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Official Training Manual
Of The Law Enforcement
Bodyguard Association International

By Mark Yates

Every century or so, a manual is published that becomes the hallmark bible of a certain profession. We believe that Mark Yates new manual, Men In In Black, it that manual for bodyguarding and executive VIP Protection and the combo manual and video training is the training course standard!


Men In Black
The Bodyguard Training Manual

Men In Black, The Executive VIP Protection Manual is the ultimate manual for anyone contemplating or already involved in one of the fastest growth sections of the security industry, that of Executive VIP Protection. Already considered by many as the greatest expose on professional bodyguard training, this manual has been designed to carefully guide the reader through every aspect of entering the industry in the right manner! Top flight training skills and knowledge are offered by one of the world's leading experts on the subject, Mark Yates. Aside from the expert skills and knowledge training, the user is also shown how to find employment in the industry as a professional Executive VIP Protection Officer.

This is a hard hitting but honest appraisal of the current state of the Executive/ VIP Protection profession industry. In his quest to present you with factual and extremely valuable information, the author pulls on punches. He refers to personal case files, some sad and some slightly humorous--which gives you the next best thing to what can be considered "on the job" training. The manual contains expert tips on how to approach your career change without falling into the hands of self appointed gurus and other cowboy operators many of when have no formal qualifications in the art of VIP Protection. Contents outline includes:


Industry Overview
Bodyguard Training
Rules And Laws
Foundation Skills
Team Formation And Management
The Six Main Skills Of The Bodyguard
The Bodyguards Personal Kit
Skills Overview And Beyond The Main Six
Finding The Work
Action On Contact
Abbreviation Key
Personal Consultation Services

The author is often dubbed by the news media and other professionals as the "Mafia Buster". Mr.. Yates is known worldwide as a very serious expert of Executive VIP Protection. He is the President of the Law Enforcement Bodyguard Association International and operations manager for Trans Global Security International. My Yates has trained thousands of professional bodyguards for a wide variety of government, law enforcement, Anti-mafia task forces and private security agencies in many international locations. He has personally undertaken protective service operations in over thirty different countries. The author is one of a rare breed of highly trained professional bodyguard instructors.

Men In Black: The Bodyguard Training Manual
8 1/2 X 6, Photos, Illustrations, Charts, Graphics, Tables, Checklists And Forms.
Perfect Bound, 191 pages. $38.00

Executive VIP Protection Training Videos
These top-flight videos that go along with the manual, Men In Black give you a complete home study course in Executive VIP Protection. These videos cover extreme close quarter battle system-high-risk VIP special operations live fire skills and live footage of a high-risk VIP protection international operation.

Ground Zero-Executive VIP Protection Video Phase One $45.00
Ground Zero-Executive VIP Protection Video Phase Two $45.00
Ground Zero-Executive VIP Protection Video Phase Three $45.00

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