A Personal Note From Ralph Thomas
About This Top Quality Line OF Badges, Badge Cases And ID

Welcome to our professional badge, ID card systems, badge case and badge wallet section. You will find about 2,000 badges featured in this section. We have everything from inexpensive ready-to-ship stock badges to top of the line custom badges. You will also find a huge assortment of several dozen different high quality leather display cases and wallets as well as almost 100 different types of Do-It-Yourself ID card systems. You will also find a huge assortment of badges for the badge collector. As an avid badge collector of 30 years, I'm proud to present this line to the professional. I also believe that it's important to note that the internet is riddled with hotdogs who sell very low end badges - most of which are imported from China and look, ah, well just a step above a toy you can find at the nickel and dime stores. You will not find any of type of low end junk here. Even on inexpensive stock badges, there is a very low grade of them in the market place that I can assure you you will NOT be happy to show and display. This is all top quality product.

I would also like to introduce to you our own Thomas Badge Company line of stock badges that offer you a top of the line stock badge ready for shipment. Note only that, we are happy to offer both low single lot pricing and deeply discounted wholesale pricing when you purchase more than one badge on these new badge lines. The more you buy, the better the wholesale discount gets! Your can check out our Thomas Badge Company Authorized High Grade Line and our High Grade Circle-Star And Eagle Federal Style Badges. You will love this new badge line!

It's important to advise you that, other than collector type badges, it's unlawful to display a police badge if you are not a law enforcement officer. Letterhead authority is required on all custom police badge orders. If a license is required in your state for badges with the title of private investigator, private detective, process server, auto repossesor, bail enforcement agent or other related titles, a valid state license number is needed on your order which is verified. It's also important to note that state law on the use of badges in private sector professions vary widely and you are advised to check with your licensing authority before ordering.

At the end of this section, I am adding a page titled Gallery. These are rare badges (not for sell) from my personal collection that I though I would share with you. If it's not up yet, it will be up in a few weeks. Should you have any questions about badges, email me.

My Best,
Ralph Thomas
Email: RThomas007@aol.com