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      Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559



      B's Investigations
      2026 S. Pacific
      Boise, ID 83705
      (208) 384-0914
      (208) 384-0914 FAX
      Contact: Biffton A. Parks
      Email: Biffton@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Background Checks, Skip Tracing, Fraud, Missing Persons, Divorce, and Process Service.


      Shadow Tracker Investigative Services
      PO Box 190666
      Boise, ID 83719
      Contact: Ron Kern
      (208) 362-6030
      (208) 362-5643 FAX
      Email: Shadow.tracker@idibbs.com

      Investigative Services: Background, Criminal, Civil, Locates, Surveillance, Asset Searches, Nationwide searches, and Workers Compensation


      GRAY OWL INVESTIGATIONS: Elaine J. Walker: 3512 Tulara Dr, Boise, ID 83706 Phone 208-761-3957 Email; inquiry@grayowlinvestigations.com Website: www.grayowlinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Financial fraud, elder fraud, romance fraud, backgrounds.


      ROGERS & ASSOCIATES: Brandon D. Rogers: P.O. Box 8927, Boise, ID 83707 Email: brogers_11@hotmail.com Web site: https://www.asubrosa.com Phone 208-334-4029

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, investigations, polygraphs, civil, criminal, workers comp, injury claims, process serving, judgement recovery.



      NORTH STAR INVESTIGATIONS: James R. Brown P.O. Box 129 Caldwell,ID 83606 Phone: 208-283-7103 Email: nsg@centurylink.net Website: https://www.nsginv.com

      Investigative Servicess: Surveillance Insurance Fraud,Background Investigations, Asset Searches,Personnel Protection, Aerial Surveillance, Custodial Investigations, Record Search.


      PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS INTERNATIONAL: Linda Davis 444 Greenchain #1 Coeur D Alene, ID 83814 Phone: 208-755-3637 Email: aaron@teapii.com Website: https://www.teampii.com

      Investigative Servicess: Child Abuse, Insurance Fraud, Accident Reconstruction, Financial.


      RAVENWOOD INVESTIGATIONS: Frederic W. Dohle: 16308 Hauser Lake, ID 83854 Phone 800-897-0426 License W-71863 Email: investigator@ravenfyre.com Web site: https://www.ravenfyre.com

      Investigative Services: Criminology, fraud, victimology-advocacy.


      A + SECURITY INCORPORATED: William R. Butler: 621 W. Myrtle Ct, Hailey, ID 83333 Phone 208-450-9842 Email: pibillbutler@yahoo.com Web site: https://www.idahogunbroker.com

      Investigative Services: Personal protection, investigations, surveillance, process serving, security consultant.


      CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATIONS: Phil Thompson, P.O. Box 53, Hayden, ID 83835. Phone: 208-762-5767 Email: info@idahoprivateeye.com Website: https://www.idahoprivateeye.com

      Investigative Services: Confidential Investigations is a full service investigation firm specializing in criminal defense, child custody, surveillance, background checks, fraud detection and prevention, and employee theft. Our services include: child custody investigations, criminal background checks, missing person locations, teen transports, surveillance, and criminal defense.


      SHADOW ROSE CONSULTATIONS & INVESTIGATION: Trimelda C. McDaniels: 5230 W. Canyon Creek Rd., Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Phone 208-589-5230 Email: balancingthescalesofjustice@gmail.com Web site: https://www.pastor-t.tripod.com/justice

      Investigative Services: Non Profit agency, white collar crime, human trafficking, sexual abuse, cults, drug linked murders, racketeering.


      BIGHORN AGENCY & INVESTIGATIONS: Brad Mittendorf: 1418 Bryden Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501 Phone 208-791-6144 Email: Bighornagency@live.com

      Investigative Services: All areas of investigation, specializing in backcountry cases.


      ROCKY MOUNTAIN INVESTIGATIONS: Warren Schiffer: 6081 N. Moose Creek Way, Meridian, ID 83646 Email: rmiidaho@msn.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, insurance investigations.


      EPIC INVESTIGATIONS & CONSULTING: Robert Eggimann 360 S. 4th Ave. #157 Phone: 208-242-3500 Email: marketing@EPIC-Investigations.com Website: https://www.EPIC-Investigations.com

      Investigative Servicess: Investigations, Surveillance, Computer Forensic.







    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559