Top Quality High Grade, High Resolution Low Light CCD
Button/Screw Covert Video Camera Kit! Law Enforcement Grade! Used
By Top Intelligence And Law Enforcement Organizations! Camera Can Be Powered By The Law
Enforcement Grade Lawmate Pocket Digital Video Recorders

BU-18 LawMate Covert Video Button Camera Kit
When it comes to your covert video surveillance operations, it's highly important that you have professional gear that is highly reliable that you can trust to capture the covert video evidence you need to capture. LawMate invented the button screw-head camera kit several years ago for those highly sensitive all important covert video operations and has continued to innovate with them and they have evolved. You'll fall in love with our full color LawMate Brand new generation super hi-resolution interchangeable button/screw/pinhole camera set with all accessories including 9-volt battery pack with on/off switch, 20 extra buttons, and 8 extra screws that now comes in four different models for your highly important covert video operations. It's like having five law enforcement grade LawMate Brand multi-functional covert video cameras in one!

The button top screws onto the actual camera. When the button or screw heads are not in use, you can use this top quality camera as a standard micro video camera you can hide anywhere. These super kits includes "Suit button lens cover" and 4 extra buttons, "Shirt button lens cover" and 8 extra buttons, "Cuff button lens cover" and 8 extra buttons, "Phillips screw lens cover" and 4 extra Phillips screws with nuts, "Hex screw lens cover " and 4 extra hex screws with nuts. Your case keeps all parts organized. Take the button/screw-head covers off and you have a standard super high resolution high quality pinhole micro video covert camera! It's like having five different high quality full color super resolution cameras all built into one package!

"It's like having five different high quality full color super resolution cameras all built into one package!"

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• Multi-functional!
• Button Camera With Matching Buttons
• Screw Head Camera With Matching Screws
• Take The Tops (Screw Heads Or Button) And You Have A Tiny Pinhole Camera
• High Resolution And Easy To Use!
• Top Quality (Don't Confuse With Cheap Models In Which A Button Is Just Glued On!)


• Functions As a pinhole Micro Camera
• Functions As Two Types Of Button Cameras
• Functions As Two Types Of Screw-Head Cameras
• That's Five Different Types Of Cameras In One Package!

• 550 Lines of Resolution CCD Full Color
• 4.3 mm lens
• 80 degree angle of view
• .2 Lux low light rating!
• Shutter Speed 1/60-1/120,000
• Power Source- 9-121 VDC or self-powered by LawMate DVRs


• High quality Tiny CCD Micro Camera
• Suit button lens cover and 4 extra buttons
• Shirt button lens cover and 8 extra buttons
• Cuff button lens cover" and 8 extra buttons
• Phillips screw lens cover" and 4 extra Phillips screws with nuts,
• Hex screw lens cover " and 4 extra hex screws with nuts.
• 9 Volt Battery clip attachment.
• 12 Volt Power Plug
• All Needed Cables For Covert Video Applications.
• Hard case keeps all parts organized.

• Camera Is An Amazingly Tiny 1 1/4 inches x 1 inch x 1/2 inch

Five All-In-One Covert Video Cameras !
Our button camera kit is really like having five different covert video cameras! Without the screw-in attachments, you can use it as a conventional pinhole lens camera. Just screw on either the suite type button or the sleeve type button and you have two more types of covert video cameras. Screw one one of two screw-head tops and you have two more stationary cameras that look like a screw-head even close up! It's like having five different high end cameras for your covert video operations needs!

Your super camera kit gives you functions and ability and solves your covert video problems like nothing else in the market place. Take a look at these amazing advantages!

High Grade Modular Functions And Multi-functional Kit
While almost all of the other covert video cameras in the market place can only serve one function, this kit gives you many covert video surveillance functions and is highly modular! First, you can use it as a conventional hide and place covert video camera, a "bodywear" button camera or a screw head camera. The screw head and button tops simply screw onto the camera lens for easy conversion.

Choice Of Power For Your New Camera Kit
Unlike many other covert video cameras in the market place, this LawMate brand kit gives you a wide choice of power options. In highly mobile covert video surveillance applications, you can pick the 9 volt battery clip to power the camera. You also have a choice of two different pocket DVRs that will power the camera so you will not need to worry about other batteries. In stationary covert video applications, you can use the included 12 volt V DC power cord to plug the camera into a wall outlet power source.

Inside Or Outside, Setting Stationary Or On The Go,
You Will Capture High Grade Covert Video Every Time!

High Resolution And Low Light Requirements!
Unlike some of the low end micro cameras in the market place, this LawMate brand camera is top quality that will give you sharp crystal clear images for your covert video operations! The camera is a CCD camera that gives you an amazing resolution of 550 TV lines. Not only that, it's low light sensor is rated at an amazing .2 Lux which means you can obtain that all-important covert video in low light conditions!

This kit is great for covert use with our pocket DVRs (see below)! We even have two pocket DVRs you can obtain that power the camera itself! Since this kit can serve you as a high end micro video camera, button camera and/or screw head camera and has a selection of two DVRs that power the camera (or use the included battery clip for other DVRs), it's one of the most popular covert video camera kits in the market place today!

Since we are the direct importer of this product, we are able to pass along amazing savings to you at a very special limited time price! We know you will be very happy with the high quality and multi-functional use of these special covert video camera kits now in four different models so get yours today!


BU-18 LawMate Covert Video Button Camera Kit - MAP $189.95

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