Next Generation For 2008

New Generation GPS Tracker For 2008!
CDMA GPS Mini Tracker with Cellular Assist
World's Smallest And Most Advanced Tracker That Does It All!
The Very Latest In GPS Technology with Advanced Features!
Nine Day Battery Life! Free Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box!

The PowerTrack Pro with "cellular assist" mini tracker uses the most advanced location techniques available to determine the location of an asset, vehicle or person! The PowerTrak Pro enables the operator to obtain a location fix inside buildings, parking garages, and other dense urban areas. There is no external antenna required and the device does not need to "see the sky" as do many GPS tracking devices. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology provides the most reliable and highest capacity mobile data access available today. The unit works effectively inside the trunk of a vehicle, under vehicle, in armored vehicles, indoors, and other locations where a standard GPS device would be ineffective. The unit does not need to see the sky to work, so it works in locations were other trackers will not like inside buildings or parking garages.

Special Features of the CDMA/POWERTRACK PRO
 When the CDMA/Power Track Pro is requested to report it's position, it attempts to obtain a fix from up to 24 GPS satellites. If it is unable to obtain a fix due to blocked satellite signals, it instantly reverts to cell tower triangulation. It will then automatically determine its position by triangulation with area cell towers. The entire process takes only seconds. Reports are then transmitted to a web site where the user can determine the location.

• Active 9 Days on A Single Charge (avg 18 reports a day)
• Water Proof Magnetic Case
• LED Status Indicators
• Tech Support via Telephone or Email
• Variable Tracking Plans (3 month, 6 month or Yearly)

• CDMA/PRO Mini Tracker
• AC Charger
• Water Proof Mag Mount Case
• Belt Clip
• Instruction Manual

Service Plans:
 Standard Activation Fee: $59.95 (3 business days to activate)
Rush Activation Fee: $89.95 (Normally within 1 Hour)
Plans available in 3,6 or 12 month terms prepaid
$19.95 per month (Emergency plan) 15 pings/month
$44.95 per month - 720 pings/month
$69.95 per month - 1440 pings/month
$129.95 per month - 2880 pings/month
$179.95 per month -4320 pings/month

Not only does this new generation GPS tracker give you reports inside buildings and parking garages, the backend mapping gives you pinpoint location reports with both street maps as well as satellite imaging. One click on a location and you instantly obtain the street address! Aside from a very very good surveillance car tracker, this mini tracker is also excellence for executive protection, true asset tracking, child locations at any time and for keeping track of the elderly. This Mini Tracker is one of the smallest and most advanced trackers in the market place. Use new generation tracking technology in a micro-sized tracker that is easy, quick, simple and inexpensive to use!

You will love the new GPS power you obtain that is found on no other tracking unit today. More power tracking than every before is built right into one of the smallest trackers in the market place. Get yours today because we know you will be amazed at the highly advanced tracking power you will find in this new generation unit.

Includes Perfect Fit Weatherproof Magnetic Mount Slap-N-Track Box FREE
MSRP: $795.00 Your Cost Only $395.00


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