Very Tiny High End Stick-It CovertTeK
Dually Plug Mount Air Ionizer Covert Video Recording System!
Covert Video Camera/DVR! Motion Activated, Time And Date Stamping, Day And Night
(Sees And Records In Total Darkness! ) Recording! Completely Covert And Completely Self Contained! No Power or Battery Problems Or Limitations!

Amazingly small "plug & play" Stick-It CovertTek Dually air ionizer plugs into any standard AC outlet. Completely self-contained and featuring our famous "total convert" package. No visible plugs, SD cards or anything! All new state-of-the-art Mpeg4 technology make this the most powerful covert stationary surveillance recording product on the market today. Built-in night light hides invisible IR illuminators, allowing unit to record in TOTAL DARKNESS! Motion activated, time/date stamped surveillance recording has never been easier! Recording can be played back directly from the unit or SD card can be removed and played on PC. (Includes USB SD card reader). Hidden trap door on specification plate on the back of the unit only you know about and can quickly open with a small magnet hides everything you need to access including SD card slot. Take a look at the exclusive features and watch an actual video demonstration!

Complete Covert Video Recording System!

• Just Plug It In Any Outlet!
You Are Ready To Go!

• Automatically Records And Records In Total Darkness!

• Motion Activated!

• Time/Date Stamping

• Auto Switching To Low Light!

• Hidden IR Lights

• Takes 16 GB SD Cards

• Totally Covert!

Watch the Video Demonstration!
Records In Total Darkness!

Click On The Graphics On The Right To Watch An Actual Video Demonstration Of The High End Dually CoverTeK Covert Video System That Switches From Color To Black And White In Low Light And Zero Lighting Conditions!


Amazing Specifications

• Amazing New Small Plug-In Air Ionizer CovertTeK/HC (High Capacity)
• 24 Hidden Invisible IR (950MN) Illuminators
• Up To 16GB SD Card Compatible
• DUALLY – Auto Switching Color-B&W
• Color by Day- B&W 0 LUX at Night
• Super Hi-Res Sony HAd 550 LOR Color- 600 LOR Sony Ex-View B&W
• 80 Hours Real Time (30fps) Recording (Standard Res)
• Hi Res Recording (640 X 480) 1~12 fps
• “TOTAL COVERT” Package (Hidden Compartment SD Card)
• Built-in Night Light
• Motion Activated
• Playback From Unit or PC (both time/date stamped)
• Only 6 x 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches

Amazing Features

Day/Night Operation: Our "Dually" package automatically changes from
• • Sony Ex-View Color to Sony Ex-view ultra low light (.0001 Lux) when light levels
• • fall below .05 Lux.

Invisible IR Illuminators: Totally invisible, allows recording up to 20 feet in total darkness.
High Resolution: Video at 12 fps: (640 X 480) High Resolution fluid motion recording
capability. (user adjustable from 1 to 12 fps) Medium Resolution: Video at 30 fps
(320 X 240) (user adjustable from 1 to 30 fps)

16GB SDHC Card Support: Up to 80 hours recording at full 30 fps-
(records 5 hours per GB on lower capacity SD cards) Hundreds of hours possible with
lower frame rate selections.

Firmware Upgradable - New firmware can be quickly installed via USB port.

Embedded Time/Date Stamp - Embedded in video- Time/Date stamp is seen on
both playback from unit and PC via SD Card.

Enhanced Motion Activation: Not only is sensitivity adjustable, but also features
a "grid" setting with multiple blocks to eliminate unwanted triggers in the camera view
such as a computer screen or rotating fan.

Multiple Playback Speeds: X1/ X2/ X4/ X8/ X16/ X32/

Schedule Recording: Record time can be set to record at only times of interest.
Event Search Function: Property and fist image of selected file is displayed to
quickly find a particular event.

IR Remote Control: For setting system parameters and arming and disarming unit.

Totally Covert even From The Back! Even if someone unplugs the unit to look at the back,
it looks like a harmless air ionizer! The specification plate on the back can be pulled off like
a trap door with a magnet to reveal the SD card slot. When in place, only you would
know there
is something behind the plate.


Automatic Switching From Day To Night To Record
In Low Light And No Lighting Conditions!

This advanced covert video recording system is very smart! It features automatic switching to low light and no light conditions so it can record under any condition even when there is zero lux lighting! The secret is in the hidden IR lights built into the "night light" section of the unit. IR lights can not be seen by the naked eye and only by the camera but that fact remains that this unit can record it all in no light conditions. With motion activation and time and date stamping, this unit will serve your stationary covert video needs like nothing else will!

Hidden Trap Door In Back Of Unit Hides What It Is!

If you look at this high tech unit from the back, all one will see is a normal air filter system that plugs into a wall outlet. There are no visible signs of any modification. The secret is in the manufacturer's specification plate. Only you know that you can use the included small magnet to open the back like a trap door to reveal your SC card slot you can quickly remove. With this unique system, you can do a quick change of the SD card and keep your covert video system in place even as you review the evidence on the first SC card. Not only that, if someone looks closely at the back of the unit, they will not see anything other than the back of a normal looking small air filter!

High Grade/ High Resolution Hidden CCD Camera
Motion Activation And Time/Date Stamping

Nothing compares to the high quality CCD low light camera found in this unit! It's law enforcement grade with 600 lines of resolution and 30 frames per second! User adjustable to take care of all your covert video operation needs. You will obtain the covert video surveillance evidence you need every time no matter what the lighting conditions! Not only that, you obtain up to 80 hours of recording time on one SD card. With time and date stamping on all your covert video evidence and motion activation, there just isn't any reason to use anything else for your stationary covert video requirements. When your all important stationary covert video evidence gathering requires the best, get the best!

Great For Any Room! Living Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Garage Or Anywhere!

Nothing compares to the easy and quick setup, and high grade features found in this new generation very tiny covert video stationary recording studio built into a tiny air freshener you can stick anywhere any time you need to record covert video evidence even in total darkness. Do yourself a favor and get your Covert Video Sitck-It today and you will be light years ahead of everyone else when it comes to the collection of covert video evidence!

High End CovertTek Dually Plug Mount Air Ionizer $695.00

2 GB SD CARD $49.95
4 GB SD CARD $69.95



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