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Click Here for Large Image and Inside The Secret Lining Of CapTek Covert Video Camera

LawMate Brand Covert Video Baseball Cap
LawMate Brand Means Law Enforcement Grade!

Our high grade self-contained ingenious CapTek Covert Video Camera is completely undetectable. The cap has a secret lining inside that hides a high grade CCD video camera that shoots through a pinhole you'd need a magnifying glass to see. The special covert secret lining can hide a special black digital video recorder that records the action. The PV500 Lite 3 has a long life battery that powers both the covert video camera and DVR. You have a completely self-contained covert video recording system like nothing else on the market! You will always be in a position to covertly video record whatever you need to covertly video record with this ultimate system. The camera is positioned in a place dead-center of the cap so the video recording records what you see with your eyes. No need to worry about aiming, positioning, wires, wireless connections or anything else since everything is built right into the cap. Just put on the cap and you are ready to conduct covert video operations!

Special System Features And Advantages
• •
• Completely Self-Contained System In Cap
• •
• No Running Wires Or Wireless Connections To Worry About
• •
• Undetectable! You'd Need A Magnifying Glass To See The Camera Hole!
• •
• Automatically Records What User Is Seeing!
• •
• High Grade Super Fine Resolution CCD Sensor Selectable
• •
• True Time And Date Stamping On All Your Covert Recordings!
• •
• No Camera Batteries Needed - Camera Can Be Powered By DVR
• •
• Cable/Plug Accessories For Use With Other Recording Systems
• •
• High Grade Adjustable Cap To Fit Your Size

Camera Specifications
• •
• Resolution: 450 TV Lines
• •
• Picture Element: 1/4th Interline CCD
• •
• S/N Ratio: 48 db (Min) 60 db (Typ)
• •
• Minimum Illumination: 0.2 Lux of F 1.2
• •
• Electronic Shutter 1/60 (1/50) - 1/120,000
• •
• A.G.C.: +18dB Max.
• •
• Video Output: 1.0V p-p Composite at 75 ohm
• •
• Audio Output: 2Vp-p(Max) 10 kHz ohms Impendence
• •
• Mic. Sensitivity 59 dB +/ -3dB
• •
• Lens: 4.3mm
• •
• Angle Of View 80 Degrees
• •
• Power Supply: DC9~12V
• •
• Consumption Current: 120mA

PI Black PV500 Lite 3 Special Features:
Small Palm Sized Digital Video Recorder
IR Remote Controller
New Touch Screen Controls
High Resolution 720 x 576 (28 fps)
Time Stamp Functionality
Built-in AGC Microphone
Regulated Playing Speed
Continuous Recording/Motion Detection/Overwrite Functionality
USB Connection, SD Card Storage
Color 2.4 inch TFT Display
Compatible with Analog Cameras
Easy to use interface
Delete files on device
Reformat SD Card on Device

LCD Display: 2.4 inch TFT LCD
Picture Resolution: 720x576
Frame Rate: 28 fps
TV Output: NTSC/PAL Adjustable
Video Format: AVI, MPEG
Storage Format: FAT32, NTFS
Card Reader: SD, Micro SD
Remote Control: IR Remote Control
Wire Control: Power ON/OFF Wire Pilot Control
PC Interface: Mini USB 2.0
Microphone: AGC Quality
File Generation Gap Time: 3 seconds
Storage Ratio: 13MB per minute
Operation Time: CCD Camera: 200 min, CMOS Camera: 250 min
Battery Life: 200 min
Charging Time: 4.5 Hour
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery: 2200mA/4400mA
Speaker S/N: >95 dB
Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V
Power Supply Current: Recording: 600 mAH, Playback: 480 mAH
Memory: SD and Micro SD
Dimensions: 85 x 55 17 mm
Weight: 62g


Recently The Israeli Government Held A High Security Solidarity Rally
in Los Angeles. Private Intelligence Agencies Had A Strong Presence.
Agents Used Lawmate Beand Covert Video Equipment And Products To Monitor!

This Is A Freeze Frame From One Of The Covert Videos. Note The Time And Date And Frame Count.

BallCapTek Color Covert Video Wired CCD Camera- MAP - $209.95

Attention Dealers! Substantial dealer discounts in lots of 3, 5, 10, and 20.
Call 512.719.3595 for pricing.

Dealers And Distributors Please Note: In order to protect the trademarked name, high quality, integrity and
innovation Of LawMate Brand products and to avoid confusion concerning professional grade equipment and
consumer grade equipment, we are now requiring all sellers and distributors to clearly mark all LawMate brand
products as a LawMate product in all promotional material so the end user is not confused.


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