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      Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559




      ICU Special Investigation Specialist Corp

      745 siesta Key Circle
      Deerfield Beach, FL.
      Company Phone Number: (954)-229-5066
      Company Fax Number: (954)-725-8848


      A-1 Investigative Agency
      2500 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 206 Hollywood, FL 33020
      Contact: Samuel Streiner
      (954) 929-1919
      (800) 830-6064
      Email: a1pi@bellsouth.net

      Investigative Services: Provides Full Service Information Research, Workman's Compensation Cases, Business Profiles, Polygraph Services, Legal Consulting, Maritime Specialists, Surveillance, Undercover Operations Crime Prevention Surveys, Insurance Fraud, Electronic Debugging, and Fraud and White Collar Crime Investigations.


      ATT Investigations
      P.O. Box 25831
      Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33320
      (954) 733-4005
      (800) 733-4405
      (954) 677-0562 FAX
      Email: webmaster@attloss.com

      Investigative Services: General Investigative Work.


      Brown & Depp, LLC
      5227 East Colonial Drive
      Orlando, FL 32807
      Contact: Robert Brown
      (407) 275-1104
      (407) 380-0475 FAX
      Email: mailto:%20uspy@magicnet.net

      Investigative Services: A broad range of services including, but not limited to, Criminal & Civil Cases, Insurance Fraud, Trademark Infringement, Runaways, Workman's Compensation, Marital Matters, Medical Malpractice, Missing Persons, Pre-Trial Investigations, Negligence, and Undercover Operations.



      National Research Specialists, Inc.
      P.O. Box 92542
      Lakeland, FL 33804
      (941) 686-5714
      (800) 840-9149
      Contact: Russ Heiser
      Email: report@gte.net

      Investigative Services: NRS is a Full-Service Research Agency, Intelligence Information Broker and Private Investigative Agency.


      Prime Information Brokers, Inc.
      P.O. Box 3028
      Boynton Beach, FL 33424-3028
      Contact: Arnold Scarpati
      (561) 740-9040
      (800) 837-76-7
      (561) 740-1644 FAX
      Email: eriarn@ix.netcom.com

      Investigative Services: A Full Service Investigative Agency Providing Management Consulting Services & Reports Targeted to Answering Your Specific Needs Economically, Swiftly, and Comprehensively.


      RJD Unlimited Investigations
      Miami Lakes, FL
      Contact: Ronald Drury
      (800) 554-7135
      Email: ronalddrury@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance/Videotaping, Complete Background Checks, Witness Locates, Comprehensive Activity Checks, Asset Searches and Pre-Employment Background Checks
      Florida License # A 8500054

      Maya and Maya, Inc.
      351 Minorca Avenue
      Coral Gables, FL 33134
      Contact: Daniel Maya
      (305) 447-3010
      (305) 447-3010 FAX
      Email: dmaya@mayaandmayainc.com

      Investigative Services: We provide all types of Claims Investigations, Domestic Investigations, Surveillance, Missing Persons Investigations and Notary Services.


      Universal Investigations
      4185 W. Lake Mary Rd Lake Mary, FL 32746
      Contact: Michael Joseph
      (407) 999-7715
      (480) 247-5013 FAX Email:

      Investigative Services: We provide Armed Personnel Protection and all types of Investigative Services throughout the State of Florida.


      The Cantrell Group
      955 W. Lancaster Road
      Suite 375
      Orlando, Florida 32809-5868
      (407) 345-0435
      Contact: PJ "Jo" Cantrell
      Investigative Services: General Investigations, training and education of PI's, and President of PI Association of Florida.


      Intelligence Network, Inc.
      PO Box 727
      Clearwater, FL 34617-0727
      Contact: Bruce Ullman

      Email: Bruce@intnet.net

      Investigative Services: Countermeasures, skip tracing, asset and pre-employment backgrounds.


      North American Investigations
      P.O. Box 271322
      Tampa, Florida 33688
      Contact: Thomas K. Crowley
      (813) 962-2435
      (813) 963-1485 FAX
      Email: investigator@iname.com

      Investigative Services: Certified Fraud Examiner, Pre-Employment, Backgrounds, General Investigations, and Expert Witness.


      Island Investigations
      P.O. Box 58262
      St. Petersburg, FL. 33715-8262
      Contact: Linnea Sinclair-Bernadino
      (813) 864-9125
      (813) 864-9499 FAX
      Email: LinneaFL@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Backgrounds, Assets, Pre-Employment, Locates, Personal Injury/Insurance.


      DABco Investigations, Inc.
      3745 NE 171st ST
      Suite 58
      North Miami Beach, FL 33160
      Contact: David Cooper
      Phone: (305) 949-5897
      (305) 949-7001 FAX
      Email: dabco@juno.com

      Investigative Services: Locates, Surveillance, Domestic, Marine, and General Investigations.


      Atlas Information Services, Inc.
      P.O. Box 463
      Aripeka, FL 34679
      Contact: CJ and Jenny Bronstrup
      (352) 666-4371
      (352) 666-4373 FAX
      Email: atlasinc@innet.com

      Investigative Services: Books, Software & Database Searches for Investigators, Collectors & Information. Publisher of the Gator Gazette Newsletter for PIs.


      International Investigative Associates
      1461 SW 12 Ave
      Suite F
      Pompano Beach, FL 33069
      Contact: Gary Cohen
      (954) 726-9685
      (954) 726-8959 FAX
      Email: heatgain@igc.net

      Investigative Services: Background Investigations, Surveillance, Locates, Skip Trace, Missing Persons, and General Investigations.


      Verbatim Investigative Services, Inc.
      2400 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 253
      Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
      Contact: Michael Salvati
      (954) 389-6485 or (800) 750-4231
      (954) 349-0635 FAX
      Email: mas211@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Locating missing people, surveillance, MVR and vehicle reports, criminal histories, armed body guard service, civil and criminal work.


      A Action Investigations and Security, Inc.
      20801 Biscayne Blvd., #426
      Aventura, FL 33180
      Contact: Eric or Aileen Berger
      (305) 933-9576
      (305) 933-9086
      Email: aaction@bridge.net

      Investigative Services: Civil, Criminal, & Trademark Protection, and Background Searches.


      EX-CEL Investigations
      P.O. Box 22124
      St. Petersburg, FL 33742
      Contact: Claude E. Lavaron, III
      (813) 527-5440
      (813) 573-4848 FAX
      Email: excel@digital.net

      Investigative Services: Legal and Corporate Investigative Services and Service of Process. Locates, asset searches, background Investigations, Accident Investigations, Surveillance, Courthouse Searches, Corporate Investigations, Civil Investigations, and Product Liability.


      Investigations & Security Agency
      12319 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite 294
      Orlando, FL 32837-6560
      Contact: David Chapman
      (407) 438-6022
      (407) 438-1719 FAX
      Email: None

      Investigative Services: General Investigative work, specializing in locating Friends and Family.


      Locators International, Inc.
      2435 S. Ridgewood Avenue
      South Daytona, FL 32119
      Contact: Harvey E. Morse
      (904) 760-5000 or (800) 410-4347
      (904) 760-6400 FAX or (800) 410-5665 FAX
      Email: harvey@probate.com

      Investigative Services: Specializing in locating missing people, primarily heirs to estates. Offices and correspondents worldwide.


      Robert J. Kerr
      P.O. Box 15510
      Spring Hill, FL 34609
      Contact: Robert J. Kerr
      (352) 666-2297
      (325) 666-9381 FAX
      Email: pibob@niven.insweb.net

      Investigative Services: Facility Security Surveys and Audits, Design Security Systems, Anti-counterfeiting and General Investigations.


      Henry & Associates Investigations
      6177 CR 625
      Bushnell, FL 33513
      Contact: Kevin Henry
      (352) 793-7396
      (352) 793-8156 FAX
      Email: ace@gldnet.com

      Investigative Services: A General Investigative Agency, doing mostly locates and surveillance. Also do background investigations, civil cases and public defender cases.


      Federated Investigations
      3630 NW 85th Way, Suite 102
      Sunrise, FL 33351
      Contact: Steven Katz
      (954) 742-7363
      (800) 290-1965 FAX
      Email: peye@mindspring.com

      Investigative Services: General Investigative Services


      Investigators, Inc.
      12000 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 305
      Miami, FL 33181
      Contact: Ted Borck
      (305) 892-0925 or (800) 543-3329
      (305) 892-6385 FAX
      Email: email@investigatorsinc.com

      Investigative Services: Full service investigations


      William A. Tavernise, Jr. Investigations
      1128 Royal Palm Beach Blvd., PMB 413
      Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
      Contact: Bill Tavernise
      (561) 790-4766
      (561) 790-0036
      Email: PBPI@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, Criminal/domestic investigation, Skip tracings, Background investigation, Retail theft/loss prevention, Process service, National Database.


      Intel'Quest Investigations
      3185 Cypress Green Drive
      Palm Harbor, FL 34684
      Contact: David Chazen
      (813) 786-6541 Voice & FAX
      Email: cinvest@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Full Service Investigations, Retail Loss Prevention and Integrity Shops, Surveillance, Assets, Backgrounds, Pre-Employment and Data Base Searches.


      ICDA Investigations
      3010 NW 17th Avenue
      Miami, FL 33142
      Contact: Joe Diaz or Nancy Delgado
      (800) 491-ICDA
      (888) 491-ICDA FAX
      Email: icda2@bellsouth.net

      Investigative Services: Full service agency offering Civil Litigation Support, Surveillance Services for Individuals and Institutions, Locates and Missing Persons Investigations, Nationwide Research Capabilities, Professional Security Consulting and Corporate Investigations. Statewide coverage in Florida.


      Reed & Company Investigations
      P.O. Box 211141
      Daytona Beach, FL 32121-1141
      Contact: Stephen Reed
      (904) 424-7300 Office & FAX
      Email: reedcompany-pi@mindspring.com

      Investigative Services : Worldwide full service investigative firm. Specializing in Missing persons and Children. Personal Protection and Parental Abductions of Children. Skip Tracing and Background Checks. Computer Intelligence and Insurance Fraud. Detailed Reports and Expert Testimony in all cases. Armed Executive Protection and Courier Services. Secure and Armored Vehicles available. We offer a large selection of High Tech Security Equipment that can be purchased from our company and shipped direct to your door.
      Florida License Numbers : A9900155 / C9900382  


      Accurate Data Service
      520 S.W. 15th Street, Suite 203
      Pompano Beach, FL 33060
      Contact: Richard Callahan
      (305) 781-6604
      Email: rwc@acudata.com

      Investigative Services: Pre-employment Screening, Background Investigations and People Finder.


      Proteck Investigative Solutions, Inc.
      20928 Avenu Run
      Boca Raton, FL
      Contact: Greg or Jerri
      (561) 261-4697 or (954) 410-6940
      (954) 943-3175 FAX
      Email: protecksolution@bellsouth.net

      Investigative Services: We handle all types of Investigative Services!


      Central Florida Investigators
      PO Box 947805
      Maitland, FL 32771
      Contact: Jane Blaylock
      (407) 324-2525
      (407) 324-2527 FAX
      Email: janeblaylockpi.com

      Investigative Services: We provide all types of Investigative services. Please see our Web site for a detailed list of services offered.


      BOB BROWN: Brown And Associates, 1516 East Colonial Drive Suite 201 ~ Orlando, FL 32803 ~ Phone: 407.275.1104 ~ Fax: 407.380.0475
      Web site: https://www.pibrown.com/ Email: bainc007@bellsouth.net

      Investigative Services: NAIS expert certified in Domestic Investigations.


      HARVEY MORSE: LOCATORS INTERNATIONAL: 2435 S. Ridgewood Avenue, South Daytona, FL 32119, Phone: (386) 760-5000, Fax: (386) 760-6400, Toll Free: 1-800-410-4347 E-mail: harvey@probate.comWeb site: https://www.www.probate.com

      Investigative Services: NAIS expert certified in missing heirs.



      TALAR & COMPANY: Chris M. Talar: P.O. Box 640098 Beverly Hills,FL 34464 Phone 352-527-7099 Email: ctalar@tampabay.rr.com License: A2600355:

      Investigative Servicess: Forensic Services, Document Examination,Fingerprints,Surveillance


      A-TEAM INVESTIGATIONS: Victor J. Daniels: 1503 Chepacket St, Brandon, FL 33511 Phone 203-581-3381 License FLA C1000382 Email: vdhd@sbcglobal.net

      Investigative Services: Video surveillance, insurance claim verification, personal protection.


      NJM INVESTIGATIONS: Nicholas J. Marando: 3641 Turtle Run Blvd, Ste 911, Coral Springs, FL 33067 Phone 954-448-1054 License FL A2600436 Email: nmarando@myacc.net Investigative Services: counter surveillance specialist, personal protection, domestic, civil, criminal.



      RICK RAYMOND INVESTIGATIONS: Rick Raymond, 2665 N. Atlantic Avenue, #318, Daytona Beach, FL 32118. License: A2200315. Phone: 904-273-0557. Web site: https://www.RickRaymondPI.com EMAIL: Rick@RickRaymondPI.com

      Investigative Services: Professional Investigative Services for Legal, Corporate, Insurance. Member PSA, WCCP, SPSA.

      ANGEL RICARDO: 2053 NW. 79th Ave. Appt #11930 Doral FL 33122 License# CC2500670 Phone 786-462-4243 Email sipscr@gmail.com Web site https://www.sipscr.com

      Investigative Services: Private Investigator, NRA Firearm Instructor and Renewal.


      A1A INVESTIGATION & PROTECTION SERVICE: 4501 Golf Ridge Drive, Elkton FL 32022 (904) 540-9606 voice (904) 810-5347 facsimile lcatron@a1ainvestigations.com License CC2900280

      USIL INVESTIGATIONS, INC.: Yossef Melamed: 5201 Ravenswood Rd, Ste 118, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 Phone 954-397-4790 License C2900315 A2900264 Email: jesse@us-ilinvestigations.com Web site:https://www.us-ilinvestigatios.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, skip trace, financial investigations, surveillance camera installation, world wide investigations, background checks.


      GARVIE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, INC: William H. Garvie: 315 Shell Ave S.E., Fort Walton Bch, FL 32548 Phone 850-243-6702 Fax 858-796-2431 Cell 850-621-2224 License A1000288 Email; wgarvie@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Background investigations, fraud, general matters, legal, motor vehichle accidents, oc, wcc, product liability.


      ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency: Serving the Orlando Florida and surrounding areas. RJ McCurry, 3613 Trout Av, Fruitland Park, FL 34731. Phone: (342) 460-0926 or (843) 297-1526. Web Site: https://www.aceinvestigates.com Email: rmccu7773@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Investigations of any nature. Surveillance, Video documentation, Florida Licenses: A 1000202, C 1000393, and D 1000202


      INFINITY INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Ronald Feria: 172 W. 17 St, Hialeah, FL 33010 Phone 305-910-6749 License A2400150, Email: corpusdelicti8@gmail.com

      Investigative Services: All types of investigative work.


      Pat Diaz & Associates: Pat Diaz: 2711 Montevido Ave, Hollywood, FL 33026: Phone 305-951-0913 Email: patdiaz@patdiazpi.net Website: https://www.patdiazpi.net License: A1100032

      Investigative Servicess: Civil/Criminal Investigations, Medicare Fraud Expert, Witness Homicide Investigations.


      Carlos R. Tolentino 3600 Monroe Street Apt2 Hollywood,FL 33021 Phone: 305-528-6720 Email: carlostolentino@live.com License: C1100550

      Investigative Servicess: Surveillance, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Fall, General Investigations.


      MYSTERIOUS REALITY INVESTIGATIONS: Doyle Watson: P.O. Box 334, Inglis, FL 34449 Phone 352-897-6213 License A-2900147 Email: doylewat@mysteriousreality.net Web site: https://www.mysteriousreality.net

      Investigative Services: Background checks, surveillance, criminal inv, civil, domestic, public official corruption situations & civil rights violations.


      RAFAEL CASTRO-LEON: 8904 Castle Rock Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32221 Phone 904-786-0371 License C2200955 Email: rafaelcastroleon@bellsouth.net

      Investigative Services: Surveillance safety consultant, VIP protedction, undercover, infidelity, due diligence, asset/skip tracing, missing persons.


      PRESTIGE INVESTIGATIONS FIRM, INC: Kimberly DeJesus 6114-2 Goodman Rd. Jacksonville,FL 32244 Phone: 904-476-7470 Email: prestigeinvestigations@msn.com License: A1200246

      Investigative Servicess: Fraud, Surveillance, Skip Trace, Workers Comp., Missing Person, Armed Body Guard.


      24/7 INVESTIGATION GROUP, INC: Brian Adams 1080 Cypress Parkway unit 1137 Kissimmee.FL 34759 Phone: 407-569-8587 Email: adamsbrian007@gmail.com Website: https://www.247investigationgroup.com License: C 1100310

      Speicalizations: Insurance Fraud, Identify Theft, Background Investigations.


      MOORE INVESTIGATIVE GROUP: Terry W. Moore: P.O. Box 41, Lake Alfred, FL 33850-0041 Phone 863-557-4431 License A2900129 Web site: https://www.mooreinvestigativegroup.com Email: mooreinvestigativegroup@hotmail.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, process service, missing persons, background checks, infidelity, skip trace, insurance fraud, asset search, witness statements, personal protection.


      BAUGHN INVESTIGATIONS: Willard Baughn 4452 NW Wisteria Dr Lake City,FL 32055 Phone: 386-984-0499 Email: wilbaughn@gmail.com License: FL C 2100687 Investigative Servicess: Background, Skip Tracing, General Investigations.

      MANHEIM: Mark Maxwell: 8025 St. Rd 33N, Lakeland, FL 33809 Phone 863-984-7649 License D2525131 Email: mark.maxwell@manheim.com Web site: https://www.manheim.com

      Investigative Services: Corporate security, auto theft, executive protection, anti terrorism, property protection.


      DISCREET PROTECTION SERVICES: Steve Kavashansky: 3044 S. Military Trl, Lake Worth, FL 33426 Phone 561-374-3561 License A2900245 Email: info@discreetprotection.org Web site: https://www.discreetprotection.org

      Investigative Services: Criminal investigations, surveillance, protection, lie detection.


      NEWCOMB PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS: Peter Lazar P.O. Box 540207 Lake Worth, FL 33454-0207 Phone: 561-439-5409 Email: newcombpi@gate.net License: A1100243

      Investigative Servicess: General.


      PERSISTENT PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATION INC.: Thomas E. Jones: 6523 Fletch Rd, Land O Lakes, FL 34637 Phone 813-380-0921 License A1100007 Email: talloak4@msn.com Investigative Services: Nursing homes abuse case.


      GREGORY'S PRIVATE INVESTIGATION COMPANY:Donald B.Gregory 800 Lakeshore Drive, Leesburg, FL 34748. Phone: 352-326-8672. Email gregorypi@embarqmail.com License#A2600390. Investigative Services Background,Missing Persons, Criminal,Domestic and Surveillance.


      CENTRAL FLORIDA INVESTIGATORS: Jane Blaylock P.O. Box 947805 Maitland, FL 32794 Phone: 407-324-2525 Email: janeblaylockpi@aol.com Web Site: https://www.centralfloridainvestigations.com License # A-2400329

      Investigative Services: background investigations, asset searches, criminal investigations, corporate investigations, identity theft assistance.


      PRIME INVESTIGATIONS, LLC Rhonda Dykes: 3357 Bevia Rd, Marianna, FL 32446 Phone 850-526-3810 License FL A1000234 Email: rdykes@primeinvestigate.com Web site: https://www.primeinvestigate.com Investigative Services: Skip tracing/location.


      JOSE R. HERNANDEZ: 36 NE 1st Ste 927, Miami, FL 33132, Phone 305-377-0950 License C1000281 Email: adrian0961@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Private investigation & security.


      K&K INVESTIGATIONS: Robert Ian Gonzalez, Jr.: 015228 S.W 169 Ln, Miami, FL 33187 Phone 305-909-5904 Email: robertian.gonzalezjr@yahoo.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, mortgage fraud, domestic violence, infidelity.


      IVAN HADFEG: 19550 Cypress Ct., Miami Lakes, FL 33015 Phone 866-713-9992 License A-2300375 B-2300214 DS 27000258 K2800, Email: lhadfeg@aol.com Web site: https://www.templargroup.com

      Investigative Services: Law enforcement firearm instructor, protective services, high value transport, corporate investigations & security services & consulting.


      ALL AMERICA INVESTIGATIONS, INC.: Jorge M. Alonso: 7729 Grandview Blvd, Miramar, FL 33023 Phone 954-553-4977 License A2700096 Email: alonsoj007@aol.com Web site: https://www.allamericainvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Attorney support, criminal & civil caes, surveillance, insurance defense, missing persons, fraud, employee dishonesty cases, backgrounds.


      CALVAR & ASSOCIATES, INC.: Jack Calvar: 14264 SW 156 Ave, Miami, FL 33196 Phone 786-877-9632 Email: jack.calvar@calvarandassoc.com Web site: https://www.calvarandassoc.com License A1000074

      Specialzation: Mortgage fraud, healthcare fraud, criminal defense.


      GUERRERO BAIL BONDS: Alvaro G. Sarmiento 20300 SW 144 Ave Miami,FL 33189 Phone: 786-587-0187 Email: alguer59@yahoo.com License: C260090B

      Investigative Servicess: Surety Agent, Criminal Investigator.


      LIGHTHOUSE RECOVERY AGENCY: Abel Santos, P.O. Box 1359, Mulberry, FL 33860-1359. Phone: 888-528-4565 Fax: 813-200-4107 Email: pirev@tampabay.rr.com Website: https://www.lighthouserecoveryagency.net License Number: A-2700101, C-2700194

      Investigative Services: accidents- aircraft, environmental, industrial, vehicle, watercraft;. Accidental, Wrongful death; personal injury;life insurance claims;missing persons, criminaldefense, judgment recovery, background checks, domestic, service of process, abuse and fraud.

      KNIGHT INVESTIGATIONS, INC.: Joseph Epifanio: 4415 13th Ave SW, Naples, FL 34116 Phone 239-825-6161 Email: jepifanio@easyinfo.com Web site: https://www.knightinvestigations.com License C2301093


      SAUNDERS INVESTIGATIONS: Sandra Saunders P.O. Box 8212 North Port, FL 34290 Phone: 941-468-0167 Email: sandra8saunders@gmail.com Website: https://www.saundersinvestigations.com License: A2900093

      Investigative Servicess: Surveillance, Workers Compensation, Infidelity.


      WEBSTER'S INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, LLC: Leon "Beau" Webster, 10223 Woodville Hwy, Tallahassee, FL 32305. Phone: 850-421-9327 Cell: 850-251-7952 Fax: 850-421-5433 Email: websters@embarqmail.com Website: https://www.websterpi.com License Number: C-2600721

      Investigative Services: criminal, personal background checks, domestic, workers comp, bodyguard, and process service.


      DEFAULTLINK, INC.: Angela E. Becker: 3185 Conway Rd, Ste E, Orlando, FL 32812 Phone 877-737-4155 License TX867380, C2000774 Email: angieb@defaultlink.com Web site: https://www.defaultlink.com

      Investigative Services: Skip tracing.


      L H INVESTIGATIONS $ GENERAL CONSULTANT: Luis H. Vargas, PO Box 592633 Orlando FL. 32859 Phone 407-491-2711 Email: info@lhinvestigtions.com Web Site https://www.lhinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: L.H Investigations and General Consultant offers a full line of services to attorneys, major corporations, financial institutions, small business, retailers, manufactures and individuals. The services offered may be grouped in the fallowing categories: Comprehensive (Civil and Criminal) Investigations, Industrial and Corporate Investigations,Criminal and Civil Defense Investigations,Insurance fraud Investigation,Surveillance,Medical Malpractice,Undercover Operations,Asset Location and Recovery (Skip Tracing/Locates), International Asset Location and Identification Services, Background Investigations,Due Diligence,Heirs (Inheritance) Investigations,Intellectual Property Theft and Act of Piracy, Investigations, Domestic and Divorce Litigation Investigations,Security and Loss Prevention Consultation and Risk Assessment.


      HOW-WELL-I-C INVESTIGATION & SECURITY CO: Howard Howell: 613 Waterland Court Orlando, FL 32828 Phone: 321-946-8615 Email: howellic@gmail.com License: A1100091

      Investigative Servicess: Security & Threat Consultations, Criminal Civil Investigations, Missing Person, Domestic & Dependencey Investigations.

      BOB BROWN: Brown And Associates, 1516 East Colonial Drive Suite 201 ~ Orlando, FL 32803 ~ Phone: 407.275.1104 ~ Fax: 407.380.0475
      Web site: https://www.pibrown.com/ Email: bainc007@bellsouth.net

      Investigative Services: NAIS expert certified in Domestic Investigations.


      KENNETH OLSON: 645 S.W. Wisper Bay Dr, Palm City, FL 34990 PHone 772-486-4006 Email: yourpi@msn.com License 9900963

      Investigative Services: Investigative research, insurance fraud, missing persons.


      PETER VALLAS ASSOC, INC.: Peter Vallas: 3546 S. Ocean Blvd, #724, Palm Bch, FL 33480 Phone 561-547-4340 Mobile 561-308-4860 License A8500146

      Investigative Services: Fire Investigations.


      VERIDIAN INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES: Victoria Huffman: Post Office Box 32758, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420, Phone 561-324-8450, License #A-1100097, Email: info@veridianinvestigations.com Web site: https://www.veridianinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Infidelity investigations, fraud investigations, background checks, locate missing persons, skip tracing, asset searches.


      PRIVATE INVESTIGATION OF FLORIDA: Mike Mittelman: 86 Sloganeer Trl, Palm Coast, FL 32164 Phone 386-383-7222 License A2700362 Email: afloridapi@gmail.com

      Investigative Services: Full servide agency.


      R/S INVESTIGATIONS: Joy M. Kluckhohn: 45 Westmore Ln, Palm Coast, FL 32164 Phone 904-716-6140 Email: burgerjoy@yahoo.com License A2600352


      DONTECH INC.: Frank Donohue: 2125 SE Erwin Road Port St. Lucie, FL 34952 Phone: 772.335.7562 Fax: 772.335.9305 License: A85-000-24

      Investigative Servicess: Forensic Acoounting, Financial Support, Investigations


      SECURE SOLUTIONS & DESIGN: John Groseclose 10111 Caraway Spice Ave Riverview,FL 33578 Phone: 813-382-1000 Email: jg@securesolutionsdesign.com Website: https://www.securesolutionsdesign.com License: C1100362

      Investigative Servicess: Human Trafficking Investigations, Locates, Surveilance,Litigation Support.


      FOR THE CAUSE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, LLC: John J. Gallagher: 8645 Belvoir Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34237 Phone 941-955-9251 License FL C. 1000433 Email: ftcinvestigations@gmail.com

      DEREK JONES INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY: Ralph J. Rhodes: 2656 Monterey St, Sarasota, FL 34231 Phone 941-925-9029 Email: rjrpi@verizon.net Web site: https://www.djonesinv.com License A2400252

      Investigative Services: Accident, business or corporate, child custody dispute, civil or legal, criminal defense, domestic, fraud, infidelity, insurance, worker compensation.


      INTERACTIVE INVESTIGATIVE SOLUTIONS, LLC: John J. Kulha: 2436 stickney Point Road Sarasota, FL 34231 Phone: 941-735-8072 Email: info@interactivepi.com Web Site: https://www.interactivepi.com License: A1100122

      Investigative Servicess: Asset Searches, Criminal Background Searches, Deadbeat Parents, Skip Trace, Public Records, Pre-Employment Checks, Undercover Services, Property Monitoring.


      COASTAL CLAIMS & ASSOCIATES: Steve Robinson 8466 N. Lockwood Ridge Road 198 Sarasota,FL 34243 Phone: 941-809-8377 Email: icu1962@aol.com License: A9600087

      Investigative Servicess: Surveillance, Recorded Statements, Accident Scene Investigations, SIU Cases.

      HOLLIS KENDALL AGENCY: Walter Nied P.O Box 1505 Sorrento,FL 32776 Phone: 407-341-0916 Email: wniedpi@aol.com License: A1200069

      Investigative Servicess: Individual, Witness & Asset Identification, Business and Personal Background Infomation, Searches, General Investigative Services.


      CROSS INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY, INC.: Kimberly Campbell: P.O. Box 600109, St. Johns, FL 32260 Phone 904-230-1331 License A2800061 Email: kimberly@crosspi.com Web site: https://www.crosspi.com


      SUNRISE INVESTIGATIONS: Tony Cangelosi, Jr., 1499 48th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33703. License Number: A2100190. Phone: 727-688-6357. Email: sunriseinvestigations@mindspring.com Website: https://www.sunriseinvestigations.net

      Investigative Services: People locator service, background checks, criminal records search, drivers license search, domestic surveillance, bar and restaurant spotting.


      THE TAPANES INVESTIGATIVE GROUP, INC.: Edwin Tapanes: 12717 W. Sunrise Blvd, Ste 429, Sunrise, FL 33323 Phone 954-540-0421 License A1100207, Email: tapanesgroup@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Fire/explosion origin & cause, criminal & civil investigationjs & consultations, skip & trace, surveillance, domestic/spouse investigations, investigative interviews, Bilingual english/spanish, CVSA/background/pre-employment, complex investigations.

      BIG BEND ASSOCIATES, INC: Louis J. Leinhauser: 6753 Thomasville Rd, #240, Tallahassee, FL 32312 Phone 850-728-1232 License A2900273 Email: lou@bigbendassociates.com Web site: https://ww.bigbendassociates.com

      Investigative Services: Insurance Fraud, white collar & corporate fraud, criminal & civil investigation, forensic laser scanning.


      LEADER INVESTIGATIONS: Daryle Leader: 4712 Serena Dr. Tampa, FL 33617 Phone: 813-985-1092 Email: dleader1@juno.com Licence: A2400174

      Investigative Servicess: Fraud Investigations, Theif Investigations, Workmans Comp Investigations, Surveillance, Domestics.


      AVALON INVESTIGATIONS GROUP LLC: Noel Rodriguez P.O. Box 261045 Tampa,FL 33685 Phone: 813-777-0046 Email: nrodriguez@avaloninvestigationsfroup.com Website: https://www.floridadetectives.com License: A2700432

      Investigative Servicess: Private-Domestic-Business-Corporate Investigations.


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      Investigative Services: Background searches, surveillance, missing persons, spousal infidelity, vechicle tracking, personal protection, yacht security, asset searches.


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      Investigative Services: Skiptracing, missing persons, adoption searches, asset searches, backgroun & pre-employment screenings, public record research & retrieval, certified process service, legal support, surveillance & stake-outs, insurance fraud, workmen's comp, disability claims, infidelity, child custody matters.


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      Investigative Services: Surveillance, background investigations, missing persons, bodyguards, electronic de-bugging, litigation support, corporate due diligence, international investigations & more.



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