Improvised Technology In
Counter-Intelligence Applications

By Dr. Robert Ing


72% of businesses which have not taken measures to reduce their vulnerability to industrial espionage, and suffer a resulting loss, will go out of business within two years, according to a survey conducted by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. The same survey indicates 43% of American corporations have had an average of six incidents involving corporate espionage.

An increase in unemployed intelligence officers since the Cold War ended and the proliferation of advanced technology has made corporate spying much easier. Dr. Robert Ing, author of the newly published Improvised Technology in Counter-Intelligence Applications, says that "instead of missile launch codes, the new targets of choice are technological and scientific data concerning flat-panel TV, electric cars, new computers, competitive strategies and innovative manufacturing/distributing processes."

"Even a whiff of such a security breach can cause a company's stock prices to tumble or a deal to fall through," says Dr. Ing. That may be the reason why 42% of the companies which replied to a 1995 survey by the National Counter Intelligence Center said they had not reported suspected incidents of corporate espionage to authorities.

"The ability of field investigative and corporate security personnel to detect and neutralize electronic surveillance devices is of paramount importance in the reduction of losses due to corporate espionage," says Ing. "However, equipment used to detect these devices is only available through limited sources, and the very presence of such equipment may draw unwanted attention. Furthermore, with cost cutting measures being applied in both the public and private sectors, the premium prices of such equipment and the cost of training non-technically inclined field staff to use it is often difficult to justify."

Improvised Technology in Counter-Intelligence Applications gets around those obstacles. Based on material Dr. Ing developed for the workshops he conducts for field personnel of U.S. and Canadian government agencies, this manual is the only up-to-date reference which provides practical methods for electronic "bug" detection without the need for expensive equipment and previous technical knowledge. The manual was written specifically for non-technical field staff and intelligence officers. It presents improvised methods for the effective detection of telephone taps, hidden radio and infrared transmitters, as well as video cameras and vehicle-tracking devices. Originally restricted to federal intelligence officers, the information given in Dr. Ing's workshops is now available to the public and to the private law enforcement, security and investigative communities.

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