Automatically Record Calls On Your PC
Your Computer Or Laptop Becomes Your Digital Audio Recorder!
Instant Caller ID To Name And Address Data!
Instant Dialed Number To Name And Address Data!
Instant Truth Detection Option!

  • Your Low Cost Solution To Instant Audio Telephone Recording
  • No Limits On Recording Time!
  • Instantly Converts Caller ID Info To Name/Address
  • Time And Date Stamp On Every Recording
  • Powerful Software Just For Investigative Recording
  • Dialed Number Logger And Decoder
  • Telephone Truth Detection Software Option

Now you can use your personal computer or notebook computer to record every telephone call and not be limited by digital recording time because your computer hard drive becomes your audio storage unit. You can keep a permanent recording of all of your important telephone calls and telephone interviews. All you have to do in hook this unit up in between your telephone and mic jack on your computer. Install the software and you are ready to digitally record in crystal clear sound files. Not only that, you also capture caller ID information as well as obtain a time and data stamp. Look at these amazing advantages:

  • Keep a permanent record of all telephone calls on your computer
  • Simple Connection Anyone Can Do Instantly- takes just a minute or so to connect
  • Unlimited Capacity- Only limited to your hard drive space which gives you months, if not years of recording time.
  • Internet Caller ID Instant Lookup-Just click on any recording for name/address info!
  • Digital/Analog Compatibility type of phone system you have--this will work
  • Connects To Your Laptop For On-The-Go Functions.
  • Instantly Email Telephone Recording To Anyone In Wav File
  • No Power Source Needed-Powers Itself From Your Computer!
  • Silently And Automatically Records All Phone Calls.
    Powerful Evidence Builder Software Custom Designed With Your Special Needs In Mind
  • Sort Instantly By Dialed Number, Time And Date Or Caller Name
  • Easily Copy And Email Selected Calls From Within The Application
  • Rapidly Group Recordings Together And Create A Single Evidence File
  • Add Your Own Notes. Use The Note Search Option To Locate Recordings
  • Append a Professional-Sounding Announcement Of The recording time, Date, And Your Agency name.
  • Automatically Decode ANI (Caller ID) To Trace Caller. Reverse Lookup Displays Street Address Information.
  • Automatically Records And Decodes Outgoing Dialed Numbers And Gives You Instant Name, Street Address Data On The Dialed Number.
  • Database Of Area Codes And Prefixes Provides Instant demographic Information For Calls Made from Out Of Area.
  • An Open Standard Microsoft Database MDB File can Link To Your Own Applications Making It Easy To Add Fields Such As Criminal History, Client And/Or Subject Info
  • Easy To Use Advanced Audio Volume And Filtering Controls
  • Compact- Non-Bulky Size


Easy To Use -But Powerful Recording Control Software!

Menu Controls Puts You In Audio Control

Easy Function Selections

Powerful Volume And Filter Controls

Main Index Menu Lets You Quickly Find And Sort Many Ways

You'll Have An Instant Audio Telephone
Evidence-Gathering Digital Lab On Your Computer!

You Can Also Obtain The Optional Truth Detection Feature That
Lets You Instantly Conduct Honesty And Truth Analsis


Multi- Functions
Aside from fully automatic telephone recording The PI Recorder can record from voice mail systems, handsets, radios and microphones. Connect to an outside line and all extensions are recorded. You can turn your laptop into an audio evidence gathering recording machine.

Digital Performance
Audio recordings are perfect. Multiple copies of recordings can be made without degradation. Recording to a hard drive is reliable and flexible.

Automatic Operation
Voice activation sorts your calls in organized files

Trace Incoming Calls
Like to know who's calling?  Display the name and address of the caller with Caller-ID and call tracing.

Instant Replay of Live Calls
Did you miss something important?  Maybe a an address or order information?  Replay calls instantly, even while recording. Find calls quickly.   Digital files can be copied, emailed, encrypted, and backed up on any computer.

Hard Disk or Network Storage
Select a local drive or a network server  for storage. Save files in a shared directory for easy access.

Outlook Integration
Use Outlook to keep complete call records. Caller-IDs pop contact information and notes automatically!

Call Analysis Software
Search for calls quickly. Sort and print call lists. Find the caller's street address via the internet. Our sophisticated Call Analysis Software is included free!

Instant Truth Detection Option!
You can also obtain the optional Truth detection/deception software option which gives you the ability to conduct truth and deception detection on every recorded telephone call. Click for more information on The Truth Detection Software Option.


Automatically Record Calls On Your PC
Your Computer Or Laptop Becomes Your Digital Audio Recorder!

Instant Caller ID To Name And Address Data! Only $149.95

PI Recorder With Optional Truth Detection Deception Software $249.95



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