also Be Used To Detect GPS Trackers On Vehicles!

Three Portable Detectors Built Into One Small
State-Of-The Art Detector With Six Functions!
Now In Stealth Black Color!

• Detects Hidden Video Cameras Dead Or Alive!
• Wide Range Sweep For Bugs From 1MHz - 6500MHz.

•Detects GPS Tracking Devises On Vehicles!
• Detects Wired And Wireless Hidden Video Cameras!
• Silent Alert Vibration Mode
• Silent LED Alert Mode
• Alarm Alert Mode

CovertTeK IPod Home Entertraiment Sysyem
Covert Automatic Stationary Video At It's Best!
New For 2008- Low Lux cameras, Higher resolution, supports 8 Gig SD cards and auto power switching from 110/220 volts. Completely Self Contained With Covert Camera,
Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!

New High Quality! The Stealth Pen

The Stealth Pen is a cut way above the run-of-the mill digital recorder pens in the market place today! It looks completely like a regular run-of-the-mill ink pen. However, when you push down the pocket clip on the pen, it starts recording. Push up the pocket clip and it stops recording. There are no lights or buttons. You can actually hand this pen to someone to sign a signed statement and they would never know there is a high quality super sensitive digital audio recorder inside the pen. This pen is thinner and gives you much higher quality recording ability that any other recorder pen in the market place.

New Generation For 2008!
CoverTek Covert Handsome Mantel Clock Cam

Completely Self Contained With Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping! New For 2008- Low Lux Cameras, Higher Resolution, Supports 8 Gig SD Cards And Auto Power Switching From 110/220 Volts! Up To 20 Hours Recording Time On 8 GB Card!
New! Recluse!
So Stealth You Can Not See The Camera An Inch Away!
Completely Self Contained With Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping



New Generation Law Enforcement Grade Hidden
Camera Sweep Kit Combo Instantly Finds It All!

Law Enforcement Grade Ultra Advanced Camera Hunting Combo!
Instantly Finds And Locks On To Any Wireless Camera Up To 2.7 Ghz And Displays Video On Screen! New Laser Power Finder Locates Camera Lens On Any Hidden Camera Wired,
Wireless Dead Or Alive! Fast And Powerful Camera Scanning And Locating Power!

What's New! Stationary Covert Video! Bodywear Covert Video
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