Investigation In The Private Sector Books I And II

Top Flight Training In Accident Investigation Recommened By
The National Association Of Legal Investigators- By Jack Murray

Photographing Vehicles For Litigation
A Step-By-Step Guide For Investigators- By Jack Murray

Essentials Of Investigative Interviewing
Advanced Techniques And Legal Principles In
Investigative Interviewing- By Bradley Kuhns

Expert's Guide To Successful Legal Testimony
How To Avoid The Sharks And Come Out Smelling Like A Rose
By Jack Murray

Marketing And Management Maximizer For
Your Private Investigative Agency

Your Inside Guide To Maximizing Your Agency
For More Cases And More Clients!
Investigative Photography In The Private Sector
Your Guide To Better Investigative Photography- By Jack Murray

How To Investigate By Computer 98
A Source And Techniques Manual- By Ralph Thomas

Insurance Investigations From A To Z
The Investigator's Guide To Uncovering Insurance Fraud
-By Kelly Ridle

Investigator's Guide To Free Searches On The Net
Thousands Of Them! By Ralph Thomas

The Art Of Surveillance
Obtain The Very Latest Techniques & Equipment Info
On Conducting Surveillance- By Kelly Riddle
Uncover The Truth!
By Barry Zalma

Secrets Of Accident Investigation For Private Investigators
And Insurance Adjusters- By Ed Liversay Jr.