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Stationary Covert Video!
Featuring StealthCams! Top Quality Covert Video Cameras With Built In Digital Video Recorders, Motion Activation And Time And Date Stamping

High Definition PI Portable Black Cam Kit! Four Models To Pick From!
• Tiny Pocket-Sized DVR • Wireless Full Color Pinhole Camera
• Wired Full Color Micro Pinhole Video Camera • High Mega Pixel Camcorder Built Into DVR
• High Mega Pixel Still Camera Built Into DVR • High Grade Audio Recorder
• FM Radio Receiver • Up To 14 Hours Video Recording Time In One Small Package!
• MP3 Player And High Definition Movie Player • World's Slimmest!

High Grade Bodywear Covert Video Camera Systems
Covert Video Cameras And Systems You Wear And Carry

High Quality Portable And Pocket Digital Video Recorders
You will love these new generation power models that take care of all
your covert video needs!

Micro Pinhole Cameras
The Very Best In Subminiature Video Cameras Wired, Wireless, Ultra Small And Zoom

High Tech GPS Tracking And Car Tracking
The Very Best In GPS Tracking In Small Portable Packages!

High Grade Digital Long Play Audio Recorders
Law Enforcement Grade Voice Activated And Automatic Telephone Tape Recorders!

Countermeasures! Bug And Wiretap Detection Gear
The Very Best In Low Cost Privacy Gear To Detect Bugs, Wiretaps And Video Cameras

Spy Cameras And Cool Spy Gadgets!
You Will Love This Low Cost Selection Of Super Spy Supplies!

Sound Amplification And Super Hearing!
Top Flight Professional Gear To Hear!

Miscellaneous Spy Gear, Self Defense And Personal Protection
High Grade Self Defense Products And Unique Spy Gear

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