The Fine Art Of Bug Extermination
In The Real World Of Intelligence Gathering

By Marinelli

The Fine Art Of Bug Extermination In The Real World Of Intelligence Gathering
By Marinelli

Developing your skills as a countermeasures professional is a skill that is becoming more and more important in this industry as the demand for countermeasures and information security is exploding. Detection of bugs and wiretaps is made easy with this manual. TSCM expert Peter Lieg hands you a comprehensive overview of both the equipment and techniques used to conduct technical countermeasures services cutting through the bull and hocus pocus that seems to be dominate on the subject. You'll gain extensive technical know-how and knowledge on the different types of tests that can be performed and the different types of equipment you'll want to use. Going way beyond the rip-off stuff of waving an RF antenna around, this work provides you with in depth coverage of the different professional TSCM tests that can be conducted and the equipment used to conduct them so ANYONE can understand this type of service. For those more electronically inclined, you'll also find schematics for building some of your own equipment and save a bundle!

Training Chapters Include:
The Basics
The Physical Inspection
RF Transmitter Bugs
RF Transmitter Sweeping Receivers
Telephone Systems
Telephone Line Analysis
Intrusion Alarm Electronic Countermeasures
Specifyinh, Pricing and Service Contracts
Appendix A: Title 3
Appendix B: Construction Plans And Diagrams
Appendix C: Commercial Equipment And Accessories
Appendix D: Charts And Waveforms

This work takes a sometimes difficult subject to master and understand and hands you easy-fast and fascinating reading on how to go about conducting high level countermeasures services, perform the different types of counter surveillance tests and reviews the major types of equipment in order to do the job well. You'll also find sections you can use if you feel inclined, to build your own equipment. This is an excellent addition to your investigative and security library and highly recommended by Thomas Investigative Publications Inc. 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, illustrations, charts, photos,116 pages. $25.00


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