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      Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559



      TELEMATICS-ONLINE RESEARCH & INVESTIGATION: J. Ryan Winter: 427-4246 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4S3R9 Phone 306-352-3533 License 5627 Email: ryan.winter@telematics-online.com Web site: https://www.telematics-online.com

      Investigative Services: Corporate, legal, insurance, domestic, digital forensic.


      INVESTATEC SYSTEMS, LTD: Darryl, T. Tedford: 104 1240 Kensington Rd, NW, Ste 325, Calgary, AB Canada T2N 4X7 PHone 403-512-6772 Email: contact@investatec.com Web site: https://www.investatec.com License ALBERTA PA 46934.07.2011

      Investigative Services: General investigations, infidelity, child custody

      CPA INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS, INC.: John R. Pisarski: 268-19567 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC Canada V3s9a4 Phone 604-838-6600 License B4620 Email: john@cpaiii.com Web site: https://www.cpaiii.com

      Investigative Services: Covert operations, aquatic investigations, surveillance, executive profilling, investigations, electronic surveillance systems.


      MISSING LINK SERVICES, LTD: Neil Rampersad: 333-701c 120th St, Delta, BC V4E2A9 Canada Phone 604-543-4697 Email: info@missinlink.bz Web site: https://www.missinglink.bz

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, insurance investigation, litigation support, covert security.


      MISSING LINK SERVICES, LTD: RACHEL BAKER: 333-701c 120th St, Delta, BC V4E2A9 Canada Phone 604-543-4697 Email: info@missinlink.bz Web site: https://www.missinglink.bz

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, insurance investigation, litigation support, covert security.


      ABET INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS, LTD.: Ray H. Williams: P.O. Box 2286, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4X2 Canada, Phone 604-850-1125 License BC00032 Email: abetpi@telus.net

      Investigative Services: Personal injury, locates, due diligence, environmental investigations, criminal defense.


      VENARI INVESTIGATIONS, INC.: Bettina Evans: #679-1755 Robson St, Vancouver, BC Canada V6G3B7 Phone 778-881-3159 Email: bettina@venari-investigations.com License E70392 Web site: https://www.venari-investigations.com

      Investigative Services: Insurance fraud, corporate fraud, internal theft, marine investigations, litigation support services, criminal investigations, background investigations, & witness locates & interviews.


      INTERGLOBE INVESTIGATION SERVICES, INC.: Philip Moriarity: 220-3665 Kingsway St., Vancouver, BC Canada v5r5w2 Phone 604-805-3220 Mobile 604-376-9071 Fax 866-354-8172 Email: info@intergloveinvestigate.com Web site: https://www.interglobeinvestigate.com License B2932

      Investigative Services: Full service, homicide, serius crimes.


      ABET INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS LTD: Raymond H. Williams P.O. Box 2286 Abbotsford British Columbia V2T 4X2 Phone: 604-850-1125 Email: abetpi@gmail.com Website: https://www.abetinternational.com License: BC 0062

      Investigative Servicess: Due Dilgence Environmental, Insurance Defense Locates, Personal Injury.


      W.I.S.: Romeo Mancini: 5060 Tecumseh Rd, E. #1213, Windsor, ON Canada N8T 1C1 Phone 519-966-0000 Email: pi@windsorinvestigation.com Web site: https://www.windsorinvestigation.com

      Investigative Services: Insurance fraud & workers comp, video surveillance.


      PI-CANADA: Michael D. Livingstone: 871 Ottawa St, Unit 100, Windsor, ON Canada N8X2C9 Phone 51940996 License 057487 Email: mlivingstone@pi-canada.com Web site: https://www.pi-canada.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, locates, undercover investigations, legal support, insurance investigations.


      LISA D. BELISLE: 2006 Craig Rd, Innisfil, Ontario, Canada L9S1T2 Phone 705-718-2827 License 10798694 Email: belisle@rogers.com

      Investigative Services: Private Investigation.


      OMACHRON SCIENCE INC.: Garry Burns: 9 King Ln, P.O. Box 91, Hampton, ON Canada L0B1J0 Phone 905-263-2805 ext 3333 Email: gburns@omachron.com

      Investigative Services: Harassment investigation, health & safety investigation, background screening, corporate security.


      INTERNAL AFFAIRS: Cullen Johnson: 6-489 Timothy St, Newmarket, ON, Canada l3y6mz Phone 888-711-9994 License 294330 Email: info@internalaffairs.ca Web site: https://www.internalaffairs.ca

      Investigative Services: Due diligence, general inv, background & asset identification, & location investigations.


      INSIGHT INVESTIGATIONS, INC: Nicholas J. Corrado, 2201 Brant St., Ste 103, Burlington, ON, Canada L7P3N8. Phone: 905-335-8741 Email: ontarioinvestigator@gmail.com Website: https://www.ontarioinvestigator.com License Number: 000726

      Investigative Servicess: infidelity, custody & access, disability & WSIB Fraud, Surveillance, background checks, labor disputes.


      RKW & ASSOCIATES: Ross K. Willett: 160 Murray St #216 Brampton Ontario L6X 3C8 Phone: 647-980-7489 Email: rkw42@hotmail.com

      Investigative Servicess: Security Consultant, Privite Investigations, Executive Protection.


      BLACKHAWK INVESTIGATIONS: Stephen W. Cundy 24631 Stalker Line West Lorne Ontario, Canada N0L 2P0 Phone: 519-2216 Email: blackhawk007@live.ca License: 71589

      Investigative Servicess: Criminal Investigations, Criminal Harassment, Organized Retail Crimes.


      CAYMAN INVESTIGATIONS: Paddy Savage 75 John St Kingston,Ontario Canada K7K1T1 Phone: 315-777-7678 Email: hillierobrien12345@gmail.com

      Investigative Servicess: Missing Person, Cayman Islands Insurance Fraud.


      MBSM INVESTIGATIONS: Benoit Rondeau: 2555 Angelique, Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada, J7M 2B8 Phone 514-661-4779 Email: jbenoit22981@yahoo.ca

      Investigative Services: Investigations, skip tracing, K9.



    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559