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When the Internal Revenue Service files a Notice of Deficiency against a taxpayer, the taxpayer has three options: Pay the taxes; don’t pay the taxes and become delinquent, or, sue the IRS in U.S. Tax Court and seek to overturn the tax bill. At any one time, the U.S. Tax Court has roughly 27,000 pending cases and many times this amount in closed cases. This little known constitutionally mandated court has 19 sitting judges. Although all Tax Court cases must be filed in Washington, D.C., the judges actually go on the road, traveling to 80 cities, where hearings and trials take place.

Why should investigators care about this? Because when a person or business takes on the IRS in Tax Court, they put their once private financial affairs into the realm of public record. Most of the U.S.Tax Court cases will include the tax returns of the filing party. Why do very few PI’s know about Tax Court? Most likely, because the Court has refused to sell its indices to any database vendors. There is no computer database to log into, outside of the court, to find out who’s filed cases here. The good news is the Tax Court will do name checks over the phone, limited to one name per call. 202/606-8764


License plates aren’t federal – they’re issued by states! Right? Yes…with some exceptions, such as consulate plates. But there’s a large number of state issued license plates that contain a federal code: amateur radio and land mobile call signs. The call signs are issued by the Federal Communication Commission and people who receive them typically will have either a license plate made with the call sign, or, their call sign will be on their license plate holder. There’s not a set configuration for the call signs, but here’s a typical amateur radio call sign, which I recently saw on a license plate – KD6JWI. Here’s a land mobile call sign which I recently saw on a license plate holder – KMA367. (This call sign turned out to be registered to the City of Los Angeles. This was a city worker’s car I had seen.) Once you learn to recognize these numbers, you’ll be noticing them moreand more. By calling the Federal Communications Commission, you can learn the name, address and date of birth of who the call sign is registered to. 888/CALL FCC


Home Price Search operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and makes real estate sale information available from throughout much of the United States by touchtone phone. Information available includes when the property was last sold and for how much. An entire street can also be checked to learn what homes sold have sold when, and for how much. You’ll need your credit card to access the system. (The cost is $10 for ten minutes of searching.) At no additional charge, you can also receive a fax print out of the data. Sales data begins around five years ago and is current up through approximately 6 weeks ago.

How can this be useful to a PI? For a financial investigation, obtaining sales data for an entire street might serve as an inexpensive comparable worth analysis. Another use might be for an investigator out on a surveillance. Ever arrive at an address, only to find the house vacated...or inhabited by persons who don’t look like they should be there? A short cell phone call to Home Price Search might tell you that the home was sold two months ago, confirming your suspicion that you’re at a bad address. 800/775-1212

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