New Generation Revolutionary Video/Cam DVR

Micro Eyes DVR BallCam!
Micro Eyes Home & Office Security Camera And/Or Small Bodywear Camera!
Hide It Anywhere! High Resolution, Full Color, Low Light, Motion Activated!
For Covert, Hide In Plain Site And Overt Use!

MicroEyes DVR BallCam is the world’s first DVR in a shape of a ball. Inside this Ping Pong size ball is a motion activated camera and DVR. It captures images at 30 FPS at 320x240 resolutions. MicroEyes comes with 128mb internal memory and supports up to a 2GB micro sd card. The revolutionary Ballcam Micro Eyes can be used in various applications such as vehicle security, sports, personal security or whatever the user can dream up. You can place it anywhere and have instant video security whenever or wherever you want. But that's just the start of this amazing unit. It can also be used for fun and leisure with various forms of accessories. Just think about the amazing applications you can do with all of that!

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Happy People And Professionals Alike:

Ball Cam Stick-Ins For Covert Video


Our MicroEyes DVR Cam is so small, you can stick-it almost anywhere for covert video! Take a look at the MicroEyes Stick-Ins as we call them. You could use a "stick-In" in a coffee mug, water bottle or coke can for walk around covert video. Since MicroEyes has motion activation, you could also use a "Stick-In" inside things like flower pots, clocks, desk accessories, office plants, lamps and lights - you name it. The possibilities are unless!

Ball Cam Stick-Its For Overt Video


Aside from covert video use. The MicroEyes Ball Cam/DVR is also great for overt video use. You can stick it on book shelves, on top of employee time card punch machines, on car dashboards, above doors and entrances, near drive way entrances, above or near windows, you name it! With Microeyes, you can stick them anywhere you want to rather you want covert or overt video. So you can have stick-Ins for covert video use and stick-Its for overt video use! There is no other video camera with a built in DVR and motion activation that could ever do so much for you. Nothing like this has ever before been in the market place and Microeyes will change the way people look at conducting video operations of all types because it can be used for all types of video coverage! With Microeyes, you can use it in Sitck-Ins for walk around "Bodywear" covert video, Stick-Ins for stationary covert video operations, or Stick-Its for overt video operations. It's like having several dozen different video cameras and DVRs all in one small ping pong ball sized unit. You will never need another video camera because MicroEyes can be used for everything under the sun. However, you might want more than one!

Microeyes Camera/DVR Includes FREE Black Stand!

Micro Eyes DVR BallCam: $296.00
Instant Internet Rebate To Take Before Purchase: $46.00
Your Online Internet Cost Only: $249.00

1 GB SD Card For Microeyes $19.95
2 GB SD Card For Microeyes $29.95



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