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New Generation Covert Video High Definition Self Contained Cap Camera
Full HD 720p Resolution - No External DVR Or Wires Needed

This ordinary cap has been converted to include a miniature DVR that allows hands-free recording. Next-generation technology allows it to operate easily with a simple wireless remote control. This model uses microSD cards for storage, meaning you are no longer limited by any internal, non expandable storage, which records approximately 90 minutes of quality 1280x720p resolution video recording. Transferring files is a breeze. Use the included USB cable to connect the unit to your computer.

Why Full HD 720p HD?
With the introduction of full HD resolution, you obtain clear and crisp video results which are courtroom evidence ready! Not only that, the extra resolution gives you a surveillance advantage since you can blow up frames much easier for a positive ID when you need it. Unlike many consumer grade look-a-like tinker toy spy gadgets, professional grade products lets you adjust the resolution recording when you need to!

Special Features:
• One-size-fits-most
• Adjustable strap
• Pinhole camera
• Completely Self-Contained
• No External DVR Or Wires Needs- DVR Built In To Cap
• Simple remote operation
• Clear And Crisp HD Resolution

Technical Specifications:
• Video Resolution: 1280 x 720p @ 30fps
• Video Format: AVI
• Picture Format: JPG
• Picture Resolution: 1280 x 720
• Storage: microSD card up to 32GB
• Battery Life: up to 90 minutes at 720p
• Storage Capacity: approximately 10 minutes per 1GB @ 720p
• USB 2.0 Support
• Time and Date Stamp

Compatible With
• Windows
• Mac

• Covert Video Self Contained HD Hat Camera Built in DVR
• USB Cable
• Disc with Manual

Make your next walk around covert video surveillance by ordering yours today and be the first to use this new technology. You'll be leaving others in the dust using this new technology! We know you will by happy you did!

New Generation Covert Video High Definition Self Contained Cap Camera - $248.00

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