The World's Greatest Private Eye Reveals Her Secrets

by Angela Woodhull

   Author Angela Woodhull is a private investigator with attitude. In this book she tells us of her exploits ferreting out the truth for her clients and we are taken with her on some really wild excursions. Each case history is then analyzed to determine the strategies that made it work. While we may be entertained by her stories, we are also learning successful methods to use for ourselves, whether trying to find out information that involves you or someone you know, or if you are a private investigator with clients of your own.

   Angela Woodhull is streetwise and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. As we see from her examples, once you have found out all you can from public records, you still have to pound the pavement to find information for yourself. You will learn the importance of a good database and of checking courthouse records and rap sheets. You'll also see that sometimes paper chasing isn't enough and that you have to get out on the streets and use a good pretext to find out what you want to know. Angela Woodhull shows how she has done this with great success.

   Read all about real life cases of unfaithful spouses, fruitcakes, vengeful ex-employees, process serving, skip-tracing, pretexting, and much more. The author advises you on how to sell your services, as well as the qualities necessary for success in this tough and fascinating business. Whether you are a private investigator yourself or you find the field of private investigation compelling to read about, Private Investigation Strategies and Techniques: The World's Greatest Private Eye Reveals Her Secrets and gives the reader the inside dope on what this profession is really all about.

5 12 x 8 12, 180 pp., soft cover.
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