• Built-in camera
• Digital recorder
• Rechargeable battery
• Recording at real-time
• Totally Camouflaged!
• 8 Hours Recording Time
• High Resolution And Frame Rate

The Recluse VideoTek Blackbox is a high end high resolution and high frame-rate covert video camera that you can not see with the naked eye with a built in video recorder with time and date stamping. It's specifically designed to avoid alertness by such products as pin-hole lens cameras as no one will notice the camera even inches away! The patented innovative Black Box records video under completely covert conditions without human eyes recognizing it as a video surveillance recorder and system.

1. DC Input 2. AV Output 3. AV Input 4. SD Slot
5. Power LED indicator 6. Playback LED indicator 7. SD Card LED indicator 8. Power On/Off


• State-of-art Innovative housing without pin-hole lens
• Built-in low lux CMOS camera
• • (adopt external camera input with power supply)
• View angle75 Degrees
• Mpeg-4 Codec
• Records audio and video at real-time 30/25fps (NTSC/PAL)
• 2GB SD card last averagely for 8 hours recording continuously
• Playback records on unit or using PC media player
• Built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery for at least 6 hours recording
• Operating through IR remote controller
• 10V DC output for external camera
• Easy operate OSD menu
• Functional LED indicators
• Optional SD-cards and Li-batteries are available

There in simply nothing else on the market like the Recluse VideoTek Black Box! For those totally covert and close up video surveillance operations, this is the totally self contained undetectable product to use! Covert video surveillance will never been the same without it! The first shipments will be sent in early March of 2007 so get your order in now as covert video operations for you will never be the same again!

Recluse VideoTek Black Box System
MSRP: $795.00 Limited Time Reduced Pricing $695.00

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