New Generation Sound Pod Amplifier! Smaller, Cheaper & Better!

Super Amplified SoundPod
Broadcast Quality Super Sound Amplification In An iPod Size!

The Super Amplified SoundPod with massive sound amplifier and it's ultra sensitive directional microphone makes any sound 100 feet away feel like it's right next to you! The power of this super sound amplifier used to cost hundreds of times the cost of this new generation high tech unit and used to be 100 times it's size. However, both the price and the size of high quality sound amplifying ability has been shrunk down to almost nothing. You can wear SoundPod in plain site and people around you might think you are merely minding your own business and listening to a small iPod with it's super high quality ear plugs. However, what you are really doing is picking up and listening to any sound up to 100 yards away. Super Amplified SoundPod gives you volume control (and we have found you will almost never have a need to have that as high as it will go because of the powerful amplification nature of this unit) treble control and bass control. This unit is truly a broadcast quality super sound amplifier which can be used indoors or out.

Features And Benefits
• Super high amplification ability with three sound controls!
• Small iPod like size that can attach to your belt clip
• Hide in plain site as others will think you are listening to iPod!
• Super high quality earphones you might pay $80.00 for!


• High / Low frequency booster
• Volume control
• Ultra sensitive directional microphone
• Uses 2 AAA battery (not included) Up to 100 hours of use

• Super Amplified SoundPod
• Stereo ear phones
• Soft carry case
• Neck strap
• Belt clip
• Extra set of ear buds

• 2 1/2 inches x 1 3/ inches x 1/2 inch

With three controls, ipod like shape and size that attaches to your belt and super high quality earphones you might pay up to $80.00 for with a music ipod, this high quality sound amplification unit is the new generation choice of the professional! Once you start using the high quality Super Amplified SoundPod, you will never again want to use another product like this as the amplified power of this unit leaves all the others in the dust and makes them a thing of the past! Get your Super Amplified SoundPod today.

Super Amplified SoundPod
MSRP: $99.50 Your Cost Only $49.95


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