The NAIS Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Consists Of The Professional Fugitive Recovery Bible hardcopy book, The Fugitive Recovery CD, The Skip Trace Training Manual and a 200 page open book test you complete after you have studied the training material. After you complete the test, you sent it in to NAIS for grading. Upon successful completion of the test, NAIS will issue you your Certified Fugitive Recovery Certificate and send you the famous Circle Star Eagle Fugitive Recovery Agent Badge. Upon successful completion of this training material, you have the right to use CFRA (Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent) after your name.

Fugitive Recovery Agents, also known as bail enforcement agents and/or bounty hunters skip trace and bring back bail bond skips who fail to show up for their court hearings. In many areas of the country, this type of work is really booming and there are just not enough fugitive recovery agents trained to successfully carry out these types of assignments. These well paying assignments require extensive training and we believe that we have the very best and most extensive training of it's kind anywhere. The 333 page manual by Lance Wilkinson called The Professional Fugitive Recovery Bible covers from A to Z, the knowledge, techniques and know-how you need to conduct fugitive recovery assignments. Ten years in the making, this highly acclaimed work takes you by the hand and walks you through every step in the bail recovery process. The manual Skip Tracing Training Manual By Ed Wilson is included which is a 141 page manual on step-by-step techniques to skip trace anyone who is attempting to hide. Although there are a great deal of people who claim to be bail enforcement agents in the market, very few have top flight skip tracing skills and that is exactly what is needed to bring someone back to justice. That is exactly what The Skip Trace Training manual does.

The NAIS Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent (C.F.R.A) Certificate
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Note: In some states, licensing to operate as a fugitive recovery agent is required and state licensing varies. For example, in Florida you must be a licensed bail bond agent to operate as a fugitive recovery agent. In Texas, you must be a state licensed private investigator. This training has NOTHING to do with obtaining your state license when one is required. Therefore, in states that require licensing, you would need to obtain your state license first before obtaining case assignments and/or use the title "Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent."

The NAIS certification package consists of:

The Professional Fugitive Recovery Bible By Lance Allen Wilkinson $65.00
The Fugitive Recovery CD $65.00
Skip Trace Training Manual By Ed Wilson $35.00
200 Question Fugitive Recovery Test With
NAIS Two Color Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent Certificate $195.00
Fugitive Recovery Agent Circle Star Eagle Badge $38.00

Complete Certification Package Only $295.00


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