Amazing Breakthrough In Digital Video And Photo Camera Technology for 2008!
New Generation Covert Video Pen/DVR Now With Up To 30 Hours Recording Time!

Video PenTek In Black!
Working Pen With Built In Digital Camera And Camcorder!

Now With 4 GB/30 Hours
Recording Time!
Take Covert Video
With This Amazing Pen!
1GB of memory and 1mega pixel
resolution built right into a working
Fast downloading and battery charging
through USB port!

It used to be merely a dream to have a working video video and DVR built into a working pen. However, amazing break-though nano technology has now made that dream a reality! This amazing devise is a high grade working pen that conceals a 1 mega pixel video camera and camcorder built right into it's top! Simply push one button to take to take video! This amazing PenCam has up to 4GB of memory built in which gives you up to 30 hours of recording time! You will find fast downloading of evidence to your PC through the USB connection. With the built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged simply by plugging the unit into your USB port, this little camera is amazing and simple to use. The battery will last for three hours when charged. You'll be in a position to take up to one hour of video or hundreds of still shots with this unique state-of-the-art unit.

Features And Specifications

• Working Pen Concealing A Video Digital Camera With DVR
• Amazing 1 Mega Pixels
• Rechargeable Battery through USB Port
• Video formate AVI
• One Hour Of Video Recording Or Hundreds Of Still Photos
• Easy One Button Operation.
• 2 GB (15 Hour) or 4 GB (30 Hour)
• Fast USB download!

• 4 GB (30 Hour) Pen/DVR
• USB Cable
• Car Cigarette Lighter Battery Charger
• AC Battery Charger
• USB Battery Charger
• Lipstick Lock Keychain holder
• CD Software

You can now carry around a high grade working pen that is also a digital camera and digital video camera with up to 4GB of memory built right into the pen! Never again will you miss an import evidence shot on anything.

Easy And Simple Covert Operation!
Simply push the button on the top of the pen and you have activated the video camera to start recording. Push button again and the video stops. Take the bottom working pen off the unit and a USB plug is revealed. Use the USB cable connection to download the video to your computer. To charge the battery, simply plug the pen into the USB port of your computer. Nothing like this has ever been on the market before!


The New Black 4 GB Video PenTek! Note The Photo Below!
Take The Writing Part Off The Pen, Place The Lipstick Lock Keychain Cap
On And You Have A Keychain Video Recorder/Camera With DVR!



New Generation And Best Buy!
30 Hour
Video PenTek Black 4 GB Model
Working Pen With Built In Digital Camera And Camcorder
Take Covert Video With This Amazing Working Pen!
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