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Here's just a small sampling of what real life investigators
have to say about the original "Black Book":

"I have just purchased your book...and was very impressed with the amount of useful information within. Within a week after purchase, just one listing had saved me $80 (and paid for the book fourfold)!"
William H. Everman, Private Investigator, Aston, PA

"The Investigator's Little Black Book was voted our 'Most Valuable Resource' of the year..."
Education Committee, Women Investigator's Association, Canoga Park, CA

"The Investigator's Little Black Book is one of the best reference tools I could ever ask for. Whenever I show someone my copy, they want to buy mine right away and I have to order another one. Oh well."
John Hayes A.M. - P.M. Bail Bonds, Kissammee, FL

"The Investigator's Little Black Book" is worth MANY times more than its purchase price.We strongly recommend it to all our friends, members and students."
John L. Grogan, Director, National Investigation Academy and columnist, PI MAGAZINE, Winnetka, CA

"Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars on publications, newsletters and such things. The Investigator's Little Black Book is a gem. It is the most complete publication of its kind that I have ever received. The book is under priced; it would be a bargain at any cost."
Robert E. Hopper, L - R - B Consulting, Ltd. Irvine, CA

"I am purchasing the book today, after looking over an associate's copy. This is the BEST resource I have ever seen in print, not to mention the price! Let's hope it remains an industry secret!"
Paul Bryan, Director Lyons Research Group, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Dallas

"How did I survive without it! The Investigator's Little Black Book certainly has more information in it than my other little black book. An excellent resource!"
LaMont Bankson, Pi Webworks, Phoenix, Arizona

"In the 'Black Book' I found some numbers and information that I never know existed! The book paid for itself the very day I received it and has been an asset ever since. This book cost me less than $20 but is far better than other 'resource' books I have purchased for over twice that amount. In fact I returned some of them after receiving my 'Black Book'..."
Brian Poirier, Paladin International, Houston, Texas

"I don't know how I did without it. The information contained is worth its weight in gold!Personally, I feel the book is too cheap for the info contained. Don't hesitate to purchase it now!"
Daniel A. Hodge, President & CEO, D.A.H. Investigative Consultants/Private Investigators, Cincinnati, Ohio- Ft. Thomas, Kentucky - London, England

"I found The Investigator's Little Black Book to be a great source of inside information.Small enough to carry everywhere with me, and indexed for easy location of information."
Joseph Seanor, CIBIR Corporation, Computer Crime Investigators Washington, D.C.

"Some of these sources and phone numbers I have never seen or read about in any other book. This is a great book and Robert Scott should be commended for taking the time to put together this material and publish for the rest of us to use in our business. Thanks RobertScott."
Dorthy L. Williams, 20th Century Investigations, Inc., Sacramento, California

"It's a great book with lots of useful contact numbers. Good job and thanks!"
Chris Miller, FYI Investigations, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

"A great resource book. It has already become one of the five books that I keep on my desk.I wish I had written it."
C.J. Bronstrup, Atlas Information Services, Aripeka, Florida

"This is the finest book I have found for pocket resources. It has all the right information in a compact document. It is perfect for those just getting started or seasoned investigators alike. Thanks Mr. Scott."
Robert J. Crowe, Lettuce Investigate, Inc. Golden, Colorado

Still just $19.95!


Still just $19.95!
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Still just $19.95!
Plus $5.00 Insured UPS Shipping

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