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      Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559


      Scott Frank Investigations
      620A Lafayette St.
      Youngsville, LA 70592
      (337) 254-8169
      (866) 201-0036 FAX
      eMAIL: scott.frank@gmail.com


      Sleuth, Inc.
      P.O. Box 19465
      New Orleans, LA 70179-0465
      Contact: Monica Munoz
      (800) 411-7779
      (504) 504-7779 fax

      Investigative Services: General Investigations, specializing in Surveillance Operations, Insurance Defense, Process Service, Civil And Criminal Records Searches, MVR and Vehicle Reports.

      Bombet & Associates, Inc.
      12077 Old Hammond Hwy
      Baton Rouge, LA 70816
      Contact: Julius Bombet
      (504) 275-0796
      (504) 272-3631 FAX
      Email: lizcabom@intersurf.com

      Investigative Services: General Investigations and Process Service

      Adams' Investigations
      P.O. Box 1742
      Marrero, LA 70073
      Contact: Patrick Adams
      (504)-340-9083 FAX
      Email: steppin@paranoia.com

      Investigative Services: Missing Persons/Skip Tracing, Backgrounds, Public and Private Records Searches, Surveillance, Process Service, Personal Injury, Domestic and General Investigations.  


      Day's Investigations
      320 Holiday Drive
      Houma, Louisiana 70360
      Contact: George Day
      (504) 876-9062
      (504) 851-4521 FAX
      Email: kopfler@cajun.net

      Investigative Services: General Investigations, Domestics, Surveillance


      ABC Investigators, Inc.
      P.O. Box 32167
      Lafayette, LA 70593-2167
      Contact: Brannon L. Trahan
      (800) 738-7300
      (318) 783-7070 FAX
      Email: brannonpi@aol.com

      Investigative Services: Civil, Criminal, and Domestic Investigations. Guaranteed Service of Process.


      Lyons Research Group
      5261 Highland Road, Suite 321
      Baton Rouge, LA 70808
      Contact: Eric Reese
      (504) 766-5575
      (800) 766-5574 FAX
      Email: lrg@premier.net

      Investigative Services: General Investigations, insurance defense.


      Passaro Investigations, Inc.
      832 East Boston Street
      Covington, LA 70433
      Contact: Jason McLaughlin
      (985) 249-6101
      (985) 249-6103 FAX
      Email: jmclaughlin@prionline.biz

      Investigative Services: We provide all types of Investigative Services.


      Hyatt Investigations & Process Service
      P.O. Box 13292
      Lake Charles
      LA 70612
      Contact: Matt Hyatt (337) 477-9361 phone
      Email: methodicalpi@yahoo.com

      GARY HYATT: 100 Asma Blvd. #216, Lafayette, La.70508. Phone 318-477-9361.

      Investigative Services: NAIS expert certified in background investigations, civil litigation investigations and pre-trail preperation.



      BOMBET ASSOCIATES INC.: Julius Buddy Bombet: 11220 N. Harrell's Ferry Road., Baton Rouge, LA 70816. Phone:(225)275-0796. Fax:(225)272-3631. E-Mail: buddy@bombet.com Web Site: https://www.bombet.com Ivnestigative Services: Surveillance, Domestic, Personal Injury, Maritime, Research, Backgrounds, Process Service, Criminal Defense.


      SLY FOX INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: Brianne Joesph: P.O. Box 318045, Baton Rouge, LA 70831 Phone 800-985-9254 License 7457-072110-LA Email: slyfox@slyfoxinvestigations.com Web site: https://www.slyfoxinvestigations.com

      Specialization: Domestic investigations, Insurance Fraud Surveillance, Background Checks, Witness Interviews, Undercover Assignments, Domestic Violence


      SCOTT FRANK INVESTIGATIONS: Scott C. Frank: 100 Saint Ignathius St, Lot 25, Broussard, LA 70518 Phone 337-254-8169 License 6785112007LA Email: scot.frank@gmail.com Web site: https://www.cajundetective.com

      Specialization: Family law investigations, insurance fraud.


      DOGFREY & ASSOCIATES, LLC: Ulyse E. Godrey: P.O. Box 217 Brusly, LA 70719 Phone 225-229-7872 License 7043-021009



      CONFIDENTIAL RESEARCH SERVICES, LLC: Jon J. Davis: P.O. Box 999, Harvey, LA 70059 Phone 504-717-2517 Email: jon@crsbackgrounds.com Web site: https://www.crsbackgrounds.com License 6047-031605-LA

      Specialization: Pre-Employment/tenant background screeing, several additional screening services available.



      DAY'S INVESTIGATIONS, LLC: George Day, P.O. Box 4411, Houma, LA 70361. Phone: Toll Free 888-876-9062 Local 985-876-9062 Fax: 985-223-4269 Mobile: 985-856-9062 License Number: LA 0621-062993 Email: day_g@bellsouth.net Web site: https://www.daysinvestigations.com

      Specializations: Child Custody & Cheating Spouses, Personal Injury, Surveillance (Domestic & Insurance Defense), Locating Witnesses, Background Investigations, Locating Missing Persons & Heirs, Trial Preparation, Identity Theft, Wrongful Death Claims, Maritime (Jones Act and Longshoreman), Helicopter Crashes, Process Service, Railroad. Insurance Fraud Certified Investigators



      DEFATTA & ASSOCIATES: Jerry DeFatta: P.O. Box 498, Keithville, LA 71047 PHone 318-635-9944 Email: jerry@defattapi.com Web site: https://www.defattapi.com License 3333-080197-LA

      Specialization: TSCM, surveillance, fraud investigations, interview & interrogations.



      FAITH INVESTIGATION AGENCY: Jodi H. Laborde: 3445 Stoulig Dr, Kenner, LA 70065 Phone 504-909-2824 License 784-092210-LA Email: faithinv@cox.net

      Specialization: Domestic, research, background, invest, surveillance, child custody, undercover experienced with FELA & Jones act workers comp.



      A1PROCESS&INVESTIGATIONS LLC: Anthony Jones 1000 W. Esplande Ave. Ste. 102 Kenner,LA 70065 Phone:504-621-7033 Email:a1process@yahoo.com License: 7777-102711-LA

      Specializations: Witness Interview,Background Checks, Surveillance, Locate Witnesses, Asset Locations, Repossessions, Document Retrieval.



      BAYOU STATE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE BAIL: Shane P Robichaux PO Box 91333 Lafayette LA 70509 License# 7294-120309-LA Email bayoustatepi@gmail.com

      Specialization Liability, Workman Comp., Child Custody and Infidelity.



      MICHAEL HEBERT INVESTIGATIONS: Michael T. Herbert 707 Picard Road Lafayette,LA 70508 Phone: 337-258-3392 Email: mhebert1984@yahoo.com Website https://www.lafayettepi.com License: 7047-021209-LA

      Specializations: Adultery, Child Custody, Locates, Missing Person, Insurance Defense, Background Checks.


      GARY HYATT INVESTIGATIONS: Gary A. Hyatt: 1432 Waverly St., Lake Charles, LA. Branch Office: 100 Asma Blvd., Ste. 216. Layfette, LA. 70508. Phone: (318)477-9361. Fax: (318-)433-4010. Branch Office Phone: (318)234-3929.

      Investigative Services: Personal Injury, Product Liability, and Surveillance.(Life Time Member)



      HOLMES INVESTIGATIONS: Kenneth M. Holmes: PO Box 334, St Amant LA 70774 Phone 225-571-0605 FAX 225-612-6336 Email holmeskenneth@hotmail.com Website https://www.holmesinvestigationllc.com License# 5220072402LA

      Specialization: Insurance Fraud, Claims, Surveillance, Process Service, Domestic, Cheating Spouses.



      RELIANCE DETECTIVE AGENCY: Warren Hodges: 13191 Hodges Ln, Walker, LA 70785 Phone 225-276-2519 License 1903050396 Email: eyesonyou007@live.com

      Specialization: Almost all forms of domestic cases, & civil court cases, research etc.





    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559