By: Experts In The U.S. Government

Here is a very well done training manual in use by federal government agencies such as the Secret Service, State Department and the US Marshal's Service that provides knowledge on how to provide executive protection. This training manual is used to train government and military agents on how to protect high ranking government and military officials, diplomats and foreign heads of state. This is one of the most comprehensive training manuals on the subject of executive protection we have seen and we know you will agree. Subjects covered include: protection while on foot and in large crowds, protection in public places including stadiums and theaters, protection while traveling in vehicles, motorcade protection, protection of private residences and businesses, and protection of meeting rooms and hotels. Also covered are security measures when traveling by air, vehicle, sea and rail. Secure communications are covered in detail including telephones, radio transmissions and closed circuit TV. Also included are forms and checklists you can use in the field to make sure everything is covered.

The President of the United States is one of the most heavily-guarded persons on the planet. An army of protection professionals are assigned to him, including advance men, site security professionals and personal bodyguards, all backed by emergency response teams and local law enforcement. Yet President Reagan was shot by a wacked-out kid with a revolver.

   This proves that no matter what precautions are taken or how many people are assigned to the task, the safety of any client is not guaranteed. The only thing a professional bodyguard can do is be as prepared as possible.

   Protective Services is not some fictional account of the glamorous life of a bodyguard. This manual was prepared by the U.S. Army Military Police School as part of the training for police escorts. It contains information and techniques used by the Secret Service, State Department and U.S. Marshall Service in the protection of diplomats and other high-ranking officials.

   The information presented here is designed to be used by one-person or small protective teams as well as large-scale, multi-unit efforts. Bodyguarding isn't the easy or glamorous job you see on television. Your life and the life of your client are always on the line. Yet 99 out of 100 times everything goes smoothly. The best you can do is be prepared. One of the best manuals ever written on protective services is available to you.
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