SpyTek Approved High Grade Digital Long Play Audio Recorders
Law Enforcement Grade Voice Activated And Automatic Telephone Tape Recorders!

High Grade Digital Audio Recorders With Automatic Telephone Recording Ability

New Generation StealthTek 2010
Audio Recorder Renders Other Recorders Obsolete! Smarter, Lighter, Cheaper, Better And With More Memory! Up To 365 Hours Of Recording Time! Starting At An Amazing Price Of Only $119.99

Very Stealth! Up To 365 Hours Of Recording Time! Automatic Telephone Recording, Cell Phone Recording,1 GB External Memory, Micro SC Card Slot Takes Up To 4 GB Micro SD Card For Exapandable Memory. Recorder specifically designed for investigative use and investigative evidence gathering. Top quality high end recording results The Only Recorder You Will Ever Need. Renders like recorders in it's class a thing of the past. Starting at only $119.99
Automatically Record Calls On Your PC
Your Computer Or Laptop Becomes Your Digital Audio Recorder!
Instant Caller ID To Name And Address Data!
Instant Dialed Number To Name And Address Data!
Instant Truth Detection Option!


Tiny 71 Hour Covert Keychain/Micro Recorder!
One Button Audio Recording And Always An Audio Recorder When You Need It!

First there were Covert Pen Recorders. Now there is a digital audio recorder built into a USB thumb drive for your keychain that features one button audio recording. This unit is very simple and easy to use. Just clip your keys to the Keychain USB recorder and you instantly have audio recording ability anytime you want it. Think about it! You have to pull a pen out to record and that is fine when you are going to take notes. But everyone has a set of keys in their hand! Hit the button, set the key downs or place them in your shirt pocket and you are in audio recording mode! The USB recorder can also be used as a digital storage devise to transfer or capture digital files when you need to by simply inputting the unit into a USB port on any computer.


HotTek Micro Digital Audio Recorder
With Automatic Telephone Recording Control

"The Choice Of The Professional! " In 36, 70 And 140 Hour Models • Tiny Nano Sized Digital Recorder • Slim, Tiny And Black! • Automatic Telephone Recording Ability! • Super Sensitive Amplified Mic! • Sharp, Crystal-Clear Recording Every Time • Microphone Sensitivity Adjustable (18 levels). • Time And Date Stamping! • Programmable Time And Date Recording! • Super High Quality Recording Results Every Time!
HotTeK Advanced Nano Digital Audio Recorder
In 70 Hour, 141 Hour And 282 Hour Models
Automatic Telephone Recording Ability
Time And Date Stamping And Programmable Timed Recordings!


Law Enforcement Grade! World's Smallest AudioRecorder!

New Generation MicroDot Black Tiny Audio Recorder
Voice Activation, Time And Date Stamping, So Small It's Manufactured Under A Microscope! -So Small, You Need A Magnifying Glass To Even Notice It! 18.6 Hours Recording Time!

High Grade Watch Recorder/MP3 Player

PI Black WatchTeK
Digital MP3/Voice Watch Recorder
Wrist Watch MP3/Voice Recorder/Player

You'll fall in love with this nine hour covert watch audio recorder! Investigative evidence recorder you wear! This is a very high quality fully functional watch with built-in digital recorder/player.

New for 2008! The Lady In Red!
Lady Diamond Detective 2008 Audio Watch Recorder

The lady in red is cute and cunning! What most don't know is she's also a top rated spy and she can record everything she hears! This Ladies fully functional watch is also a media player with 512MB flash memory built in. This unique recorder will allow you to record up to 9 hours of voice recording and download MP3’s music files. Now you can record notes, reminders or listen to music without any other devices. USB plug and play make this the media player perfect for any situation in which audio recording is required. Play back via stereo earphones or window media player.


High Grade Audio Recorders Built Into Working Pens

New High Quality! The Stealth Pen

The Stealth Pen is a cut way above the run-of-the mill digital recorder pens in the market place today! It looks completely like a regular run-of-the-mill ink pen. However, when you push down the pocket clip on the pen, it starts recording. Push up the pocket clip and it stops recording. There are no lights or buttons. You can actually hand this pen to someone to sign a signed statement and they would never know there is a high quality super sensitive digital audio recorder inside the pen. This pen is thinner and gives you much higher quality recording ability that any other recorder pen in the market place.

Incoming/Outgoing Dialed Number Logger-Works With Telephone Recorders

Telephone Information Manager
Logs Caller ID Incoming Information And Outgoing Dailed Numbers With Time And Date Stamping. Can work in conjuniction with any recorder.

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