The RF Probe
The RF Probe sniffs out bugs quick and easy! Simply hit verify when you hit something, listen through the headphones and you know in an instant if you picked up a bug. You can also use the RF probe as an indication coil on the telephone headset cord to determine if eavesdropping is present with the headset on hook.
Broad Band Probe
The broad band probe works just like the RF probe but lets you sweep with a range up to 8.5 Ghz! This is an exclusive design for this state-of-the-art countermeasures kit that expands the sweeping range of the unit to an amazing 8.5 Ghz.

The IR Probe
IR is an invisible light source that can be used as a method to carry audio that the probes above would never pick up. IR eavesdropping is very common simple because conventional buy sweeping will not detect it. However, this unit includes the probe to detect it.

The Phone Line Probe
Unique to this state-of-the-art countermeasures unit is the Phone line Probe. The Phone Line Probe plugs into the telephone line system which then enables you to sweep the internal lines to see if there is any sign of audio coming through the line with the headsets placed on hook (a very common form of eavesdropping)
More Probes Are On The Way!
As this state-of-the art unit is developed, more probes such as an acoustic leakage probe (as well as several other probes) are being developed. As new probes and options are developed, you will be informed of them and have the opportunity to obtain them!




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