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When In Doubt, Check Him Out-New Edition
Background Checks Are Easy , Fast And Simple When You Know What To Look For And Where To Look! This New Edition Arms You With That Knowledge! By Joseph Culligan.
Safe Hiring Manual!
Expert Guide To Providing And Conducting Pre-Employment Screening Services

The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Imposters and Terrorists Out of The Workplace And Providing The Background Checks To Do So
By Lester S. Rosen

Sleuthing 101
Background Checks and The Law
Unique Approaches And Prospective by Barry Nadell

Pre-Employment Investigation For Private Investigators
How To Start & Conduct Pre-employment Screening Services
By Ralph D. Thomas
The Criminal Records Manual 2004
The Complete Guide to the Legal Use of Criminal Records And Obtaining Access In All 50 States! Includes Various Methods To Access Criminal Records, Tools And Resources To Access Them With As Well As Various Legal Issues And Restrictions That Deal With Accessing And Reporting Them.
By Derk Hinton
The Sourcebook to Public Record Information 2004
Pages: 1840, Price:  $84.00 The Major Secret Weapon Used By Almost All Information Brokers! Cut Out The Middle Man And Get Your Information Direct

National Directory To College And University Student Records
The Only Source You Need To Verify Student Attendance, Degree And Transcript Records At Accredited Post-Secondary Schools!
Public Records Search System On CD
Massive CD Gives You Instant Access To Free Public Records In The Internet And Contact info.
The MVR Book And MVR Decoder
Stater-By-State Guide To Obtaining MVR Information And Decoding Them.
Amazing Confidential Sources Of Information
Every Investigator Needs! It's not a little book anymore!


BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION FORUMThis list is dedicated to investigators and related professionals who conduct background investigations. It's purpose is to talk about sources of information for background checks, techniques to use, laws that relate to conducting a background and pre-employment check and to network with other professionals. If you wish to obtain all messages in one email- subscribe in digest form. This forum is sponsored by The National Association Of Investigative Specialists, Inc.

Thomas Investigative Publications, Inc.
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