New Generation For 2008! CounterTeK TE-4800
Multifunctional Advanced Telephone Analyzer

After five years in development, we are happy to offer this new state-of-the-art advanced telephone analyzer that leaves everything else in the dust. We have taken a different approach to the needs of a professional grade telephone analyzer than most do! We hired a professional electronics TSCM developer to develop this unit for us based on our own specifications as well as specific functions and we are highly impressed with the results that have been developed! We know you will be too! Forget the alcheapo units that just don't really do anything as the internet is riddled with them! This professional grade computer controlled telephone analyzer alerts you in an instant if there is a wiretap on your telephone line, if eavesdropping is happening while you are speaking and also continually sweeps your room for RF bugs. It's a new generation all in one professional grade model for those who need total telephone security! It's also designed for sweep teams to use as a professional grade telephone and telephone line analyzer. Just plug the advanced CounterTeK analyzer into your telephone and then plug the output jack into your telephone line and you have total privacy protection. Not only do you know in an instant if there is eavesdropping going on while the phone is not in use, you are also alerted instantly if that happens while you are on the phone. The computer controlled unit will continuously sweep your telephone and phone line for any eavesdropping and also continually sweep your room for RF bugs. RF detection frequency is wide and fear reaching from 70Mhz to 2,000Mhz (2Ghz)!

Features And Specifications:
• Computer Controlled To Sweep Your Phone And Phone Line
• Computer Controlled To Sweep Your Room For RF Bugs
• Easy One Minute Install!
• LED Lights And Continuous LED Readings Alert You In And Instant!
• 100% state-of-the-art digital surface mount technology.
• RF detect frequency; 70Mhz to 2,000Mhz (2Ghz)
• Good sensitivity frequency; 140, 399, 450, 900, 1200, 1600Mhz band.
• Detect signals; RF audio and video
• Use As Your Countermeasures Sweep Telco Line Tester
• Make A Recommendation Of Leaving Unit Behind For Continuous Monitoring!
• For Professional Sweep Teams, You Make More Money!

• 4 Inches Wide X 5 Long X 1 1/2 inches deep

• CounterTeK TE-4800 Telephone Analyzer
• Wall Outlet Plug
• Telephone Line Cords
• User Manual

CounterTeK TE-4800 Advanced Telephone Analyzer Diagram And Functions

1. RF Wireless Bug Alarm
2. Telephone Line Sensor Alarm
3. Transmission Signals
4. LED Display Screen
5. Menu Keys
6. Up Key
7. Down Key
8. Setup Key
9. Power Cord Input Jack
10. Phone In Jack
11. Phone Line Jack
12. Antenna Jack


The CounterTeK TE-4800 tests your phone line for slight voltage and current variations caused by possible parasitic R.F. radio transmitting devices, telephone repair line powered handsets, off hook extensions, or tampering of your phone line in your absence. This unit will digitally display your phone line voltage readings numerically both on and off hook, giving you a constant means of checking line integrity. In addition to the digital display, the Line Alert feature will monitor the phone line voltage when the phone is in use. If it detects changes, it will alarm you by lighting an alarm light.

Multi Use Unit!: Aside from being able to use the CounterTeK TE-4800 as a continuous line monitor, you can also use it as your main black back gear for countermeasures sweeps to instantly check a telephone and telephone line for eavesdropping. After conducting a countermeasures job and using this unit for telephone tests, you have the option of recommending the unit be left behind to be used as a continuous line privacy monitor for your client. You can sell this unit to your client after you use to to test the client's telephone line and make a whole lot more profit!

The unique use of this unit is that it can be used as a one time telephone line analyzer and then used as a continuous line monitor after the countermeasures job has been completed. Even on multi-line telephone systems, many countermeasures sweep teams are recommending that the CEO or high security office install a single line telephone for high security calls. This makes this high tech analyzer something that you can make money with and leave behind for security phone monitoring.

The CounterTeK TE-4800 Advanced Telephone Analyzer is the most up-to-date and advanced telephone analyzer on the market today! If you talk on a telephone and are concerned about your privacy when you talk, you need this new easy to install state-of-the-art unit that detects it all!

FREE Pen Bug Detector with every order! A $59.95 Value!
The new generation SpyTek RF Ink Pen Detector gives you a highly portable RF working pen bug detector and a UV light detection function that let's you quickly check any marked item such as electrical outlets, phone outlets, lamps or other electrical appliances for tampering. The working and functioning covert pen bug detector can quickly sweep a room with a wide sweeping range up to 3.0 Ghz! However, that's just the start of the amazing functions found in this new covert countermeasures detector that every TSCM sweep team will want to have! It has an all important built-in UV light function that completely tamperproof's everything.



CounterTeK TE-4800 Multifunctional Advanced Telephone Analyzer
FREE Pen Bug Detector with every order! A $59.95 Value!
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