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Who Is Ralph Thomas
Ralph Thomas is author of over 32 books on various aspects of conducting investigations, founder and director of The National Association Of Investigative Specialists,CEO of Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc, The Spy Exchange And Security Center , The Spy And Private-Eye Museum , SpyTek Wholesale Imports and LawMate America. Thomas likes to promote Singer/Songwriter/Actress Jana Mashonee and is a huge fan and friend of hers. He has also developed A Native American Store in Georgetown Texas called Tribal & Western Impressions. The Georgetown store feeds a passion Thomas and his wife Barbara have for all things Native American, Western And Cowboy. Thomas calls them the only really true Americans.Thomas's latest project is NAIStv the online broadcasting station of NAIS because his vision is that in the near future, almost all TV will be viewed online and through the net. Thomas is considered an expert on conducting investigations, security issues, spying, spy history, Native American culture and is an avid history buff and news junkie. He resides with his wife who he calls the love of his life and his dogs who he treats like his children in the Austin, Texas area.


Inside The Spy Exchange And Security Center Showroom In Austin Texas

This Is What America Wants To See! -Ralph Thomas

"The human heart is corrupted by men of greed and with other hidden agendas. It's only the animals and dogs
we live on this earth with who have truely pure hearts. A man and a woman can best be judged by how they
treat the animal kingdoms we share this earth with and as a whole- that treatment by mankind is not very good
and God will some day be every human's personal judge on this! And therefore, in many ways, animals who walk
on this earth are much smarter and a higher form of life than us humans." -Ralph Thomas -2009

Thomas is also a proud member of The Texas Association Of Licensed Investigators (TALI), The International Counter- Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA) and The Association Of Christian Investigators (ACI)

NAIS Twittered News You Can Use


"Spying is the bravest and second oldest profession.
It involves a lot of smoke and a lot of mirrors. So does the oldest profession
and the two tend to have a lot in common. " - Ralph Thomas 2005


Watch The Video- Innovation - On The LawMate Cutting Edge 2016

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"Native Americans are the only true Americas and tend to have a purer heart than the rest of us.
In fact, after what the rest of us did, they should hate us but most of them do not! White people
no longer trust their government but we should of already known better and got it! But then
again, the rest of us are just cheap imports. All one would have had to do was ask a Native American.
History now proves that Goverments in general seems to not exist to help others as much as they
exist to help itself." -Ralph Thomas, 2007.

Tali Certificate Of Appreciation


At The 2012 International Conference Of Investigative Associations hosted By The
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), the outgoing President Kelly Riddle issued
and presented this certificate to Ralph Thomas On August 4th, 2012 which was his 61st birthday.
TALI also presented Barbara Thomas with the same award.

Ralph Thomas -Two Awards From Texas Association Of Licensed Investigators

ICTOA Radio Show

Ralph Thomas Special Two Hour Blog Talk Radio Show!
International Counter Terrorism Officer's Association - You Can Click Here To Access The Show Or Play Above.
Special Appearance By Jana Mashonee- The World's Greatest Singer/Songwriter!

Favorite Quotes And Simple Truths - From Ralph Thomas:
" Don't forget that we are all sinners and that includes you too!" - Ralph Thomas
"It is not wise to judge people because they sin differently than you do! " - Ralph Thomas
"Almost everything you see has a hidden motive and hidden agenda!" - Ralph Thomas
"Mere governments can make treaties but only people can make peace" -Ralph Thomas
"The truth almost always lies somewhere in the middle of two opposing views" -Ralph Thomas
"Silence is golden because he who is always talking never learns anything" -Ralph Thomas
"If you can not verify something, it makes it neither true nor false- just an unknown" -Ralph Thomas
"The truth can be twisted by knives to make a trap for fools" -Ralph Thomas
"Rumors are not facts, that's why they are called rumors" -Ralph Thomas
"No criminal record doesn't always mean no criminal! " -Ralph Thomas
"Parts of a puzzle are useful but can also distort a truth" -Ralph Thomas
"I trust in God, everything else needs verified!" -Ralph Thomas
"Few things are what they appear to be! " - Ralph Thomas
"You can forgive but don't forget." -Ralph Thomas
"Always follow the money!" - Ralph Thomas

Favorite Quotes Of Ralph Thomas:
"I stepped off the edge and did not fall" -Jana Mashonee
"Most bad government steams from too much government" -Thomas Jefferson
"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled
with falsehoods and errors." -Thomas Jefferson
" Some men see things as they are and ask why,
I see things that never were and ask why not," - Robert Kennedy
“Leadership is like a lady. If you have to tell someone you are, you aren't.” - From Michele Stuart
"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names" - John Kennedy
(Always Remember!) "Fear is the foundation of most governments" - John Adams
"You Become What You Think About" (So watch what you think) - Earl Nightingale
“ Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.” - Albert Einstein
“I've read the last page of the Bible, it's all going to turn out all right.” - Billy Graham

In Bandera Texas

In Bandera Texas -Cowboy Capitol Of The World -Where Ranch Hands Still Ride In To Town On Horses!

"Small Town America At It's Best - Bandra, Texas Population 957, Is One Of My Favorite
Places In Texas , - Where The Cowboys Of The Old West Live On!" - Ralph Thomas

"And the world is full of con men, cheats and criminals. That is exactly why the
private investigative profession thrives to catch them! " -Ralph Thomas 1998

"My friend Amy Yu made this and I like it" -Ralph Thomas!

John Carter

Ralph Thomas With US Congressman John Carter
"The orginal purpose of the man's necktie was a bib!" - Ralph Thomas

Music to Live By From My Great Friend Jana Mashonee
The Greatest Singer Walking On God's Green Earth Today!
"Enjoy! Music - Pics - Videos And Other Info" - Ralph Thomas

get music on iTunes

"Jana Mashonee is the world's greatest singer walking on God's green earth today!" -Ralph Thomas

GCIS Radio

FROM GCIS (NOTE: Click Graphics Above To Access Or Click Here
GCIS celebrates the 60th birthday of our NAIS Director, Ralph Thomas; with a special tribute to his wife,
our NAIS First Lady, Barbara Thomas. GCIS Director W. Edward Griffith and his wife Alysyn pay tribute to
Director Thomas, his wife, and their vision. HAPPY 60th!!!

A Photo Of Ralph Thomas And Jana Mashonee. A Photo Of Ralph And Barbara Thomas With Donny Osmond

" Celebrity status is like your age. You spend a great deal of energy moving forward to get there
and once you are, you wish you where not." -Ralph Thomas, 2005

SECURITYTeK NEWS WIRE (Click Here To Read SecurityTek Newswire Direct)

A Quick Photo Look - In Review!

Our Yearly Quick Year In Review From Ralph And Barbara Thomas!
We Are Blessed To Have Such Fine Friends And Business Associates And We Love You!

From Left To Right, Top To Bottom: Ralph With The Cast Of The TV Program, Cheaters, Barbara And
Michele Stuart (Jag Investigations) , Barbara In A New White Dress, Ralph Thomas With Blakeley And Stephanie (The Spy Chix) For a PR Photo Called "The Guns Of March!", Barbara Thomas With The Cast Of The Fab Four, Barbara Thomas With Our Favorite All Time Singer/ Songwriter/Actress Jana Mashonee, Ralph Thomas With Singer/Songwriter/Actress Jana Mashonee, Barbara Thomas In An Evening Dress, Ralph And Barbara Thomas On Their 25th Wedding Anniversary, The Spy Chix, Ralph Thomas, Jay J Armes, Jay J Armes Jr. and Ben Harroll As Sherlock Holmes at The World Investigator's Conference, Ralph And Barbara In Florida, Ralph And Barbara With The Captain Of The Solstice, Barbara Swimming With Dolphins, Ralph And Barbara Thomas With Donnie Osmond, Ralph And Barbara Thomas with internationally known artist Amado Peña, Ralph And Barbara Thomas With Donnie Osmond

PEN: NAIS Advanced Private Eye Network Opens
The National Association Of Investigative Specialists is happy to open this advanced network for private investigators, security and Intelligence professionals. Click Here To Learn More About it.

PEN or The Private Investigator's Network is a place where private investigators, security experts, Intelligence professionals, auto repossessors, bail recovery agents and professionals in related fields can come together in on an advanced networking system that is graphics rich. You can access and start forms, set up your own page with photos, music and videos, chat with fellow members and read important contact online. The system has slide show photos of the day along with music and videos and you enjoy. Several members have already started several forums such as the Skip Tracer's form. With your own page which you can customize, you will find this social networking system useful. There is a live chatroom for members and you can go private with any member that is on the system.

Within this advanced system you can also start your own group, have your own blog off your page, quickly contact other members within the system, review notes and have private online talks. This advanced system already has over 1,300 members on it.

Private Eye Network

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Ralph Thomas With One Of The Original Members Of The Singing Sensation, The Platters.
Member Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Spy Exchange And Security Center

Ralph Thomas' Spy Exchange And
Security Center Retail Store

Click Here To Access The Web Site

Tribal Impressions

Ralph Thomas' Tribal Impressions
A Native American Store In Georgetown, Tx
Click Here To Access The Web Site

Meet Two People Ralph Thomas Says Has Had A Profound Impact On His Life

Jay J Armes
Jana Mashonee

Meet Jay J Armes!
Click Here To Go To The Jay Armes Web Site
Click Here To Read Article About Jay J Armes
Click Here To Read Review About Jay J Armes Book!

Meet international Singing Sensation Jana Mashonee
Click Here To Go To The Jana Mashonee Web Site
Click Here To Read A Bio About Jana Mashonee
Click Here To Go To Ralph's Page On Jana Mashonee


Ralph's Wife: The Stunning Barbara Maikell-Thomas called by many as "The First Lady Of Private Investigation"
Ralph Calls Barbara The Love Of His Life And His Cherokee Lady With Class. They Are Almost Always Together
And Thomas Doesn't Want It Any Other Way.

Early NAIS Conference

Early NAIS Conference (in the 1980's) From Left To Right:
Norma Tillman, John Dolane, Ed Pankau, Ralph Thomas

What? Yea! It's True!

In Ralph Thomas's early years he was a Drummer in various bands in the Central Florida area including a band called The Cobras. The years was the late 1960's and early 1970's. His band played Beatles, Rolling Stones, Davie Clark Five, Ventura and Beach Boy tunes. This photo which was in a school yearbook is about all that physically remains of that time period but there was a time when everyone thought that Thomas would end up in the music business somehow.


Online News And Magazines I Read
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Updated On The Hour Every Hour 24 Hours
A Day-Seven Days A Week- 365 Days A Year!

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Thomas's Spy & Private-Eye Museum In Austin, Texas Opens!

Check Out The New Lawmate America Web Site

In Loving Memory
Checkers Thomas, NAIS Mascot

Checkers Thomas passed away of kidney and liver failure at 4:18 PM on March 21st, 2007. She was a very special companion of Ralph Thomas for 14 years. Checkers was always by Ralph's side. In the room where Ralph works, Checkers had her own special pillow she would set on while Thomas toiled away on his computer or talked on the phone. In the living room was another special checkers pillow she had while Ralph and Barbara watched TV. She also had her own special place and pillows inside the cabin on the Private-Eye, Thomas's boat.
Jay Armes Jr. , JJ Armes, and Ralph Thomas inside the
Spy And Private-Eye Museum in Austin. Read Ralph's Article: J J Armes My American Hero!
Ralph And Barbara Thomas With Texas
US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison


Ralph And Barbara At An Early NAIS Conference Many Moons Ago!

" In a world full of danger, terrorists, economic wows, war and hate - there is great hope through the music,
inspiration, love and actions of a one of the greatest singers and human helpers of all time, Jana Mashonee!
You will understand what I mean when you listen to this video! Barbara and I love Jana Mashonee
and we know that you will too so listen now, then go to her web site!" -Ralph Thomas

Jana Mashonee ~ Singing A Change Is Gonna Come!
Native American Music Awards: Jana wins NAMMY Song of the Year for "A Change Is Gonna Come"
The American Indian Film Festival held on November 15 in San Francisco, awarded
Jana and Stephan Best Music Video for her single “A Change is Gonna Come. "

Click Here To Read Jana Mashonee's Biography!
Click Here To Go To The Jana Mashonee Web Site:
Click Here To Go To Miss Molly Records

Jana Jewelry

Click Here To Review Something Very Special- The Jana Jewelry Line

A Personal Statement About Jana Mashonee From Ralph Thomas
As many of you know, Barbara and I have always been passionate about Native Americans and Native American Culture and you have often heard me remark that Barbara is the best looking woman who is part Cherokee! Well folks we have developed a relationship with the people at Miss Molly Records who has a rising star that is a singer/songwriter and actress who is Native American from the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. Her name is Jana Mashonee. Jana has had a successful singing career in the Indian Music market and is now considered one of the top performers in that market. She is now breaking out of the Indian Music Market and going mainstream and we need your help and support to take Jana all the way to the top and watch music history made. This will be the first time in the history of music that a Native American makes it all the way. Please come and join us in this exciting trip to the stars by helping Jana. You can do that by stopping in at her web site and buying her CDs and songs as well as join her fan club and Facebook page. Come and join us in this great journey because Jana my friends is going all the way to the top! -Ralph


Some Older Stories About Ralph Thomas And Some He Did
A Early 1990's Story That Appeared In Opportunity Magazine:
Different Drummer: Personal And Business Life Style Of Ralph Thomas
An Early 1990's Article Thomas Wrote About Freedom And Private Investigation That Appeared in Many PI Newsletters
The Famous Denver Post Article That Appeared Right As The Monica Lewinski Story Was Breaking
A New York Times Article About Thomas's Web Sites That Ran In 1997
Someone Could Be Eavesdropping! An Article That Appeared In The Austin-American Statesman
Red Flags Of Eavesdropping Thomas Wrote in the 1990's That Appeared In Dozens Of Security Trade Journals
12 High Threats To Corporate Espionage That Appeared In Many Investigative And Security Association Newsletters


Video Presentations Shot On Location For The TNT TV Mini Series The Company
On Location At The Spy Exchange And Security Center And The Spy And Private Eye Museum
Click Here To Stop In At The TNT Web Site
Note: These Videos Require QuickTime To View Them. Click Here To Download Apple's QuickTime Video Player
Good News! If You Missed TNTs Mini Series, The Company, Click Here To Order The DVD From Amazon!

The Minifone Wire Recorder, 1940/s/1950's
Click Here To Watch The Video
Click Here To See An Online Display
The First Cigarette Lighter Camera 1960s. Click Here To Watch The Video. Click Here To See An Online Display

Ralph D. Thomas In The Press

Ralph Thomas Has Appeared In The Following News Media Sources

Barbara Thomas With Inspector Gadget
Click Here To Go To Gadget's Web Page

Ralph Thomas Aboard His Yacht
The Private-Eye With Checkers
Click Here To Go To Check's Web Page

Other Members Of The Thomas Household


The Private-Eye! Ralph Thomas's Second Home for Years!
There was a period in time when Barbara Thomas had to drive out to the lake and talk
Ralph Thomas and his K-9 companion Checkers off the boat. Thomas set the boat up as an office and
"worked" on it for a time. Sometimes he would be on-board for weeks at a time.

Ralph Thomas's Other Passion You Might Not Know About!

Tribal And Western Impressions -

Tribal And Western Impressions And Indian Village - Click Here To Go There

Note:You Can Also Click On Logo Graphics In Photo Above To Go To That Section.

A Real Store And Showroom In Georgetown, Texas - Where The Old West Lives On!
Cowboy, Cowgirl, Indian And Western Wear You Will Love Featuring The J4 West Line!
We Are Happy To Announce Tribal And Western Impressions Is The Exclusive Premier Distributor
For The J4 West Collection- The Famous Line Of Coats, Jackets, Vests, Skirts And Shawls -In The Austin Texas Area.
Also Specializing In Navajo Turquoise And Sliver Jewelry, Western Wear And Art! Replica And Blank Firing Guns!
Huge Selections Of: Western And Southwestern Hand Made Coats, Jackets, Shirts,Vests, Western Blazers,
Moccasins, Western Gear, Rodeo Clothing, Turquoise, Jewelry, Belts, Belt Buckles, Cowboy Stuff, Indian
Goods, Paintings, Art, Decor, Drums, Dream Catchers, War Bonnets, Cowboy Hats, Wallets,
Purses, Leather Goods, Painted Ponies, Decor, Music CDs, Old Photos, Books, And A Whole Lot More!
Note: Please Be Advised That Everything We Carry Is Not Native American
Made And We Carry Products From Around The World With A Western And Indian Flare!
Note That We Carry Famous Brands Known For High Grade Material And Workmanship Such as:
Handmade Navajo Turquoise And Silver Jewelry, Scully Leather And Old West Wear,
Stylish Cripple Creek Clothing And The Extensive Line Of Minnetonka Moccasins & Sandals
And J4 West- The Famous Name In Western Wear With Indian Flair And Stetson Hats- Since 1865!

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