A Manual For Private Investigators
By Jody Ball With Anne Parker

Providing security services and security consulting is an opportunity booming with lucrative reward for the investigative or security agency that finds the right kinds of services to offer. In the area of consulting, an investigator doesn't often think of himself as one. However, that's basically what he does all day. Moving into security consulting is an easy transition with a huge client base to draw from. The security consultant can make recommendations that can save a business millions of dollars in losses. That's exactly why such services as in such big demand. This new work provides you with the knowledge needed about this hidden professional service that almost every business needs and shows you step-by-step how to go about offering the services and consulting. Chapters include:

  • Chapter One: Security Consulting
  • Chapter Two: The Job Of The Security Consultant
  • Chapter Three: Meeting With The Management
  • Chapter Four: The Security Inspection
  • Chapter Five: Security Guards
  • Chapter Six: Levels Of Security
  • Chapter Seven: Security Checklists
  • Chapter Eight: Safety And Security Concerns
  • Chapter Nine Security Definitions And Terms

Security Services And Consulting hands you the know-how to understand the different aspects of this service, understand what the client wants and needs in today's market place and reveals how to give them the needed service and consulting to be successful. 8 1/2 X 11, 85 pages. $35.00


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