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Digital Camera • Digital Video Camcorder • Audio recorder All Built Into One Mini Unit

PockeTeK is a new generation micro digital video camera, digital still camera and audio recorder you will like because of it's size with a PC card slot for expansion memory you will love. It's the world's smallest multifunctional unit of it's kind in the market and your on - the- go super evidence capture unit you can carry in your pocket!
The Investigator's All-In-One Main Tool

Easily the most anticipated electronic gadget of the year, the MicroSavvyCam is the ultimate personal camcorder and multimedia device for young, active and demanding professionals. Forget about carrying around multiple gadgets, all you need is theMicroSavvyCam! Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be carried in your pocket or slung around your neck, creating a fashion statement and giving you a whole new meaning of convenience. Its ergonomic design allow users to single handedly operate this 11 in 1 function device with ease and style.
TinyTek Digital Camera 2007!
Still Shot Camera, Video Camera And DVR!
All Built Into One Very Tiny, Slim And Savvy Unit!

Picture perfect for investigative and law enforcement use, our new generation TinyTek digital camera fits your needs like nothing else on the market because of the all-in-one investigative functions it performs! She starts out with a very high quality 2.0 mega pixel camera with an 8 X zoom that gives you time and date stamping on all your still photos.

Video Camera Watch-Two Models- With And Without Screen

High Definition PI Portable Black Cam Kit! Four Models To Pick From!
• Tiny Pocket-Sized DVR • Wireless Full Color Pinhole Camera
• Wired Full Color Micro Pinhole Video Camera • High Mega Pixel Camcorder Built Into DVR
• High Mega Pixel Still Camera Built Into DVR • High Grade Audio Recorder
• FM Radio Receiver • Up To 14 Hours Video Recording Time In One Small Package!
• MP3 Player And High Definition Movie Player • World's Slimmest!

PI Camcorder • Button/Pinhole Video Camera • Tiny Pocket DVR That Powers Camera!
TREO PICamTek 2007 - Covert Video Package

Tiny PI Camcorder/ DVR/Button Camera
The Full Function Tiny Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Is Also A Tiny High Grade Camcorder!
Comes With It's Own Covert Micro Button Camera Powered By The Unit!
Has Full Time/Date Overlay Stamping! You Can Also Use This Camcorder To
Plug Other Cameras Into It And Use As a DVR!

Stationary Covert Video! Bodywear Covert Video Pocket Digital Video Recorder
Micro Pinhole Cameras GPS Tracking Digital Audio Recorders
Countermeasures Gear Digital Spy Cameras Sound Amplification
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