The Digital Audio Recorder And Automatic
Telephone Tape Recorder Has Been Reinvented!
Smaller-Smarter-Better And Cheaper!


Stealth Voice Advanced
Digital Audio Recorder

The New Generation Digital Audio Recorder

• With Automatic Telephone Recording Ability

• Time And Date Stamping

• Small And Slim Design

• Up To 283 Hours Recording Time

Stealth Audio Advanced Digital Audio Recorder
In 70 Hour, 141 Hour And 282 Hour Models
Automatic Telephone Recording Ability
Time And Date Stamping And Programmable Timed Recordings

If you want the world's very best digital audio recorder for investigative purposes this is it! This new generation advanced mutli-function digital audio recorder is called Stealth Audio Advanced because it's the hottest new recorder in the market place and really advanced! With the advanced features and amazing end results in recording ability, you will love both the micro tiny design and the high end results you obtain in audio evidence gathering. If you want a superior digital recorder a cut way above even the run-of-the-mill high end line, you'll find Stealth Audio Advanced superior to anything else on the market. Note the pull-away bottom portion that protects your USB connection for very fast uploading and downloading from your computer or laptop in the photo. Aside from automatic telephone recording ability, time and date stamping and a timer that will turn the marvel on and off any time you want to, this recorder is already being hailed as the world's best in investigative and law enforcement circles. Take a look at these amazing features and specifications.

• Superior digital voice recorder
• Music recorder/player all in one
• Stereo recording and playback supports MP3, and WMA file formats
• Direct USB enable to connect with PC, no need to carry cable
• Plug and play portable flash drive - Allows to store any file type not just voice files.
• Digital IC stereo recording for crystal clear sound quality
• Various recording mode such as voice/FM/telephone recording with stereo sound quality
• Select stereo or mono recording - You can select desired recording quality
• Supports MP3 file format. .  Mono qualities are 8/16/32/64K - Stereo qualities are 96/128K
• There are 5 equalizer (Normal, Jazz, Rock, POP & Opti) selectable in MP3 mode
• Six folders (A~F), enable to manage files easier
• Power saver to save battery power
• Super slim design lets you to carry it to anywhere
• LED backlight lets you to operate in dark places
• Stereo FM Radio function also enables you to record FM radio programs at any time
• Incorporates voice operation recording (VOR) to save memory spaces
• Stereo microphone (built-in) with 4 optional sensitivity selections
• Playback mode selectable:
• Including single track, single track repeat, single folder, folder repeat, all folder repeat, A to B repeat
• Date and time stamp for record files
• Important message lock to avoid accidental deletion
• Key lock
• Date and time display

Size: W x L x H: 39 x 96 x 12 (mm) 3.77 inches X 1.53 inches X .4724 inch thick
Weight: Approx. 37g +/- 0.5g (w/o battery)
Recording Time: 256MB: 70 hours, 512MB: 141 hours, 1GB:   283 hours
FM Radio: FM87.5Mhz ~ 108Mhz (Europe) or FM76Mhz ~ 96Mh
File Number: 6 voice folders, each folder contents 99 files
USB Port: USB1.1
Max. output power: 90mW at THD 10% 8 ohm (1.5V to -3V)
Recording sources: Built-in stereo microphone, external line microphone
Sound output: Earphone (Mini plug/Stereo) IMP over 16 ohms
Speaker: 18MM 16ohm dynamic speaker
OS: Windows 98 (need to install driver), 2000, XP;Mac 9.2, X 10.3

• Digital Recorder
• Earphone
• External Mic.
• User manual
• Battery AAA x 1
• Hand strap
• Telephone recording adapter
• Telephone line

While some of last year's recorders were just a rehash of something once sold as an MP3 player that never made it in the market place, we wanted to find a recorder built from the ground up for investigative evidence gathering and automatic telephone recording so we sifted through hundreds to find the very best one. It took some time to do that but we now believe that the new Stealth Voice Advanced is the perfect choice for high grade use. We should know since we have been marketing professional grade audio recorders to the investigative professions for over 20 years!

Digital audio recording for investigative, legal and law enforcement use has come a long way and Stealth Audio Advanced hands you all the new generation state-of-the-art features in one small audio recording package!Get the latest-state-of-the-art super audio recorder today and you'll not only be an envy for audio evidence gathering, you'll have to tell others that they need to obtain their own because everyone will want to barrow it once they see it and hear the high end results.

Stealth Audio Advanced Digital Audio Recorder
The New Generation Digital Audio Recorder

Stealth Audio Advanced Digital Audio Recorder
256 MB 70 Hours MSRP $259.00 Your Cost Only $149.00

Stealth Audio Advanced Digital Audio Recorder
512 MB 141 Hours MSRP 295.00 Your Cost Only $189.00

Stealth Audio Advanced Digital Audio Recorder
1 GB 283 Hours MSRP $395.00 Your Cost Only $269.00

Audio Recorder Accessories
A selection of accessories to use with your new high end digital audio recorder!

Telephone Information Manager
Logs And Stores Incoming Telephone Numbers And Outgoing Dialed Numbers With Time And Date Stamping!

Dialed Number Decoder
Play back recorder in front of unit and it decodes and displays the dialed number.
Contact Wall Mic
Plug in recorder and you can record inside and through walls.
Micro Small Shotgun Mic
Zooms In Sound Like Never Before!
Truster Lie Detection Software
Run recordings through this software on your computer and detect lies and deception!


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