Completely Self-Contained Tiny Covert Video/DVR
Stick-It You Can Instantly Stick Anywhere!

New Generation Tiny COVERTTeK Covert Video Stick-It!
Motion Activated Camera/DVR Built Into Tiny Air Freshener
You Can Stick-It Anywhere In 15 Seconds Or Less!
Time And Date Stamping, Records To 32 GB SD Card!

The tiny new generation CovertTeK covert video camera with DVR is ingeniously built into a small air freshener you can stick in any electrical wall outlet. Because it is so easy and quick to use and set up, we simply call it the Tiny Video Stick-It because you can stick-it anywhere! This new generation covert video system features a low Lux hidden cameras one could not see even if they are less that a foot away, high resolution and and records to a built-in tiny DVR with an SD card that supports up to an 32 GB card! With time and date stamping and motion activation, you can now have a complete covert video recording studio built into a tiny air freshener no one knows about but you! By plugging the unit into any electrical outlet, you have electrical power that powers everything and have no need to worry about batteries or battery drain problems.


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By using our CovertTeK Stick-It™ HVR (hidden Video recorder) Covert recording technology units, you have eliminated the requirement of additional recording equipment for a hidden camera system. Highly advanced features include motion detection, MPEG 4, 30FPS, JPEG images for even longer record time, and Time & Date stamping. For ease of storage the COVERTTeK ™ HVR Covert system records directly to a SD card.

Two easy ways to view the recording
The CovertTeK Stick-It™ HVR can play back directly from the unit itself. Just connect the provided RCA Cable to any TV or Monitor to see what has been recorded or you can take the SD Card out of the unit, use the provided card reader, and view the video right from a PC using Windows Media player. Now we alleviated the need for any additional software. It’s just that easy. Capable of being built into different styles and featuring a knockout price, CovertTeK Stick-It™ HVR Covert system is the only nanny cam you should stock.

Check out these high-tech features:

• D1 high resolution @ 720X480 resolution
• 30 frames per second (adjustable 1-30)
• 150 user selectable motion grids
• Multiple schedule recording options allow you just record the action
• 32GB SD card capacity allows for up to 3 days of recording space
• Embedded video time & date stamp
• High quality Sony ExView CCD with low LUX and day and night features.


• Video Resolution: 1280x720/ 720x480 / 320x240
• Frame Rate per Second: 1, 2, 3, 5, 15, 30fps
• Video Compression: MPEG-4
• Video System: NTSC
• Camera: CCD-Back and White LOW LUX .0001
Color is Day and night Auto Switching CCD Low Lux .05 color camera switching to black and white CCD low Lux .0001
• Video Recording Mode: Motion 150 grids user selectable, Continuous, Overwrite, Scheduled
• Play back: Multi-playback with event search function
• AV out and SD card play back on Windows media player version
• Embedded Time/Date Stamp: On video and Position Selectable
• Storage Media: 32 GB SD (support SDHC)
• Control: IR remote control
• Firmware Upgradeable: Through SD card
• Operating Temperature: 0~+50?C
• High Def resolution 1080 x 720 coming soon


• CovertTek Covert Video Stick-It™
• Remote Control
• USB SD Card Reader
• USB Extension Cable for Card Reader
• 2G SD Card
• Video Cable
• Instructions
• Unit Weight 10.6 ozs
• Unit size 6 1⁄2 x 5 1⁄4 x 3


• 6 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 3"

Hide In Plain Site! If anyone would even notice it, it's just an air freshener plugged into an outlet!

Great For Any Room! Living Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Garage Or Anywhere!

Nothing compares to the easy and quick setup, and high grade features found in this new generation very tiny covert video stationary recording studio built into a tiny air freshener you can stick anywhere any time you need to record covert video evidence. Do yourself a favor and get your Covert Video Sitck-It today and you will be light years ahead of everyone else when it comes to the collection of covert video evidence!

New Generation Tiny COVERTTeK Covert Video Stick-It! Full Color $599.00

SD Memory Cards
SD Memory Card 2 GB $15.00
SD Memory Card GB 4 GB $25.00
SDMemory Card 8 GB $35.00
SD Memory Card 16 GB $60.00



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