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Covert Automatic Stationary Video At It's Best!

New For 2008- Low Lux cameras, Higher resolution, supports 8 Gig SD cards and auto power switching from 110/220 volts.

Completely Self Contained With Covert Camera, Digital Video Recorder Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping!

Up until now, stationary covert video required you to mess with time consuming wires or to contend with wireless connections that depended on good reception which didn't work half the time. All of these problems and time consuming tasks have been eliminated using the new generation StealthCam Covert Video Systems. By using our new patent pending covert video stealth recording technology, we have eliminated the requirement of additional recording equipment for a covert video system. These new generation self contained covert cameras feature motion detection, MPEG 4, 30FPS, JPEG images for even longer record time, and Time & Date stamping. For ease of storage the StealthCam™ records directly to a SD card! Place it, plug it in and your complete covert video recording system is ready to covertly video record the action when motion is detected with time and date stamping!

New And Improved!
The CovertTek Covert Video Camera is now better then ever with the New and improved Version 2.1 Feature: Low Lux cameras, Higher resolution, supports 8Gig SD cards and auto power switching from 110/220 volts.

Two easy ways to view the recording

TheCoverTek is the only unit on the Market today that can play back directly from the unit itself. Just connect the provided RCA Cable to any TV or Monitor to see what has been recorded or you can take the SD Card out of the unit, use the provided card reader, view the video right from a PC using Windows Media player. We have alleviated the need for any additional software. It’s just that easy. Capable of being built into different styles and featuring a knockout price, StealthCam™ is the only nanny cam you should stock.

• NEW-Version 2.1- 30 FPS 320 x 240 - 640x480
• video recording resolution up to 5 fps(1/2/3/4/5 fps) user selectable
• The motion trigger JPG up to almost 1 second a snapshot
• (Can be adjust -> SENSITIVITY -> HIGH -> FASTEST)
• Time & Date Stamp during Playback on Unit
• Video Format: MPEG-4
• Video Recording Modes: Manual / Motion Activation
• Playback Speed: 1x, 2x, 4x
• NEW CCD Black and White LOW LUX Camera .0001
• NEWCCD Color Camera LOW LUX .05
• NEW Supports up to an 8 Gig SD Card
• Firmware Upgradeable via SD Card
• NEW Switching power 110 top 220

• StealthCam™ Hidden Video Recorder System
• Remote Control
• USB SD Card Reader
• USB Extension Cable for Card Reader
• 512 MB SD Card
• Video Cable
• Instructiond

• 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 4 3/4


The Amazing Advantage Of The SD Card Memory System
Each time you develop video evidence with time and date stamping through motion activation, you can simply and quickly remove the card once a day or every couple of days and leave the StealthCam in place for more covert video evidence development by simply placing another SD card in the unit. You could be reviewing covert video evidence on one card while the camera is obtaining even more covert video evidence while your reviewing process is happening because you simply take the memory card out and leave the StealthCam in place for more covert video capture!

Completely Self Contained And A Total Covert Video System
Each CoverTek is totally covert and completely self contained. There is no need to worry about wireless connections or running video wire to a video recorder as everything; including a digital video recorder; is built right in. The camera goes on and off when motion is detected so it's always ready to covertly video record when the action happens. Each video evidence is time and date stamped so you know exactly when the evidence was captured.

Great For Any Room! Living Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Garage Or Anywhere!

Quick And Easy Setup!
These units are quick and easy to set up. Just place them and plug them in. The camera is run off the power cord built into the every day object.

New Generation Model for 2008
Now with a new hidden camera that gives you low light video recording and up to 20 hours of recording time with an 8 GB card, the CovertTek Cam is better than ever!

CovertTek - Handsome Mantel Clock Black & White Covert Video Camera System $499.00
CovertTek - Handsome Mantel Clock Full Color Color Covert Video Camera System $599.00


SD Memory Cards
1 GB SD card for DVR:One Card $39.95, 4 Cards Only $29.95 each
2 GB SD card for DVR: One Card $49.95, 4 Cards Only $39.95 each
4 GB SD card for DVR: One Card $69.95, 4 Cards Only $59.95 each
8 GB SD card for DVR: One Card $89.95, 4 Cards Only $79.95 each

Note: Substantial Dealer Discounts In Lots Of 3, 5, 10,
20, and 50 Call For Dealer Pricing!



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