TinyTek Digital Camera 2007!
Still Shot Camera, Video Camera And DVR!
All Built Into One Very Tiny, Slim And Savvy Unit!

Picture perfect for investigative and law enforcement use, our new generation TinyTek digital camera fits your needs like nothing else on the market because of the all-in-one investigative functions it performs! She starts out with a very high quality 2.0 mega pixel camera with an 8 X zoom that gives you time and date stamping on all your still photos. But that's just the start of the features of this amazing cutting-edge tiny and slim unit! It's also a powerful digital camcorder with 8 X zoom and a digital video recorder that lets you plug other covert video cameras into it. Easy to operate, this unit is really the all-in-one investigative surveillance unit you need! Take a look at these amazing specifications and features:

Massive functions:
• Portable DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
• Digital Still Camera (built-In)
• Digital Camcorder Function
• Digital Audio Recorder
• Movie Player
• MP3 Player
• MP4 Player
• E Dictionary
• E-Book
• E-Album
• PC camera
• U-disk
• Game Player
• Digital frame

Technical Specifications:
• New Generation High Definition
• High Definition 2.5 inch 16M color TFT display
• 320 X 240 pixel resolution
• 2.0 Mega pixel camera
• 8X digital zoom
• MPEG4 compression, VGA 640*480@30FPS, QVGA 320*240@30FPS
• Video recorder (Just plug any camera into TinyTek 2007)
• Support AVI, ASF and MOV video files and other formats -transformed to AVI format;
• Support MP3, WMA, WAV music format with lyric display and pre-configured EQ;
• Support JPEG format for photos review;
• Built-in microphone, and built-in speaker;
• Multilingual support as English and simplified Chinese
• A/V in and A/V out-Can plug cameras into it!
• Can record TV program directly to the PMP
• Can play video or audio on TV.
• Firmware upgradeable
• USB 2.0, high speed transferring
• SD/MMC card supported, extendable storage capacity to 2G
• Built-in powerful rechargeable Nokia 3100 battery

Settings include:
• TV out mode
• language selection
• LCD auto off and auto power off for power saving
• time display
• date display for photo capture
• keys sound on; my settings.
• Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, XP

• 3 1/4 inches X 2 1/4 Inches X 1/2 inch thick

Aside from the picture perfect still shots you obtain with this digital camera, you can also use it as.....

Use As A Portable Tiny DVR!
As a DVR with screen, this is one of the smallest units in the market place. You can hide it anywhere. Since it's small enough to fit in your pocket or hide just about anywhere on your body, it's ideal for capturing those all-important walk-by covert video clips! Since it comes with two free cameras that plug right into the unit, you have a complete kit and nothing else to buy at one low price!

Use As Camcorder!
This unit can also be used as a camcorder. You'll get an amazing 8 X zoom ability. Easy to operate, this unit is really the all-in-one investigative surveillance covert video unit!

Use As A High Grade Digital Audio Recorder!
Not only does your new high tech unit function as a DVR, camcorder, still camera and personal media center for your personal enjoyment, it can also function as a small digital audio recorder.

And Still More Functions!
Use to record and download TV programs. Use to store personal and professional digital still photos. Use to play games. Use as an E-album, E-dictionary, E-Book and PC Camera.

High Definition!
That is correct! This tiny multifunctional DVR is equipped with a high definition screen for the best playback you can get! Both the video and still photos are so sharp, it's almost like being there in person!

Fast USB 2.0 Transfer
With it's fast USB transfer, you can move files to and from the TinyTek 2007 including video, still photos, music files, audio recordings, PodCasts, or just about any other digital media.

Lots Of Memory! Supports Up To 2 GB SD Cards!
While a lot of the older pocket-sized DVRs would take SC cards, they can not read to and pull off of 2 GB cards. TinyTek HD DVR 2007 is different in that it can read 2 GB SD cards. In a matter of seconds, you can switch out the SD memory card and be ready for the next assignment or evidence capture, keeping your assignments separated by SD card. There is no need to really worry about memory since you can always keep extra SD cards around for when you need to obtain extensive footage or lots of still digital photos.

Ultra Low Power Consumption and Long Life Rechargeable
Li-ion Battery With Unique Charge Ability

You can charge up the long life battery by plugging it into a wall outlet or simply plugging the USB cable into your computer or notebook! Because of the low power consumption of TinyTek, the battery life is from 4 to 8 hours (depending on settings and functions). You can obtain standard extra li-ion batteries and have them charged and ready to go for even more life!

Easy To Use Button Functions
Other portable DVRs have some extra functions but you need to spend hours reading the manual and trying to figure out out to operate these units. TinyTek is very different. It's so easy to use, you can be using the unit right out of the box in a matter of minutes!

TinyTek DVR HD Is Upgradeable
An important advanced features of the new generation TinyTek DVR HD is that it is firmware upgradeable Many other DVRs in the market place have one firmware to make everything run and that's it! TinyTek DVR HD is firmware upgradeable! That means as new features, functions and advancements become available, you easily upgrade it!

Top Quality Professional End Results!
It's really amazing! These new generation ultra micro digital media recorders produce sharp, crystal clear high resolution end results with both video and still snap shots and they produce crystal clear audio recording! You will be amazed and live the end results.

We it comes to small pocket all-in-one digital cameras, this is the all-in-one savvy unit to have for all your digital still shot and video capture needs and you can also use it as an MP3/MP4 player as well as a pocket DVR you can plug other cameras into! You will love the slim and tiny size, the tiny price and the uses as well as advantages you will gain so get your TinyTek today!

TinyTek Digital Camera 2007! Only $195.00

1 GB SD card for DVR:One Card $69.95, 3 Cards Only $59.95 each
2 GB SD card for DVR: One Card $89.95, 3 Cards Only $79.95 each


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