Intriguing Aspects Of One Of The Most Dynamic, Secretive & Lucrative Service Related Businesses And Investigative Specializations
By Chris Cantrell
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One of the least understood specializations in the investigative/security/recovery industry is auto repossession. Many people who enter this exciting high demand area build a thriving practice with large numbers of repo men. For the very first time, a comprehensive training manual hands you the start-up aspects and operational procedures of auto repossession recovery practice. Based on a lifetime of day to day hard-core experience of conducting repossessions, marketing the auto repossession service and managing a repo office, this manual provides you everything you need to know to get started in the lucrative area of auto repossession services.


CHAPTER ONE: What Is Repossession
Introduction To The Repossession Business-historical overview and insight into how the auto repossession business works. Who has the right of repossession. What is default and when do you repossess. The repossession recovery industry.

CHAPTER TWO: Legal Aspects of Auto Repossession-
Laws you need to know concerning repossession. Repossession and public/private property. Breach of the peace issues. Force and threats issues. Recovery despite debtor's objections. Trespass issues. Use of police and other government officials. Deception, trickery and stealth issues. Notice of repossession, Police departments, creditor's actions, unsecured property, inventory and condition report.

CHAPTER THREE: Office Operations And Administration
Setting Up A Repossession Office-office and office management aspects of the business. Office equipment and administration. Proper storage of vehicles. Office security.

CHAPTER FOUR: Repossession Heavy Equipment
Tools you'll need and what they do. Standard pick-ups. Wrecker Style units, Repo rigs, Conventional bed-mounts, Frame-mount rigs, Stealth type rigs, Towing Safety

CHAPTER FIVE: Conducting In-The Field Assignments & Repossession Execution
Execution Of The Auto Repossession-in-the-field techniques and guidelines for the repossession of a vehicle. Steps in the repossession.

CHAPTER SIX: Skip Tracing
Hard-core Skip Trace Techniques-secrets of finding the debtor skip. Sources of information, skip tracing basics. Scams and trap lines.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Locksmithing Basics
Locks and stuff. Vehicle entry and fabrication of keys.

Insurance For The Auto Repossession Agency-Why it's become a must, what you must have and what it covers.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Marketing Auto Repossession Services
How To Obtain Auto Repossession Business And Market The Service--what you need to do and know to market auto repossession services effectively.

CHAPTER NINE: Glossary Of Auto Repo Tools
Glossary Of Repossession Terms-The language of auto repossession you'll need to know and understand.

CHAPTER TEN: UCC Codes And Auto Repossession
In-depth coverage of the UCC code in which repossession is regulated.

As increases in the number of consumer loans of automobiles, boats, RVs and airplanes continues to climb as well as the prices on them, so does the increase in the number of defaulted loans and thus demand for repossession. There are more financed vehicles of all types on the roadways today than at any other time in the history of the United States and this has spurred more repossession assignments. The number of years a consumer can finance a vehicle is now five years. That means that about the time a vehicle is paid for, it's time for the consumer to get another. There are more financed vehicles of all types on the roadways today than at any other time in the history of the United States and this has spurred more repossession assignments. This complete guide to auto repossession takes you by the hand and shows you in step-by-step detail how to get involved in one of the most lucrative areas of investigative work. 8 1/2 X 11, forms, photos, 235 pages.

Hardcopy $25.00 - eBook $12.00


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