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      South Carolina


      Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559




      Upstate Investigations
      718-B Montague Ave.
      Greenwood, SC 29649
      Contact: William Bensel
      (864) 459-2953
      (864) 942-0359 FAX
      Email: wbensel@infoave.net

      Services: Missing person, Criminal defense, Domestic relations, Process server, General Investigations.


      KT Consultants, Inc
      726 Racewater Dr.
      Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577
      Contact: Ken Thrasher
      (803) 293-4082
      (803) 293-4082 FAX
      Email: kt007@sprynet.com

      Services: Process Service, Workmen's Comp, Insurance Fraud, Domestic, Photo/Video Surveillance, Personal Injury, Civil Investigations, and Witness Locations.


      Investigative Research Group
      1606 Horseshoe Drive, Suite 203
      P.O. Box 24013
      Columbia, SC 29224
      Contact: Lyle Hendrick
      (803) 736-9861
      (803) 736-9861 FAX
      Email: rogue@scsn.net

      Services: Criminal defense, accidents, personal negligence, premises liability, malpractice, theft and fraud. Also, criminal and civil records searches, forensic and aerial photography, and service of legal process. Also involved in the new field of Competitive Intelligence.


      Palmetto Corporate Data Company
      810 Dutch Square Blvd., Suite 203
      Columbia, SC 29210
      Contact: Jim McDonald
      (803) 798-6600
      (803) 798-5577 FAX
      Email: mcdonald@mail.netsdie.com

      Services: Miscellaneous investigations


      VIP Services
      1830A Savannah Highway
      Charleston, SC 29407
      Contact: Tommy S. Vickers
      (803) 766-8627
      (803) 766-9069 FAX

      Services: A full service investigations and protective services company. Criminal, Domestic, Process Service, Photo/Video, Location and Interviews. Also, provides a full line of Non-Uniform security for special functions, events and executive protection.


      R.C. & Associates Investigations
      P.O. Box 4618
      Beaufort, SC 29903
      Contact: Randy Caulder
      (843) 525-0101 or (888) 778-4858
      (803) 846-2223
      Email: radarpi@yahoo.com

      Services: All Private Investigative functions.


      Top Secret Investigations
      P.O. Box 94
      Kings Mountain, NC 28086
      Contact: Vic Holiday
      (704) 460-1537
      (704) 629-5079 FAX
      Email: topsecretinvestigations@worldnet.att.net

      Services: A full service Private Investigations company specializing in serving attorneys and agents of Insurance companies, in identifying and uncovering workers compensation fraud and insurance claims abuse.
      Licensed in North and South Carolina.


      Scarborough Investigations
      348 Bigdog Trail
      Bonneau, SC 29431
      Contact: James F. Scarborough
      (843) 554-5911
      (843) 825-2889 FAX
      (843) 607-6711 Pager/Cellphone
      Email: jim@ispyu.net

      Services: Civil, Criminal, Insurance and Legal Investigations. Worker's compensation, Missing Persons, Asset search, Witness locate and statements. Background, Premarital, Accident, Domestic and Undercover Investigations. Process serving, Injury cases, Stalking cases, Expert Witness, Video surveillance, still shots and Personal Protection.


      AKI & Associates
      PO Box 15783
      Myrtle Beach, SC 29587-5783
      (803) 650-0686
      (803) 650-0686 FAX
      Email: aki999@aol.com

      Services: Workers' Compensation, Insurance Fraud, Contestable Death, Surveillance, Civil Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Missing Persons, Surveillance Equipment Sales.



      National Intelligence Bureau
      The Professional Center, Suite 101
      100 Central Ave., P.O. Box 51
      Goose Creek, SC 29446
      Contact : Don Mason
      (843) 797-1165
      (843) 797-1365 FAX

      Services : Insurance Defense: Specialty in video surveillance. Company owned & Insured Fleet of Surveillance Vehicles. Serving South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia


      Asset Protection & Investigation, Inc.
      P.O. Box 2426
      Beaufort, SC 29901
      Contact: Brian Jezewski
      (843) 525-9664
      (843) 521-4667 FAX
      Email: bftinv@islc.net

      Services: Process Service (Beaufort County including Hilton Head Island). Investigations including Domestic, Workers' Compensation, Accident and Witness Location.  


      Fewell & Associates
      PO Box 10802
      Rock Hill, SC 29731
      Contact: Ed Fewell
      (800) 350-5562
      Email: gumshoe@cetlink.net

      Services: Domestic Surveillance, Process Service and General Investigations.


      Tracker Investigations, LLC
      PO Box 634
      Mount Pleasant, SC 29465
      Contact: Laurie Langford
      (843) 849-0081
      (843) 971-0640 FAX
      Email: trackerus@hotmail.com

      Services : Surveillance, Domestic, Worker's Comp. Insurance, Accident, Criminal, and Background Investigations. Licensed in North and South Carolina. Locating persons anywhere in the United States.


       CEO Investigations
      245 N. Fifth Street
      Reading, PA 19601
      Contact: Carter Orwig
      (610) 374-9979
      (610) 685-3437 FAX
      Services: We perform all manners of Investigative Work.


      Trevor J. Dorey 1201 Main Street Suite 1980 Columbia,SC 29201 Phone: 803-586-4935 Email:trevor.dorey107@gmail.com Website: https://www.investigatecolumbiasc.com License: D3138

      Investigative Servicess: Infidelity, G.P.S Tracking, Asset Search, Background Checks, Undercover Investigations, Sweeps, Process Service.



      Tommy E. Blackwood, P.O. Box 60998, N. Charleston, SC, 29419 Phone 843-529-0513 License 2625 Email: teblackwood@aol.com Web site: https://www.blackwoodinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Criminal, domestic, process services, internal fraud, workers comp, post closing interviews.



      Dick Vance: P.O. Box 80571, Charleston, SC 29416 Phone 843-209-1630 License 2287 Email: vance@vanceinvestigaitons.com Web site: https://www.vanceinvestigaitons.com

      Investigative Services: Surveillance, divorce, adultery.



      Lee Harris: P.O. Box 291779, Columbia, SC 29229 Phone 803-748-1327 Email: investigations1@yahoo.com License 2819 Web site: https://www.investigationsandconsulting.com

      Investigative Services: General investigations, elder abuse, nursing home investigations, identity theft, background checks, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, work place.



      Sidney Graham: 1728 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201 Phone 803-256-6120 Toll Free 877-256-6130 License 2183 Email: detectives@apininc.com Web site: https://www.apininc.com

      Investigative Services: Cheating spouses, domestic & child custody investigations, criminal & civil, process service, GPS tracking, insurance fraud, traffic investigations, & much more.



      Trevor R. Clinton 273 Cogburn Rd Columbis,SC 29229 Phone: 888-897-9985 Email: trevor@infinitesourcesecurity.com Website: https://www.infinitesourcesecurity.com License: PDC2927

      Speicalizations: Person Locate, Surveillance, Process Service, Insurance Fraud, Missing Person.



      Brian L. Stillinger 1416 Columbia,SC 29201 Phone: 803-400-1974 Email: brian@investigatesc.com Website:: https://www.investigatesc.com License: PDC1586

      Investigative Services: Background Searches, Employee Theft Investigations, Surveillance, Missing Person, Computer Forensics, Record Searches, Child Custody, Tracking Witness.



      Trevor J. Dorey 1201 Main Street Suite 1980 Columbia,SC 29201 Phone: 803-586-4935 Email:trevor.dorey107@gmail.com Website: https://www.investigatecolumbiasc.com License: D3138

      Investigative Servicess: Infidelity, G.P.S Tracking, Asset Search, Background Checks, Undercover Investigations, Sweeps, Process Service.


      Steven A. Smith: P.O. Box 24, Irmo, SC 29063-0024 Phone 803-781-1827 Mobile 803-309-9809 Fax: 803-781-9482 Email: stevenasmith1@mac.com License PDC2105

      Investigative Services: domestic, expert witness related to law enforcement matters.


      Brad Kandare: P.O. Box 85171, Lexington, SC 29073 Phone 803-309-8375 License PDC2304 Email: bkandare@maximinvestigations.com Web site: https://www.maximinvestigations.com

      Investigative Services: Insurance defense, surveillance, GPS tracking.


      Eric Billings 1121 Park West Blvd Suite B #123 Mt. Pleasant,SC 29466 Phone: 843-697-3376 Email: ericwbillings@gmail.com Website: https://www.onpointinvestigativeeresource.com License: 5415

      Speicalization: Surveillance, Locates, Background Checks.



      Ronnell W. Freeman: P.O. Box 51334, Summerville, SC 29485 Phone 843-709-1097 License PDC 2879 Email: jmpinvestigation@aol.com Web site: https://www.jmpinvestigation.com


      Evan Murphy 1535 Platt Springs Rd. Unit 3466 West Columbia,SC 29171 Phone: 803-307-1783 Email: Evan@midlandspi.com Website: https://www.midlandspi.com License: D312

      Investigative Servicess: Adultery, Child Custody, Insurance Fraud, Background Checks, Process Service.







    Updates or issues call the office at 512-729-7559